Dengeki Magazine Reveals Loads of New B2W2 Details
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Update #2 (9:30 AM) – The Pokemon Global Link website, which is now up again, has revealed the order of the Gym Leaders in the games. It’s Cheren (Balance Badge), Homika (Toxic Badge), Burgh (Beetle Badge), Elesa (Bolt Badge), Clay (Quake Badge), Skyla (Jet Badge), Drayden (Legend Badge), and Shizui (badge unknown). | Update (11:30 PM) – All the translations are done.

Out of nowhere, Dengeki Magazine has revealed brand new Black 2 and White 2 details for the beginning of the games! Translations of the scans are below with a huge thanks to Puddizzle, one of our new translators!

Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details

Scan 1

  • Shows the layout of Hiougi City (Aspertia City), the starting city.
  • It has a Pokemon Gym run by Cheren, which is a Trainer school.
  • You can now watch different channels on the TVs in the game.
  • The magazine gives a checklist of what you do in each area. For Hiougi City, it’s meet your mom => meet rival at rival’s house => go with rival to meet Bianca => meet with Bianca => get a Pokemon and a Pokedex => battle your rival => meet with Bianca at the Pokemon Center => meet with your rival, your rival’s sister, and your mom and get the running shoes and town map => Route 19.

Scan 2

Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details
  • After Hiougi City, you step onto route 19.
  • Bianca teaches you how to catch a Pokemon and you meed Alder (you probably get your Poke Balls here).
  • Pokemon found on the route include Patrat and Purrloin.
  • The person who wrote the Dengeki article encountered a shiny Patrat when he played the game, as seen in the scan. Will this be the case for everyone who plays the game, or was he just extremely lucky?
  • After route 19 you go to Sangi Town and get a call from your mom. Apparently your mom and Alder know each other.
  • North of Sangi Town is where the Keldeo event occurs.
  • Checklist: Bianca teaches you how to catch a Pokemon => Meet with Alder => Sangi Town => Route 20.

Scan 3

Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details
  • After Sangi Town you head to route 20. You can encounter Sewaddle, Pidove, Dunsparce, Audino, Purrloin, Patrat, Venipede, and Sunkern here.
  • From route 20 you head north to Sangi Farm. Pokemon here include Azurill, Dunsparce, Pidove, Audino, Lilipup, Riolu, Mareep, Patrat, and Psyduck.
  • You fight your rival at Sangi Farm.
  • You proceed to head back to Hiougi City and fight Cheren in his Gym (a trainer school). He has a Level 11 Patrat and Level 13 Lillipup.
  • He gives you TM83 Work Up for defeating him.
  • Bianca gives you TM27 Return and the C-Gear after you beat Cheren. You can trade after you receive your C-Gear.
  • A man in the Pokemon Center will give you the Medal Box for the Medals System. As stated before, the Medals System awards you medals for accomplishing various goals.
  • Checklist: Route 20 => Sangi Farm => Rival Battle => Rival and you are asked to catch a Herdier by a Trainer => Return the Herdier, get TM21 Frustration => Sangi Town => Alder tells you to fight two Trainers in his house => Get the Medal Box, a Medal, and 6 Hint Medals => Hiougi City => Battle Gym Leader Cheren for the Basic Badge and TM83 => Bianca gives you TM27 and the C-Gear => Route 20 => Pokedex Upgraded => Tachiwaki City

Scan 4

Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details
  • You head east from route 20 to Tachiwaki City (Verbank City). The north exit of Tachiwaki City leads to Pokewood. The south part is called the Tachiwaki Combine.
  • Once per day, you can get a Great Ball as an item in the grass.
  • Wild Pokemon found in the Tachiwaki Combine include Pidove, Elekid (exclusive to White 2), Growlithe, Audino, Magby (exclusive to Black 2), Patrat, Magnemite, and Koffing.
  • After arriving in Tachiwaki City you are free to challenge Homika, the Poison-type Gym Leader.
  • She has a Level 16 Koffing and a Level 18 Whirlipede.
  • She gives you TM09, Venoshock, for defeating her.
  • You encounter a Team Plasma member at the boathouse at Tachiwaki City.
  • After you defeat the member, Homika gives you HM01 Cut.
  • There’s a boat that will take riders from Tachiwaki City to Castellia City.
  • Checklist: Tachiwaki City => Fight Gym Leader Homika, get the Toxic Badge and TM09 => Pokewood => Meet Homika’s Father => View Homika’s father’s Pokewood movies => Tachiwaki City => Fight a Plasma Grunt at the Boathouse => Get HM01 from Homika => Route 20 => Fight Team Plasma => Tachiwaki City => Get on the boat to Castellia City => Castellia City.

Scan 5

Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details
  • Doesn’t show much, but re-confirms that Elesa has a level 28 Flaafy and shows her artwork (sorta).
  • Nothing new about Join Avenue.
  • You are able to access Black City and White Forest earlier in the game.

Scan 6

Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details
  • Team Plasma is separated into two factions now – “Team Plasma” and “Former Team Plasma.” The original one sides with N while the new one wants your typical evil plans of conquering the world: “We’ll liberate Pokemon and conquer the world!”
  • Akuroma has some connection to Team Plasma, though it doesn’t say what (like that wasn’t obvious).
  • Your rival and Team Plasma are related in some way. He is also mad at Team Plasma because they stole a Purrloin that was intended as a present.

The Rest

  • First scan below: You can see the new in-game Unova map. The Pokedex has also been upgraded and shows you what Pokemon are found on what route!
  • Second: You can use PokeTransfer after you beat the game to transfer over your Pokemon from the fourth generation DS games.
  • Third: The Xtransceiver games (Balloon Smash and Balloon Catch) and the medals system.
  • Fourth: Keldeo learning Secret Sword.
  • Fifth: Kanto Starter and Pikachu eggs from the CoroCoro magazine scans the other day.
  • Sixth: Keldeo’s Resolute Form in the upcoming movie.
  • Last two: Shows off Pokemon found in the game.
Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details Dengeki Features Pokemon Black 2 White 2 Details
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