Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Last... time's quiz question asked, "Which of the following Gym Leaders did Ash most legitimately defeat to earn his badge?" This question was essentially asking which Gym Leader Ash defeated using his skills rather than some reason unrelated to defeating Pokemon to win. There are several ways to argue which badge Ash most legitimately earned. A Trainer should defeat the Gym Leader the first time around and by only defeating their Pokemon. That means the more interruptions, rematches, etc. that occur, the less legitimate winning the badge is.

After heavy discussion in our chat room, we have concluded Ash is a loser and that he did not defeat a single Gym Leader 100% legitimately. If we had to pick, he probably defeated Lt. Surge and Blaine using the most skill. Want to debate which badge he won most fairly? Discuss it on our forums!

  • Brock - Lost to Brock in the first match. Used an electric machine to power-up Pikachu rather than battle Pokemon to make it stronger. Caused sprinklers to weaken Onix. Chose not to finish the second match. Was handed the Boulder Badge despite not having defeated Brock.
  • Misty - Battled Misty instead of the technical Gym Leaders. Match interrupted by Team Rocket. Handed the Cascade Badge for defeating Team Rocket and because he "would have" won if he used Pikachu against Misty.
  • Lt. Surge - Lost the first match badly. Won the second match using speed and given the Thunder Badge.
  • Sabrina - Lost the first match badly. Went to Lavender Town and "borrowed" Haunter. Ran out of the second match when Haunter disappeared. Did not finish the third match. Handed the Marsh Badge for immobilizing Kadabra in Haunter making Sabrina laugh herself silly.
  • Erika - Tangela paralyzed Bulbasaur and Ash recalled it, she switched to Weepinbell and Charmander defeated it, Ash recalled Charmander for Pikachu after Gloom stunk up the place. Team Rocket burned the gym down and Ash saved Erika's Gloom. She handed him the Rainbow Badge not for defeating her, but for his bravery.
  • Koga - Pidgeotto lost to Venemoth and Ash sent out Charmander, but the battle was interrupted by Team Rocket. The match continued after Psyduck sent Team Rocket blasting off and Charmander defeated Koga's Golbat, granting Ash the Soul Badge. However, that would make them tied, meaning that either Koga cannot count or the continuation was actually considered an entirely new match.
  • Blaine - Lost to Blaine the first time. Ninetales defeated Squirtle, Pikachu zapped Rhydon's horn ("Aim for the horn!") and knocked it out, Magmar defeated Pikachu. Charizard defeated Magmar in the rematch.
  • Giovanni - Did not even battle Giovanni. Battled Team Rocket using Giovanni's Pokemon but defeated them.
  • Lt. Surge (35.0%, 8,008 Votes)
  • Brock (15.0%, 3,368 Votes)
  • Blaine (15.0%, 3,360 Votes)
  • Giovanni (11.0%, 2,414 Votes)
  • Koga (7.0%, 1,682 Votes)
  • Misty (7.0%, 1,668 Votes)
  • Sabrina (5.0%, 1,214 Votes)
  • Erika (4.0%, 885 Votes)
  • Total Voters: 22,598
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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 @ 6 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Update (Monday, 1:00 PM): The Mac installer uploaded was the incorrect version; it did not contain any Supreme Victors cards. You can redownload the installer using the same link below.

The Supreme Victors Redshark release is now available for download! If you are using Windows, you can download the latest installer by clicking here; if you are using Macintosh, download this link instead. Redshark allows you to practice the Pokemon TCG on your computer and against friends online. It is the only fan-made program created specifically for the Pokemon TCG.

If you are a Windows Vista user, you must input "c:\redshark" when it asks you what folder you want to install the program to. For all Windows users, be sure to uninstall any previous versions before attempting to launch the installation program.

New features include...

  • Prize arranging
  • Let Opponent... sub-menus to Hand and Deck popup menus
  • Playmat shortcut images for heal (-10) bench/all
  • Added Cynthia's Guidance to Trainer menu
  • Restart No Basics now waits for player acknowledgment
  • Prevent modification of hand/deck in some network game situations
  • Added some intelligent menu item disabling
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Friday, August 21st, 2009 @ 1 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

In case there was any doubt, HeartGold and SoulSilver will still feature the Pal Park or a similar feature. Of course, such a feature will only be usable if the games are inserted into a Nintendo DS or DS Lite since the Nintendo DSi does not have a GBA slot to connect to the GBA games. According to the official Nintendo website...

  • Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are remakes of the Game Boy Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver (doy).
  • HeartGold and SoulSilver have differences in "types of Pokemon that appear" and "Pokemon appearance percentages."
  • Communicates with "HeartGold," "SoulSilver," "Diamond," "Pearl," "Platinum," "Pokemon Battle Revolution," also using the double slot feature with "Ruby," "Sapphire," "Emerald," "FireRed," and "LeafGreen." (Communication using the double slot feature is only supported by the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.)
  • PokeWalker only supported by "HeartGold" and "SoulSilver."
  • Can not communicate with Game Boy and Game Cube Pokemon series games. Also, not supported by Wii Ware "My Pokemon Ranch (including Platinum version)."
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Thursday, August 20th, 2009 @ 8 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

We have learned that the final Pokemon Platinum English set will simply be named Platinum: Arceus in a vein similar to EX Deoxys. The set will be released in stores on November 4th in America, with prereleases occurring the last two weekends of October. The dates have been added to the right menu. The set is of course the English version of The Advent of Arceus.

Accompanying the set's release will be a new Arceus Premium Box, Arceus Collector's Tin, Arceus Poster Pack, and a three-pack blister pack. The Premium Box will contain five booster packs of the set (subject to change), one holo Arceus promo, one holo Arceus jumbo promo, and a double-sided poster featuring the set's cards. The Collector's Tin will be packaged with four Platinum-series booster packs and an Arceus LV.X card, though there may be two other tins containing other Level X's from the set that we do not know about yet. The Arceus Poster Pack will feature two booster packs from the set, two POP-series packs, another holo Arceus promo, and another double-sided poster with pictures of cards from the set. The blister pack will simply contain two of the set's booster packs, an older set's booster pack, a coin, and a holo promo card unknown at this time.

Oddly, movie sets - or cards related to the movies - are usually delayed until around the time the respective movie comes out. This is always in spring, but for some reason, the pattern does not hold true for this set. Could this be yet another indication that the Arceus and the Jewel of Life movie is coming to America this year? This in combination with the early revealing of Arceus sure sounds fishy, but we'll see!

With this date revealed, the set afterward will without a doubt be released in February. LEGEND: HeartGold and SoulSilver Collection, the next Japanese set, will be released in America then. Following its release, the HeartGold and SoulSilver games should hit store shelves within a month to a month and a half afterward in either March or April if the pattern of past game releases holds true.

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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009 @ 6 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

We have just learned that the fall Battle Roads will take place from September 19th until October 11th. They will be worth 4K like the Battle Roads last season. As usual, the victor of each individual tournament will receive a winner's card. The dates have been added to the right menu's calendar section.

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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009 @ 12 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Over the past year, Shakespeare has been rescanning his entire collection of over 4,500 cards using his high-quality scanner and the scans have finally arrived on the site! It took almost a year to individually rotate, crop, edit, and enhance each scan one-by-one, but the painstaking job is finally done! We actually finished editing the scans a month before summer started, but various things (Japan, Worlds, life, etc.) kept getting in the way of me uploading them and adding them to the website. Thank you Shakespeare for all of your dedication and hard work in collecting and scanning all the cards!

The new scans are clearer than ever before and are larger than previous batches of scans. The old batch of scans was posted here when dial-up was still commonplace, but now that most people are using a high-speed connection, we felt we could make the scans a little larger with less compression. The previous scans were already the best quality you could ever find, but these just blow anything and everything completely out of the water. Yes, we are literally crazy when it comes to scan quality! Just compare a few random samples below. You can open the scans simultaneously when clicking them and can drag them next to each other to compare the old quality versus the new quality.

Old Blastoise Scan :( New Blastoise Scan! :D Old Erika's Dragonair Scan :( New Erika's Dragonair Scan! :D Old Feraligatr Scan :( New Feraligatr Scan! :D Old Milotic Scan :( New Milotic Scan! :D Old Pidgeot Scan :( New Pidgeot Scan! :D
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Monday, August 17th, 2009 @ 1 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I was watching TV the other day and the Channel 4 news weather man said Facebook and Twitter are hip and fresh. The newscasters were even shoving their Twitter URLs down everyone's throats. So I thought wynaut - why don't I do the same for this site? Become a fan of on Facebook! You're not web 2.0 if you don't! The Facebook page will be updated whenever there is a major update here and will also be used to provide progress on whatever is being worked on for the site.

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Saturday, August 15th, 2009 @ 4 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Stephen Silvestro from the United States has won the Masters division of Worlds with Speedrill. In Seniors, Takuto Itakagi from Japan won with an SP Toolbox deck containing Mewtwo and Ditto. The final Juniors match finished last, with Tsubasa Nakamura from Japan, who grinded his way in to the tournament and played an American who also grinded in, took it all with his SP Toolbox deck. Congratulations to all!

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Saturday, August 15th, 2009 @ 3 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

The Worlds Video Game Championship just ended for both the Junior and Senior divisions. In Juniors, Jeremiah Fan from the United States beat Santa Ito from Japan for first place with a Rain Dance team consisting of Vaporeon, Kingdra, Ludicolo, and something else. In Seniors, two Japanese players faced-off; a very energetic Kazuyuki Tsuji defeated Tasuku Mano with Toxicroak, Snorlax, Empoleon, and Salamence. The TCG finals are now taking place, and the awards ceremony will take place later today at 5:30.

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Saturday, August 15th, 2009 @ 11 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

The signings for Junichi Masuda and Takeshi Kawachimaru are currently taking place outside of the main Worlds event hall, as is the Weavile distribution to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You can see Weavile's stats below.


Weavile LV. 30 @ Focus Sash
Jolly Nature

~ Fake Out
~ Ice Shard
~ Night Slash
~ Brick Break

Classic Ribbon
OT: World09
ID: 08159

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