Monday, September 21st, 2009 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I'm going to post all the news stories I have missed either tomorrow or the day after; I've been moving into a new dorm / apartment.

Oak's Letter has announced that Oak's Letter will be available for download to Pokemon Platinum players starting September 28th. It can be downloaded through Wi-Fi via Mystery Gift. The key item allows you to eventually encounter a Shaymin.

Once obtained, go to the northern end of Route 224. Professor Oak will be standing there, and after talking to him, you will be prompted to inscribe into a white rock what you are most grateful for. Following this, Shaymin appears and walks down a newly opened Seabreak Path, which leads directly to the Pokemon's Flower Paradise. It will be waiting for you there at level 30.

Once Shaymin is captured, you can induce its Sky Forme by taking it to Floaroma Town and obtaining the Gracidea Flower. Shaymin cannot be in its Sky Forme at night, when in a P.C. box, or when frozen, so make sure to use the Gracidea during the day!

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Saturday, September 19th, 2009 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

The dates for Worlds 2010 were announced at Worlds 2009, but in case you missed it, the official Go-Pokemon website has now announced them online. The main event will occur on Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th, while the Last Chance Qualifier (the Grinder) will take place on Friday the 13th (oh noz!). As we have known since August, Worlds 2010 takes place in Hawaii this upcoming year. It was previously held on the big island in 2007.

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Friday, September 18th, 2009 @ 2 PM PST -  By: Kevin Garrett

Registration for the tournament is now closed.

We are now hosting a server on Shoddy Battle, a free program that allows you to play Pokémon video game battles against other people online. Our server is currently programmed with all Platinum moves and Pokémon and currently has a ladder for the OU and Uber tiers. For information on how to download and operate Shoddy Battle, check out our new Shoddy Battle page.

On that note, registration for the fifth PokéBeach video game tournament is now open! There are still a few spaces left for people to join, so don't miss out on PokéBeach's largest video game tournament to date! Want to see where your team stands in a field of 96 competitive players? Then post here to sign up! If you don't already have a PokéBeach forum account, you can register here. This time around, the tournament will be held solely on Shoddy Battle, so download it and show off your best team to be named PokéBeach's new champion!

5th Official PokeBeach Video Game Tournament
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Friday, September 18th, 2009 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Bangiras

WPM Note: Thank you Bangiras for translating and posting this story and Jason for helping to put together the HTML lists! I'm so glad I can move in to my new dorm / apartment without having to worry about updating. :D Also, the answer to the quiz will be posted within the next few days once I'm all settled in.

Double Colorless Energy from Base Set (#96)

The official Pokemon Card site has updated with complete card lists for the upcoming Pokemon Card Game LEGEND: HeartGold and SoulSilver Collection sets. You can view the lists on our set page linked to in the previous sentence.

Each mini-set consists of 70 cards, including four super rares (Great Pokemon) and two ultra rares (the top and bottom halves of one Legendary Pokemon). In HeartGold Collection, the Great Pokemon are Feraligatr, Ampharos, Donphan, and Blissey while the Legendary Pokemon is Ho-Oh LEGEND. In SoulSilver Collection, the Great Pokemon are Meganium, Typhlosion, Crobat, and Ursaring, and the Legendary Pokemon is Lugia LEGEND. The sets also include the eight basic Energy cards and are rumored to have one secret card apiece, which should make the combined set 150 cards (151 including the promotional shiny Gyarados card).

Between the two sets, there are eight classic reprints: Full Heal (Base Set), Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis), Fisherman (Skyridge), Copycat (Expedition), Rainbow Energy (Team Rocket), Professor Elm's Training Method (Expedition), Bill (Base Set), and, most surprisingly, Double Colorless Energy (Base Set). Bill was reprinted as a promo card for the Japanese Web set as a Supporter card, so he will in all likelihood be treated as a Supporter in LEGEND as well. Double Colorless Energy has a slightly different name than the original Japanese card (ダブル無色エネルギー lit. "Double Colorless Energy" instead of 無色2個エネルギー "2 Colorless Energy"), but it's almost certainly the same card.

Looking at the HPs and rarities in this set, something noticeable jumps out: All of the "Baby" Pokemon have 30 HP, just like they did during the Neo sets. They are also mostly rares and holos, again similar to the Neo sets. Could this mean the return of true Baby Pokemon and the Baby Rule? We won't know for sure until early October, but with Rain Dance and Double Colorless Energy making a comeback with this set, anything is possible!

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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 @ 10 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Be sure to check out all the news stories since last Wednesday for our coverage of HeartGold and SoulSilver.

The official Go-Pokemon website has revealed the first three cards from Platinum: Arceus, as you can see below. Click the thumbnails for larger images. To view the product images for this set, check out this news story from over a week ago.

Based on the card numbers below, it appears that the nine elemental Arceus cards will be in their own sub-set like the Unown in EX Unseen Forces. Remember, this set will draw from the Japanese Advent of Arceus set, so check out its spoilers if you want to know about the cards in our English set.

Heatran from Platinum: Arceus (#3) Pikachu from Platinum: Arceus (#71) Arceus LV.X from Platinum: Arceus (#94)
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Monday, September 14th, 2009 @ 2 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Welp, our coverage of HeartGold and SoulSilver is beginning to come to a close as almost everything is known about the games now. We're still playing them of course, so here are some more details. The facts below are arranged from newest to oldest, so if you haven't been here, read the post from the bottom to the top.

  • The Rock / Lock capsule has a relationship to Wi-Fi. In the game data, there is text that says, "The Rock Capsule is being looked after carefully. The Rock Capsule arrived safely!" It's probably a pre-programmed Mystery Gift. The data for the text above is in the same location as the Manaphy egg from Pokemon Ranger. Could there be a special Pokemon inside, a special item like the Mystery Crystal, or could it unlock something in a future game?
  • Another hidden item in the game is the Rock / Lock Capsule (could be either name). Its description says, "A sturdy capsule that is opened with a special key." It is a key item, though we don't know what it does yet. Maybe a Spiritomb is inside? :p
  • Mystery Crystal / Soul Dew Event: A hidden item in the game data exists called the "Mystery Crystal." Its item description reads, "A crystal orb that was buried in the ground. It is covered in rocks and dirt but it is still beautiful." Once you obtain it (perhaps through a Nintendo event, or somewhere in the game), you go to the Pewter City Museum. You will overhear Steven Stone muttering to himself, "People devoted their lives to researching this path... and that's profound. But since I'm devoted, I won't lose to them." He sees you. "Oh? What's that you have? It's... A mysterious rock. Something is sparkling inside. Its refinement conceals a wonderful secret! I think you should have this rock examined by a specialist." You hand the rock over to a Pewter Museum scientist, "You gave the Mystery Crystal to the staff member!" "Please wait while I examine it." As you are leaving, "Hey! Hey! Wait up! I had a bit of a delay, but I examined it fully! It is a Soul Dew, a crystal orb with a mysterious power! The Soul Dew is hardly ever seen, so I want to examine it as carefully as possible." Steven: "The Soul Dew is an item said to be formed from a Latias or Latios' soul. It has the ability to draw out their latent strength. It's said that Latias, Latios, and the Soul Dew call out to each other's souls. I don't know why the Soul Dew is in Kanto, but Latias and Latios were probably drawn to it." Following this, a Lati@s appears, seemingly summoned by the Soul Dew. Steven: "I feel a powerful belligerence coming from this Lati@s! I want to battle it, but I'll hand it over to you!" If you catch it, Steven says, "Well done! I owe you one! You put your full power on display, and I never imagined it could be so fearsome! Well done! I'm greatful." If you lose to it, when you do beat it, he says, "The injured Lati@s probably returned here to get revenge on you." (He is explaining why Lati@s is still available to fight, since pre-DPPt if you lost to a Legendary Pokemon, it disappeared permanently.) If you choose not to fight it, he says, "What's the matter? Did you lose your nerve?"
  • Reminder: Lati@s' roaming: As reported earlier, when you first arrive in Kanto, Steven Stone from Hoenn tells you about a roaming Lati@s. "I'm Steven, the Hoenn League Champion. Have I met you somewhere..? Nevermind, it's probably my imagination. It's just that all of the Trainers I've battled look at me the same way -- like they want to beat me. In any case, has the rumor about the Pokemon LAti@s reached your ears? For some reason, Lati@s, who resides in Hoenn, has left that place and come to Kanto. I'm here investigating the reason. Lati@s is a Pokemon with a deep connection to the jewel-like orb called the Soul Dew. I wonder if this Lati@s appearing in Kanto has a connection to the Soul Dew? Lati@s roams a wide path. There's no instrument that can track it, and it appears very rarely, but since you're a Trainer, I bet you're interested. Later. I'm sure we'll meet again."
  • The Day of the Week Siblings are still in the games, but with two changes. Monica of Monday found on Route 40 still gives out Sharp Beak, Tuscany of Tuesday found on Route 29 gives out TwistedSpoon (originally Pink Bow), Wesley of Wednesday found at Lake of Rage gives out Blackbelt, Arthur of Thursday found on Route 36 gives out Hard Stone, Frienda of Friday found on Route 32 still gives Poison Barb, Santos of Saturday found in Blackthorn City gives out Soft Sand (originally Spell Tag), and lastly, Sunny of Sunday found at Route 37 gives you a Magnet.
  • Steven trades you a Beldum for a Forretress. Its only attack is Take Down. It is holding a Dawn Stone. It will be the same level as the Forretress you trade him. To trade him for the Beldum, you must first get Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip from him in Silph Co. Once you do, go to the museum in Pewter City and talk to him. "All the light in the night sky is compressed inside my unidentified stone." Then go back to Silph Co. where you can initiate the trade. "You again? Have you ever been to the Hoenn region? It’s a beautiful place where the clear ocean stretches wide. You should see it. That’s right! Wouldn’t you like to trade? I’m looking for Forretress, so if it sounds like a fair deal, I’ll trade you my Beldum." You trade him. "Forretress doesn’t appear in the Hoenn region. This is the first time I’ve seen one. Thank you!"
  • Brock gives you a Rhyhorn that knows Thunder Fang if you trade him a Bonsly. Brock: "Hey, (Trainer)! Have you ever seen a Pokemon called Bonsly? It appears you have to hatch it from an egg, so it isn’t seen very often. If you have a Bonsly, will you trade it for my Rhyhorn? Yeah! Let’s trade! Thank you! I really wanted a Bonsly! About the Rhyhorn I gave you. I raised it from an egg, and it knows Thunder Fang. It can even defeat Water-type Pokemon. Take good care of it!"
  • To change Rotom's form, take it to Silph Co. and have it out with you. It will power the elevator and take you to a room with the appliances used to change its form.
  • Thus, you stop Giovanni from returning to Team Rocket and we learn from this event that Rival is Giovanni's son, as has been speculated by fans for years and years.
  • The cave Giovanni is in is present during normal gameplay even before the event. Before the event, hitting A on the radio says, "The radio is broken." If you visit the cave after the event, it says, "The radio is broken. Giovanni must have left it here."
  • After defeating Giovanni, he says, "Wh-why! Have the past 3 years been for nothing? Once again, my ambitions are shattered by a child like him! The last dream of Team Rocket vanishes like an illusion!" He leaves the cave. Radio: "Heeeey! Where could Giovanni be? Wherever he is, will he hear this message and come to us?" H/K: "Even if they keep calling, their boss won’t come. How pathetic. And soon, you will take care of them. Oh! But you’re here? I wonder who will take care of Team Rocket at the Radio Tower? If we don’t heal Celebi, we can’t get back to our original time." Apparently, time traveling causes Celebi to grow weak. Hibiki / Kotone uses a Revive on Celebi. The screen flashes white again. H/K: "Time travel? Let’s return to our original time now." You return to Ilex Forest where Marill is waiting. H/K: "Time slipping doesn’t feel good." H/K sees Marill. "Oh! My Marill! Good to see you! It looks like we’ve returned to our original time. It was a mysterious experience, but we’ve returned to our original time and stopped Team Rocket’s plan. Everything turned out okay! It was fun getting caught up in an adventure with you, (Trainer). Today was really exhausting. I’m going home. Bye bye!"
  • Celebi glows again. "Oh! That was just like before! It was Celebi’s time travel!" The screen spins, and you’re in a cave with Giovanni and a radio. G: "I don’t know why you came here, but this isn’t a place for kids like you." K/H: "Ahh! This is the old man who was arguing with that mean boy before!" Giovanni: "Those look in your eyes... brings back memories of the child who obstructed me 3 years ago. He looked at me with the same eyes. I must go to Goldenrod City to answer my teammates’ summons. Are you going to get in my way?" K/H: "3 years ago...? Goldenrod City... Don’t tell me, this person is the boss, Giovanni, who was being summoned over the radio!! Listen, (Trainer), the radio broadcast is strange! Team Rocket invaded the Radio Tower! Even though you resolved that..." Radio: "This is the Goldenrod Radio Tower. This is the Goldenrod Radio Tower. After 3 years of effort, Team Rocket announces its resurrection! Giovanni! Can you hear us? We finally did it!" G: "My old friends need me. The failure of 3 years ago will not be repeated. Team Rocket will be reborn, and we will make the world our own!" You then battle "Team Rocket Boss Giovanni." He uses a level 42 Nidoking, level 46 Nidoqueen, level 40 Kangaskhan, and level 43 Honchkrow. As he is about to be defeated, he says, "What's happening? Could a child who's less experienced than me be this strong?"
  • The camera pans up to Giovanni and your Rival. R: "You’re saying…you’re saying you’re not the strongest! You’re quitting!? What will you do now!?" G: "...If you won’t admit defeat, you can’t progress forward. In order to build an even stronger organization, I must go alone for now." R: "What do you mean, strong! You gathered many members, and eventually lost to a single child!" G: "By uniting the strength of many people, a large power is born. That’s the meaning of an organization. The strength of an organization! I didn’t make the most of my men’s strength. One day, I will definitely revive Team Rocket." R: "I don’t understand! I don’t understand what you’re saying at all, Dad!" G: "The day will come when you will understand as well." He leaves. R: "I don’t want to understand! I won’t become like my dad! Swaggering about alone as I gather up weaklings! I’ll never be like that! I’m going to become a strong man! I’ll become strong all by myself! BY MYSELF!" He's yelling after Giovanni. Then he turns and runs into you. R: "What are you staring at?" He leaves. Kotone/Hibiki: "What’s with that guy? He’s mean! But the conversation between those two... what was that about? The revival of Team Rocket? If I remember right, a child from Kanto destroyed Team Roclet three years ago. That means, we must be three years in the past!"
  • You’re on an unknown route with Kotone/Hibiki and your Celebi (Marill was left behind). "This is? The Ilex Forest vanished!? ...That’s not it. Were we moved to a new place? This is weird, (Trainer)! If you turn on the radio on your Pokegear, the date is three years ago! Could it be... the work of the Pokemon, Celebi? That’s exactly it! Celebi is the cause! My grandpa said that Celebi is a time traveler and can use its mysterious power to freely jump across time! Clearly, Celebi has brought us to the past. Someone’s here, (Trainer)! Let’s go look!" You're in the past following the events of Red defeating Giovanni and bringing down Team Rocket.
  • You go to Ilex Forest with your special Celebi and walk toward the shrine. Celebi hops away from behind you and sits a few tiles away. Kotone/Hibiki approaches you, trailed by his/her Marill, "Ah, (Trainer)! Do you know the rumors about this shrine? This shrine is troublesome. People get spirited away from it." The screen goes white for a second. "???? What was that?" Celebi glows, rises into the air, and the screen swirls.
  • There is a Celebi event in the game involving Giovanni and Rival. The event is activated by a special Celebi that will probably be downloadable in the future - you take it to the Ilex Forest shrine. Jason went into the game's data and activated the event, and Bangiras has translated the dialogue as follows.
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Friday, September 11th, 2009 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

This is a continuation of the two HeartGold and SoulSilver news stories below. We had to post a new one because of the TCG story below. The information is arranged from newest to oldest.

  • The PokeWalker seems to be able to detect abuse. I have done a few tests with shaking the PokeWalker in a one minute time span. Each time I shook it very fast for one minute, it would only add six steps. When I shake it at a slower rate for the same one minute, it goes up nearly 150 to 200 steps. These results appeared in multiple tests. Each time the PokeWalker was shaken at an extremely fast rate over the one minute, exactly 6 steps were added.
  • If you have all Pokemon recorded in your PokeDex, Professor Oak will ask you to take a picture with him.
  • If you present Togepi or Togetic to Professor Elm, he will give you an Everstone for having hatched it.
  • PokeRadar Pokemon
    • Edge of the Night Sky: Clefairy, Hoothoot
    • Residential Area: Magnemite
    • Pretty Oceanside: Wooper, Staryu
    • Rugged Path: Onix, Machop
    • Noisy Forest: Spearow, Bellsprout
    • Refreshing Field: Sentret, Nidoran (M), Kangaskhan
  • Sometimes as you are using the PokeWalker, your Pokemon will find Watts and give them to you. It seems that this mainly only happens when the PokeWalker comes out of sleep mode after a long walk (though that needs to be confirmed). Another interesting feature of the PokeWalker is that it seems that random Pokemon can also jump into your PokeWalker. If no Pokemon is present inside of the PokeWalker sometimes a wild Pokemon will appear out of nowhere and join you. You do not need to catch these wild Pokemon, they are yours once they join you.
  • Residential Area is unlocked at 500W. The next course is unlocked at 1,000W.
  • Pretty Oceanside is unlocked at 200W. The next course to be unlocked is at 500W.
  • Item Finder items for Edge of the Night Sky: Star Piece, Moon Stone
  • Jirachi is now in HeartGold, about to be checked for anything in the PokeWalker. The second that Jirachi is in your game Edge of the Night Sky will be unlocked. There is no need to transfer Jirachi to the PokeWalker to unlock the course.
  • At 50W you can unlock Rugged Path. You get to unlock the next course once you save up 200W.
  • If you lose a battle against a wild Pokemon when using the PokeRadar on the PokeWalker, you will be penalized additional Watts.
  • After reading the manual for the PokeWalker, there are a few more things that should be known. When the PokeWalker is not in sleep mode it counts the number of steps correctly, however, it does not update the display all the time (It updates very rarely). This is not the case for when the PokeWalker is in sleep mode. The PokeWalker goes into sleep mode if you have not touched any buttons for 60 to 90 seconds. To take it out of sleep mode you have to hold the center button for more than 0.5 seconds. When in sleep mode it counts continuously, and then displays the number walked total once taken out of sleep mode.
  • To bring a Pokemon back from the PokeWalker you have to go back to the Connect to PokeWalker screen. Once there select the first option. It will then start searching for the PokeWalker's signal. Now, on the PokeWalker itself, you have to go to the third option to the left on the main menu. Put the PokeWalker right next to the cartridge again and hold down the middle button until your Pokemon successfully makes it back to the game. All remaining Watts will be transferred to the games and added to the total.
  • The third option from the right on the PokeWalker menu (Information) will remind you of a few things if you have forgotten. Once you click on Information you are brought to a screen that displays: Trainer Name, Current Course, and Time of Day. If you click on the right button on the PokeWalker it will display how many steps you took the day before at the top, and then total steps at the bottom. Pressing right again will tell you the same information for two days ago. You can keep pressing right until you get to seven days ago, which is the max amount it will save at one time.
  • The default settings for the PokeWalker is so that it makes sounds. This can be changed by going to the last option on the PokeWalker main menu; Settings. Sound settings are the first option and contrast settings are the second. If you choose sound settings, you will get the choice of either Mute, Medium Volume, or Full Volume.
  • You receive Watts as you walk on the course. These Watts can be used in one of apparently three ways. The first way is the PokeRadar, a mini game that costs 10W. A second way is the Item Finder, which is another mini game costing 3W. Finally, the last use of Watts is bringing them back to your DS. These Watts that you bring back will build up to satisfy requirements for unlocking new courses. In order to unlock the third course you must have walked over 50 steps and have at least 50W total.
  • Now that your Pokemon is inside of the PokeWalker, it is important to know what is what. The main screen for the PokeWalker consists of 6 options. These six options are: PokeRadar, Item Finder, Connect, Information, Held, and Settings.
  • To connect to the PokeWalker for the first time, go to the Connect to PokeWalker option as described on the list below. Once there it will give you a small little introduction and then let you pick your Pokemon. After you have picked the Pokemon you would like to bring, you can pick one of the two default courses. The first default course is Refreshing Field and the second is Noisy Forest. After you have chosen which course to go to (and confirm it) your DS will tell you to hold down the middle button on the PokeWalker for five seconds. You must have the PokeWalker lined up with the cartridge for them to communicate. Be careful because it is very sensitive. As you hold the button an animation will proceed as your Pokemon is transferred.
  • Once you have written your first save file, there will be six options that you can select from on the start up screen. These six options (from first to last) are Continue, Start New Game, Connect to PokeWalker, Mystery Gift, Wi-Fi Settings, and E-mail Settings. This means that unlike previous games, the Mystery Gift feature is already enabled.
  • You can only take Pokemon out of your PC box to put into the PokeWalker. Because of this, you have to wait until you own more than one Pokemon to use the PokeWalker.
  • The PokeWalker has a tab in it when you get it out of the box, you need to remove the tab for it to start up. When it starts up you will notice a little face. This face is only displayed before you have set up the PokeWalker for the first time. If the face is frowning, then the PokeWalker is sending a signal but not getting a response. If the face is indifferent, then the PokeWalker is not sending out a signal at all. If the face is happy, then it is sending a signal and getting a response from the game cartridge. Whenever the PokeWalker's screen turns off, press down the middle button for more than 0.5 seconds to turn it back on. (This goes for any time when using the PokeWalker, not just for setup)
  • Before going over setup and use of the PokeWalker, there are some notes that should be mentioned. Unlike previously thought, the PokeWalker does not give 1 experience point per step. It appears to be more or less somewhere around 1 experience for every three steps. Another point to keep in mind is that the PokeWalker does not constantly update your steps as you walk them, instead it updates the number of steps every once in a while.
  • The PokeWalker comes with two back plates that you can interchange. One of the back plates is plain and the other has a hook on it. You will need a screwdriver to change the back plate. This is also how you change the battery.
  • Mewtwo is in Cerulean Cave. It's at level 70 and knows Power Swap, Guard Swap, Amnesia and Psycho Cut.
  • PokeWalker details will begin to be posted here in an hour or so.
  • Crasher Wake from Sinnoh gives you Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup masks when you talk to him in the Celadon City Department Store. They go into your Accessory Case and you can presumably use them when you take a photo with your Pokemon team. He calls you "(Trainer) Mask." If your name is Ash, he would call you "Ash Mask."
  • Backtracking: So, the below ritual the Kimono Girls perform is the same one referenced by Cynthia during the Arceus event (which is translated by Bangiras at the bottom of this post). It seems that Johto and Sinnoh have a deep connection with their Legendary Pokemon, people, and rituals, though we will probably never fully understand or know what exactly the connection means.
  • Backtracking: The Kimono Girls dance. You ring the bell. Ho-oh appears on top of the tower. Tamao says, “That is Ho-oh… Since the ancient days, this town has called it the guardian deity of the sky. To this day, how many people have failed its challenge? Because of (Trainer)’s heart and the Clear Bell’s chime, it finally appeared… (Trainer), see if you can do it! If I’m not mistaken, Ho-oh has been waiting for a person like you to appear…” After you defeat Ho-oh, Tamao says, “Not only did you summon Ho-oh to this place, but you skillfully made it your own. You’ve truly done well. We have no advice for you beyond this: Continue to work hard in your future travels.” The other Kimono Girls say, “Thank you for everything you’ve done. If you see Elm, give him our regards.” This is the last of the Kimono Girls in the story.
  • Backtracking: A little girl runs into the Dance Theater. “Big sis! A big Pokemon’s shadow is covering the Tin Tower! Could it be…” Tamao says, “(Trainer)! Let us go to the Tin Tower before it attracts a crowd!” The Kimono Girls leave the Dance Theater. You’re supposed to follow them, but you can go to the Pokemon Center and make other preparations first. When you get to the roof of the Tin Tower, the Kimono Girls are already there. Tamao says, “That’s right, this spot is Ho-oh’s destination. We will perform the dance we’ve practiced every day, and entrust the rest to you. When the Clear Bell rings, Ho-Oh will swoop down from the sky once again!” (In SoulSilver, they say all of this about Lugia in the Whirl Islands.)
  • Backtracking: When you’ve defeated all of the Kimono Girls, Tamao says, “We were not mistaken about you. It is only appropriate that we give you this. Please accept it.” She gives you the Clear Bell.
  • Backtracking: The second Kimono Girl from the right comes up to you. “Ah, I am last. I glimpsed you in the Goldenrod Underground. You were quite reliable. I am Komomo, the Kimono Girl who dances spinning dances even in the Underground. You did a splendid job of holding back the Team Rocket members who invaded the Radio Tower. Truly, your exploits are grand enough to charm me. This time, display your power for me! Now, a Pokemon battle will commence!” She has a level 38 Vaporeon with Quick Attack and Surf.
  • Backtracking: The second Kimono Girl from the left comes up to you. “What a splendid battle style. On the ice, you gave my back a push, enabling me to skate across the ice. I am Kimono Girl Sakura. In the Dragon’s Den, you passed the elder’s test splendidly. I heard everything from outside the shrine. Well, let’s battle our Pokemon! “ She has a level 38 Jolteon with Thunderbolt and Double Team.
  • Backtracking: The Kimono Girl on the far right comes up to you. “It was an incredible feat. You drove Team Rocket away from this Dance Theatre. I am grateful for what you did then, but truthfully, I am strong. I am Kimono Girl Satsuki. Now, let us have a Pokemon battle! She has a level 38 Flareon with Quick Attack and Fire Blast.
  • Backtracking: The Kimono girl on the far left comes up to you. “You are quite strong. I was saved by you in the Ilex Forest. I am Koume, the Kimono Girl with no sense of direction. I saw with my own eyes how you handled Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well, and assisted the worried Kurt. Next, we shall battle with Pokemon!” She has a level 38 Espeon with the moves Swift and Psychic.
  • Backtracking: Once your Rival leaves, you go inside. The Kimono Girls are all on the stage. The one in the middle talks to you. “Welcome. I am the Kimono Girl, Tamao. I met you in the city of Violet. In order to call forth Ho-oh, a person who can touch Pokemon with a righteous heart is necessary. We beseeched Mr. Pokemon, that if that person was to appear, he was to grant them the Mystery Egg as a symbol. And so, the Mystery Egg was transferred from Mr. Pokemon to Professor Elm, then given to you. However…the purity of your heart alone will succumb to the strength of that Pokemon. Can you handle your Pokemon properly? We shall test that now. Are you prepared? Show me the strength of the bonds between you and your Pokemon!” She has a level 38 Umbreon with the moves Confuse Ray, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Last Resort.
  • Backtracking: Hibiki: “(Trainer), I heard a rumor! Did you help the Kimono Girls? Wow, you’ve been working hard for everybody’s sake! I’m so happy to be your friend!” Elm: “The Kimono Girls are waiting at the Dance Theatre in Ecruteak.” When you arrive at the Dance Theatre, your Rivals runs into you on his way out. Rival: “Why, why…why can’t I win? Those weren’t ordinary dancers… ! Did you see? That’s right, I couldn’t beat all 5 Kimono Girls in a row. Even though I thought it would be easy… they tore me apart. …At any rate, are you thinking of challenging the Kimono Girls? Riding that wave of confidence after beating Team Rocket. The Kimono Girls here are stupidly strong. Well, I’m going. See if you can beat them. I’m not going back in there, since I don’t want to see you in case you win.”
  • Backtracking: After you receive the 8th badge from Claire, you get a call from Elm who wants you to come see him. When you arrive, Hibiki / Kotone says, "(Trainer), you already got 8 badges? You really did it! Come on, the professor is waiting!" Elm: "(Trainer)! I was really surprised by you. And my research has progressed thanks to you! This is from me, use it as you wish!" You then receive the Master Ball from him. "That Master Ball! It is the ultimate Poke Ball, and will capture any Pokemon without fail. I think it was awarded to me in recognition of my research, but… I think you’ll put it to better use than I would. I’m giving it to you, (Trainer)! Incidentally…earlier, these pretty Kimono Girls came into the lab one after another. They said they were looking for you.
  • Defeated Red a second time. The rematch team he uses is the one we posted yesterday. When you beat him he disappears, the game saves, and the credits roll again. Let's see if anything's changed this time...
  • -- Going after Red for a second battle. Maybe that will activate something?
  • TM47 Steel Wing is in a house on Route 28.
  • Defeated the Elite Four a second time! It only took four tries, a ton of Max Revives, and soft resets. They were using the improved teams we reported about earlier. Let's see what changes in the game now...
  • -- Currently working on defeating the Elite Four a second time. It's very hard.
  • Here is what we've found in the Safari Zone so far:
    • Map 1: Abra, Rattata, Girafarig, Smeargle
    • Map 2: Sunkern, Jigglypuff, Hoppip, Skiploom (Water: Poliwag, Wooper, Marill, Magikarp)
    • Map 3: Nidoran F, Tauros, Nidoran M, Rhyhorn
    • Map 4: Geodude, Graveler, Magnemite, Magneton, Magmar
    • Map 5: Krabby, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Doduo (Water: Poliwag, Magikarp, Lapras, Poliwhirl)
    • Map 6: Farfetch'd, Sentret, Ditto, Spearow
    • Map 7: Bellsprout, Pidgey, Mr. Mime, Misdreavus
    • Map 8: Paras, Sentret, Jigglypuff, Murkrow (Water: Goldeen, Magikarp)
    • Map 9: Koffing, Weezing, Ekans, Arbok, Grimer (Water: Wooper, Poliwag, Grimer)
    • Map 10: Onix, Kangaskhan, Machop, Magnemite
    • Map 11: Lickitung, Magneton, Raticate
    • Map 12: Cubone, Marowak, Sandshrew, Sandslash
  • There are 12 unique, default maps in the Johto Safari Zone to switch around and explore for Pokemon. Each map has six zones. You switch around the maps on the computer outside the Safari Zone and can even make your own, though we haven't explored this yet. In HeartGold, we can confirm Lapras, Geodude, Graveler, Magnemite, Magneton, Misdreavus, Murkrow, Magmar, and Kangaskan are capturable. Some of the Pokemon are encountered more often on specific maps. For example, you can find Koffing, Weezing, Grimer, Arbok, and Ekans far more often on the swamp map. On the planes map, you encounter Girafarig, Rattata, Abra, and Smeargle more commonly than anywhere else (perhaps exclusively for some of them). This information is subject to change as we play through it. Remember, the Kanto Safari Zone has been replaced by the Pal Park.
  • In terms of layout, the new Battle Frontier located west of Olivine City is exactly the same. The only difference are the Trainer overworld sprites, which have been switched up. The entire Frontier may be a copy / paste job from Platinum, but we cannot confirm this yet. We already discovered earlier that all of the Frontier Brains are exactly the same. Perhaps the Frontier is portable?
  • Backtracking: You can battle the Kimono Girls in their dance studio. Kimono Girl #1 has a Lv.38 Umbreon with Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Confuse Ray, and Last Resort.
  • -- We're making a list of things we need to go check out.
  • The Dragon Lair's elder gives you a Lv.15 Extremespeed Dratini if you answer his quiz questions correctly. Its attacks are Thunderwave, Dragon Rage, Twister, and of course the aforementioned attack that it cannot normally learn. This was done in Crystal too.
  • Yes! Caught Entei at level 40! It comes with Roar, Fire Spin, Stomp, and Flamethrower.
  • Caught Raikou! It's at level 40 and knows Roar, Quick Attack, Spark, and Reflect.
  • Latios knows Dragonbreath, Protect, Refresh, and Luster Purge. As mentioned earlier, it's at level 35. It is NOT holding a Soul Dew. Earlier, Steven Stone said that Latios was roaming because of the Soul Dew. Maybe someone stole it and fled to Kanto and we will find it later? It is only roaming in Kanto too.
  • The cut-scenes for most locations change based on the time of day. For example, when you enter National Park at night, its cut-scene shows the lamp posts on and a dark sky.
  • The Magnet Train has its lights on at night.
  • Forgot to mention Suicune's stats even though we caught it a long time ago. It's level 40 and knows Rain Dance, Aurora Beam, Gust, and Mist.
  • Reposting for completeness. Zapdos is in the Power Plant at level 50. Its attacks are Discharge, Ancient Power, Charge, and Agility.
  • Moltres is in Mt. Silver. You have to use Waterfall to get to it. It's at level 50 and knows Flamethrower, Safeguard, Air Slash, and Ancient Power.
  • Ellen Degeneres replaces Paula Abdul on American Idol. Yeah, these games keep you in a box. Today is also 9-11. :(
  • When trading from these games to DPPt, your Pokemon's Apricorn Poke Balls are changed to regular Poke Balls.
  • Caught a shiny Magnemite. Its field sprite is shiny.
  • Articuno resides at Seafoam Island and knows Ice Beam, Reflect, Ancient Power, and Agility. It's level 50.
  • Encountered Latios! As the encounter battle music plays, the camera moves all around you and gets blurry and then you see it like usual. Normal Pokemon battle music is playing. Latios is at level 35. We'll try to catch it to find out its attacks since it runs away as soon as you fight it or attempt to capture it.
  • Bill's grandfather is in Bill's house north of Cerulean City. As in previous games, if you show him a specific Pokemon, he will give you an evolutionary stone. Staryu grants a Water Stone, Pichu a Thunder Stone, Oddish a Leaf Stone, Lickitung an Ever Stone, and either Vulpix or Growlithe grant a Fire Stone.
  • You of course receive a level 1 Dialga, Palkia, or Giratina - whichever you chose. The Pokemon will be holding its special Orb.
  • The Shinto Ruins are not in Kanto, Johto, or Sinnoh. They are north of Johto and south of Sinnoh in an unidentified region with snow.
  • You reappear inside the Ruins of Alph. The original man you spoke to is still there. “! A-a-are are you okay? You suddenly vanished before my eyes! I was surprised! … I see. You’re saying, as an effect of Arceus and the Unown’s power an immense energy came into being, and you were hurled to the Shinto Ruins? The Unown, the Ruins of Alph, and Arceus… The mysteries just keep getting deeper! My curiosity burns all the more! I swear to it, one day, I will unravel these mysteries!"
  • Cynthia: “That glowing orb just now… Could it have been… An egg...? Did we witness the instant at which an egg is born…the thing that nobody’s ever seen..? All life is originally cultivated inside an egg. Our world is also like an egg. The life that is born from an egg eventually burns out. That’s why new life is considered sacred… Perhaps that’s what Arceus was showing us.” The lights dim. “What was that..? It was as if another strong power swirled around us..!”
  • You walk on the stage with Arceus. The stage has a purple circle, an orange circle, and a blue circle, arranged in a triangular formation. In the center of the three circles there is a fourth circle. “On the Triad Stage, the circle in the center of the drawings of the Pokemon that created the world, is the origin of everything, Arceus…” She goes to the purple circle. “This is the pattern of Palkia, ruler of space…” She goes to the blue circle. “This one is the pattern of Dialga, the ruler of time… And…” She goes to the orange circle. “Here is Giratina… Ruler of the Reverse World, which sits opposite this world in defiance of time and space.” She walks back to you. “You’ve been acknowledged by Arceus. It’s said that when Arceus, the creator of Earth, displays even a fraction of its power, new life is born from nothingness.” Cynthia leaves the platform. “When you choose 1 of these three circles, something will definitely happen… Prepare yourself fully for when it does.” Now you can choose one of the circles. Just walk to the one you want. “You’re choosing the ruler of (space/time/Reverse World), (Palkia/Dialga/Giratina).” Arceus then walks to the center of the stage (its own circle). It glows. Unown swarm around it. We see the world being born and about 30 photos of space, our planet, cities, cells, etc. An orb appears above Arceus’ head, and flies into your hands. The game then says, “The mysterious orb became a Pokemon! (Trainer) received a (Palkia/Dialga/Giratina)!”
  • Cynthia: “This is the Triad Stage… A sacred stage that was built to worship Arceus. It’s said that Arceus’ incredible power was expressed through music and dance. There are people in Johto, as well, who’ve inherited this tradition [again, the Kimono Girls]. In old books, it is written: When Arceus stands on the Triad Stage, Time, Space, and the Reverse World are born. The Triad Stage’s key player has finally appeared. The one from Sinnoh’s ruins and myths, which I’ve investigated for so long. Perhaps you can go on the stage in order to guide it…”
  • The hiker talking seems to be the same one from Pokemon Platinum who tells the legend of Arceus if you bring the movie Arceus to him. “It is said that Arceus’s body appeared from inside an egg. In Johto, there is a Pokemon Egg that is the vessel from which life is born. It is thought of as an extremely sacred object. In completely separated areas, there are similar myths and legends… Isn’t it interesting?
  • She leaves the cabin. You follow her into the shrine. “This is the ‘Triad Stage’… A sacred stage that was built to worship Arceus. It’s said that Arceus’ incredible power was expressed through music and dancing. There are people in Johto, as well, who’ve inherited this tradition [The Kimono Girls, who earlier in the games do a dance to awaken Lugia or Ho-Oh depending on your version.]. Only 1 Arceus can get on the Triad Stage. Please deposit your other Pokemon in the PC inside the cabin.”
  • Cynthia, who is sitting at the table inside the cabin, introduces herself. “I’m Cynthia. I’m a Pokemon Trainer. As I came to these Shinto Ruins, I was reminded of my birthplace, the Sinnoh Region. I thought I felt that way because this is the first place I’ve been to that has as much snow as Sinnoh. But that isn’t it. Long ago… The people who moved to this place from Sinnoh thought of their birthplace and built a temple here. That is the Shinto Ruins…. ! Are you a Pokemon Trainer? I feel a strong energy emanating from your Poke Balls… This feeling of power… It feels similar to Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina’s, yet it’s different… Do you have a moment? Let’s go to the Shinto Ruins. If my hunch is right, when you and your Pokemon get on that stage, something will happen.”
  • A hiker is waiting for you. “Welcome! It’s cold, isn’t it? You’re shivering, aren’t you? Even though you’re young, you have an interest in the Shinto Ruins. Fantastic! The Shinto Ruins are a fusion of Sinnoh and Johto artistry, down to the design of the pillars. ! Oh dear, I’m going on and on! If we’re going to stand around talking, we should do it in the cabin ahead. Follow me!” He walks, you follow behind with your Pokemon. “That’s right! There’s a remarkable person in the cabin. A famous person from Sinnoh who’s known by every trainer! Apparently, she travels to different places while investigating myths and ancient ruins. She’s incredible.” He goes into his house and keeps talking, “It’s thought that ancient people took the lives of Pokemon, and also granted them life… People and Pokemon were connected that strongly, even more so than they are today. As people migrated to new areas, the myths and legends concerning Pokemon powers also moved and became intertwined. The ancient ruins that are on these grounds inherited the legends of both Johto’s Ruins of Alph and Sinnoh’s Spear Pillar… This proves that long ago, the people of Johto and the people of Sinnoh crossed paths in this place.”
  • He takes you into the Ruins of Alph. “Hmm..! I’ve been researching the ruins for many years, but this time… Something feels different…! Woah! The Unown that are drawn on the wall..! It’s like they’re watching me..! Wh-wh-WHAAATTTT!? There’s an ominous presence. My legs won’t stop shaking!” The scene changes. You’re in the Shinto Ruins. You start out in a room with a weird stage in it, but then you go outside, where it is snowing.
  • As you start to enter the house at the ruins, a man runs out and bumps into you. “Ah, Sorry! I just burst out, and..! Good gracious, I do apologize. You aren't hurt, are you? Wh-WHAAATTTTT! That Pokemon..! Is that the Pokemon called Arceus, from the Sinnoh region? Whaaa, is that what happened..? You're training Arceus..? I don't understand why, I can't even begin to comprehend it...! Perhaps Arceus could be the key to explaining the mysteries of the Unown and the Ruins of Alph..? Won't you come with me to the Ruins of Alph!? I won't let you say no! Something big is going to happen--I can feel it in my bones!”
  • We’re backtracking to do the Arceus event. You bring the movie Arceus with you to the Ruins of Alph.
  • As posted earlier, there are non-Kanto Pokemon used by Trainers in Kanto. Some Trainers use Pokemon from as recently as the 4th generation, like Buizel.
  • Latios / Latias appear on your PokeNav after you activate their event by talking to Steven Stone in Vermilion. Latios is in SoulSilver while Latias is in HeartGold, apparently. Like other roaming Pokemon, if you use Fly, they move to a completely different location. On our eighth time flying though, it appeared right next to us. They appear in Kanto.
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Friday, September 11th, 2009 @ 4 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

As announced on the official Go-Pokemon site two weeks ago, Pokemon Leagues will now be giving out two cards per season that are reprints of existing cards, but as special holos. One of the two each season will be cards competitive players use in archetype decks all the time, essentially making it much easier for players to get powerful and necessary cards. The official site has just released the list of cards that the Pokemon Leagues will be awarding to players who win enough points.

Claydol from Great Encounters (#15) Season 1: Rival
  • Snorlax (Platinum—Rising Rivals, 33/117)
  • Uxie (Diamond & Pearl—Legends Awakened, 43/146)
Season 2: Cyrus
  • Arcanine [G] (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 15/147)
  • Dialga [G] (Platinum, 7/127)
Season 3: Cynthia
  • Milotic C (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 35/147)
  • Claydol (Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters, 15/106)
Season 4: Palmer
  • Dragonite FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 56/147)
  • Roseanne’s Research (Diamond & Pearl—Secret Wonders, 125/132)
Season 5: Thorton
  • Skarmory FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 83/147)
  • Felicity’s Drawing (Diamond & Pearl—Great Encounters, 98/106)
Season 6: Dahlia
  • Dusknoir FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 26/147)
  • Bebe’s Search (Diamond & Pearl—Stormfront, 85/100)
Season 7: Darach
  • Empoleon FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 27/147)
  • Underground Expedition (Platinum—Rising Rivals, 97/117)
Season 8: Argenta
  • Butterfree FB (Platinum—Supreme Victors, 17/147)
  • Warp Point (Diamond & Pearl—Majestic Dawn, 88/100)
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Friday, September 11th, 2009 @ 2 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

This post is a continuation of our previous news story covering HeartGold and SoulSilver's Johto region. We have now arrived in Kanto and will post any important notes here. To see the full Gym Leader rosters for the Kanto Gym Leaders, including the rosters for when you re-battle them, please refer to the previous HG/SS news story. The information below is arranged from newest to oldest.

  • -- We've been backtracking. We're doing the Arceus event now. Translations are coming soon.
  • Zapdos is in the Power Plant at level 50. Its attacks are Discharge, Ancient Power, Charge, and Agility.
  • Mewtwo is in Cerulean Cave at level 70. It knows Guard Swap, Power Swap, Psycho Cut, and Amnesia. The cave still has the same general feel as FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • After collecting all of the badges, go to the 3rd floor of the mansion in Celadon City. This is where Gamefreak resides. The man standing next to the spinning globe will give you the GB Player, a key item, which switches all of the new music in the games to the old Gold and Silver music. The icon for it is a Gameboy with headphones. Nostalgia!!
  • Ho-Oh is in the Tin Tower at level 70 (if you have SoulSilver, that is). It knows Sacred Fire, Ancient Power, Safeguard, and Punishment.
  • Exiting the Gym, you receive a call from Professor Oak. He wants you to go see him. When you do, he gives you HM08 Rock Climb. He also says you can go to Mt. Silver now.
  • In order to challenge Green at the Viridian Gym, you need to have defeated all other Gym Leaders. Once you have, you can talk to him on Cinnabar Island and he will go back to his Gym. If you don't have the necessary badges, he'll tell you that you aren't strong enough yet. When you enter his Gym you are told that you have to put your Pokemon away because of the floors; his Gym features many hard puzzles involving propelling panels, which shoot you to certain spots within the Gym. He awards you with TM92 Trick Room, since his Gym is tricky, and you can now use Rock Climb outside of battle.
  • In surfing from Pallet Town to Cinnabar Island, we meet Green for the first time. He introduces himself and talks about how he was champion of the Kanto Elite Four until Red got in his way. He says that Cinnabar Island was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.
  • Backtracking: Lugia's attacks are Extrasensory, Hydro Pump, Rain dance, and Aero Blast. It's at level 45.
  • There is an old man on the eastern side of Pewter City who is on a ledge. Go talk to him and he will hand you a feather he found in Johto. In SoulSilver he will hand you the Rainbow Wing and in HeartGold it will be the Silver Wing.
  • He gives you TM80 Rock Slide
  • Moving up through the fully redone Viridian Forest and into Pewter City and Brock's Gym. It is a very simple layout and very easy to avoid the trainers.
  • When you come out of Diglett's Cave (which seems to have been expanded a bit) go down into the house and one of Professor Oak's assistants is inside. Talk to him and he tells you that Professor Oak told him to give you something. He gives you Sacred Ash.
  • Off to Diglett's Cave, as was in the originals, Snorlax is blocking the entrance to the cave. To wake it up, turn on your PokeGear radio, and manually move the dot on the screen to the upper-middle. When you do that it will change to a PokeFlute station. Exit out like that and then talk to the Snorlax. It will wake up and fight you.
  • In order to listen to channels coming from the Kanto Radio Tower you have to upgrade the Radio Card in your PokeGear. This can be done after you have solved the Magnet Train incident. Go to the Kanto Radio Tower, and inside there will be a man with a brown coat and hat on. He thanks you for solving the Magnet Train incident and as a reward gives you the upgrade.
  • Now, if we go back to where we got Misty earlier at the farthest East of Route 25, Suicune is waiting for you. This is where you can finally battle and catch it.
  • Once you have the doll and you exit the Pokemon Fan Club, Steven Stone will be there waiting for you. He tells you about a Pokemon from the Hoenn Region (In this case we had Latios). He tells you it has left its home in the Hoenn Region and that it could possibly have something to do with the Soul Dew. He makes it clearly sound like the Pokemon will roam.
  • To get the ticket for the Magnet Train, you need to go to Saffron City and talk to the Copycat Girl. She is upset because she lost her doll. To get the doll, go to Vermilion City and talk to the guy at the table in the Pokemon Fan Club. Bring this doll back to her and she will give you the ticket as promised.
  • Now we can head back to the Power Plant to return the stolen part. Talk to the chief of the Power Plant, and in gratitude he will give you TM57 Charge Beam. This will open up the Magnet Train at Saffron City, however in order to actually ride the Magnet Train we need to get receive the ticket.
  • She gives you TM03 Water Pulse
  • This whole time Misty has been out of the Gym. To get her to come back you have to go to the east most side of Route 25.
  • Once you go into the Cerulean Gym a Team Rocket Member will be leaving. He tells you to forget you ever saw him and goes out the door. You spot him again as you head up north of Cerulean City on Route 24. This time he tells you if you battle him, he'll tell you a secret. Once you've beaten him, his secret is that he hid the part from the Power Plant near some swim rings in the Cerulean City Gym. The part is indeed by a pair of swim rings on the side of the pool, all the way towards the back left.
  • As you go to leave the Power Plant, the guard closest to the door will run over to someone on the computer and tell him there is breaking news. He says that someone suspicious was spotted near Cerulean City Gym, and asks you to cooperate by going to check it out.
  • In the Kanto Power Plant people inside talk about how one of the parts has been stolen.
  • She gives you TM84 Poison Jab
  • Janine's Gym seems a bit different from before. The walls to the maze she's in are invisible until you touch them.
  • Fuchsia City's Safari Zone has been turned into Pal Park.
  • She awards you with TM19 Giga Drain.
  • Erika's Gym is a little bit different from her old one. It is a small maze that you have to work your way through.
  • She awards you with TM48 Skill Swap.
  • Sabrina's Gym also uses a similar design to that of the original games.
  • There is a person on Route 6 between Vermilion City and Saffron City that tells you there has been an incident at the Power Plant. Additionally, a Snorlax is blocking the way east of Vermilion City as was the case in the original games.
  • Lt. Surge gives out TM34 Shock Wave.
  • Lt. Surge's Gym features the same layout as in Red and Blue.
  • Some Trainers are using Pokemon that are not found in Johto or Kanto, such as a Trainer with a Bronzor on the S.S. Aqua and an Electrike being used in Vermilion Gym.
  • Double battles still occur if you are in the path of two single Trainers.
  • Upon arrival at Vermilion Harbor, a Suicune is seen in the ocean. Eusine approaches you and says he is going to chase it.
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Friday, September 11th, 2009 @ 2 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Three new LEGEND: HeartGold and SoulSilver Collection cards have been revealed by the official Pokemon Card website and have been translated below thanks to Bangiras.

In addition to these cards, it is confirmed that Copycat and Professor Elm's Training Method will be reprinted in the TCG. However, Elm will have slightly different wording - it can only search for Stage 1 and 2 Pokemon cards, not just "Evolutions." Perhaps there will be a higher stage of evolution in the future?

These cards in addition to the Pokemon revealed last week seem to confirm that x2 weakness returns to the TCG. For the Diamond and Pearl and Platinum eras, each weakness was customized to add between 10 and 40 damage from super-effective Pokemon.

Shuckle from LEGEND: HeartGold SoulSilver Collection Ampharos from LEGEND: HeartGold SoulSilver Collection Donphan from LEGEND: HeartGold SoulSilver Collection

Shuckle - Grass - HP60
Basic Pokemon

Poke-Body: Pot Cover
As long as this Pokemon is on the Bench, it can't be damaged by attacks.

[F][F] Poison Jab: 30. The opponent's Active Pokemon is now Poisoned.

Weakness: Fire x2
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1

Ampharos - Lightning - HP140
Stage 2 Pokemon - Evolves from Flaafy
Great Pokemon

Poke-Body: Electrocution
When your opponent attaches 1 Energy card from his or her hand to a Pokemon, place 1 damage counter on that Pokemon.

[L][C][C] Lightning Crush: 40 damage. Flip a coin, if heads this attack does an additional 40 damage. If tails, discard 1 Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokemon.

Weakness: Fighting x2
Resistance: Metal -20
Retreat: 2

Donphan - Fighting - HP120
Stage 1 Pokemon - Evolves from Phanpy
Great Pokemon

Poke-Body: Hard Body
Damage done to this Pokemon by attacks is reduced by 20.

[F] Earthquake: 60 damage. Does 10 damage to each of your Benched Pokemon. Don't apply Weakness or Resistance for Benched Pokemon.
[F][F][F] Heavy Impact: 90 damage.

Weakness: Water x2
Resistance: Lighting -20
Retreat: 2

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