Pokemon Center 15th Anniversary Premium Collection
Thursday, May 30th, 2013 @ 10 PM, UTC -  By: Water Pokémon Master

A new “Pokemon Center 15th Anniversary Premium Collection” will be released in Japan on June 8th to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pokemon Center stores. The first Pokemon Center opened in Tokyo on April 25th, 1998, later relocating to another location in Tokyo on July 16th, 2007.

The product will come with a full art Pikachu promo, 30 acryllic damage counters (2x 100 damage counters, 6x 50 damage counters, 22x 10 damage counters), a plastic damage counter container, a deck box, and 62 card sleeves. The official Pokemon Card website makes a point of stating that these are the first damage counters for 100 damage ever produced for the TCG – now if that doesn’t tell you something! The package will retail for 2,500 yen and will be available in stores across Japan, not just Pokemon Centers.

The Pikachu appears to be a reprint of the secret rare from Black & White.

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