.::   Tuesday - January 9th, 2007  [Link to this News Story]

Yay! News at the beginning of the week for once!

ManaphyNew Manaphy Information - Pokemon.com has updated with a plethora of new Manaphy information, concerning both the Pokemon Ranger game and the ninth Pokemon movie. To find out more about the below bullet points (which are a summary of the new info), be sure to visit the website and read the different sections, especially the section on Pokemon Ranger!

  • The Manaphy code for Pokemon Ranger will be revealed January 20th.
  • Unlike what some websites reported, the Manaphy mission is still in Pokemon Ranger, thus allowing people to complete the mission to receive the Manaphy egg. When the Manaphy mission is complete, you will be able to transfer the egg to Diamond and Pearl (released April 22nd) to hatch Manaphy (it will be at Level 1 - like all hatched Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl). To reach the Manaphy mission, you must beat Pokemon Ranger, enter the code Pokemon.com reveals on January 20th, and complete the special Deoxys, Celebi, and Mew missions (in that order).
  • In Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea (released April 3rd), Hiromi (the people of the Water descendant) will be named Lizabeth for the English version.
  • The Pokemon Ranger, Jackie, keeps his name from the Japanese version, as does the evil pirate, Phantom (what a surprise).
  • Manaphy is still referred to as the "Prince of the Sea," despite the movie's title being changed from that of the Japanese version's.
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.::   Saturday - January 6th, 2007  [Link to this News Story]

I can't sleep at 1:15 AM, so I'll update! Plus, my laptop is overheating, so it's keeping me warm while I lay on my bed in a 50-60 degree bedroom watching Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea for the seventeenth time (literally). :) Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that the right menu has been completely updated with new events and dates, and now includes links to specific TCG events, including information, locations, and even a link to the deck list form for City Championships. I will continue to add links to specific events in the future once POP releases pages for them.

Base Set 2 Scans Up! - Thanks to Shakespeare, as usual, we now have all of [Base Set 2]'s scans up! This only leaves Legendary Collection scans for PokeBeach, plus promo cards, and the few scans we are missing from some of the modified sets! Once those are all added to the site, we will be done with ALL American card scans! Wonder where we will go next...

Darkness Metal Special EnergyJapan TCG News - In mid-spring, Japan's modified format will change to (our equivalent of) "EX FireRed and LeafGreen-on." This has been a huge and unexpected tidbit of news for many Japanese players, as their format has been (our equivalent of) "EX Ruby and Sapphire-on" for several years. With this change, many of the deck archetypes that have been present since 2003 in Japan will be lost, and new Diamond and Pearl sets will begin to take over (such as the popular Dosidon decks many Japanese players are now using). Funny how our format shifts every single year, yet the Japanese rarely have a format change ($$$...). Also, since Darkness and Metal energy now come as basic energy, the special energy versions of them (which would be the Darkness and Metal energy of the past) have been re-designed for the Japanese, which can be seen to the right. They will be available as promo cards at Japanese tournaments, and will most likely make their way to America when they are reprinted.

Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the SeaTemple of the Sea Logo - While checking to see if Pokemon.com revealed the code to receive Manaphy's egg in Pokemon Ranger, I noticed that they added a new advertisement to torment us with the future release of Ranger's code. The advertisement contains the logo for the next Pokemon movie (the 9th), Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.

Who is the mysterious Pokemon taking over Pokemon.com?
Hatched from an egg, capable of new moves, star of a movie...
Find out soon.

They already told us it was named "Manaphy," but I suppose they forgot. The movie's logo can be seen above. Remember, the movie will come out on DVD April 3rd, so look forward to its release!

Vote for Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! - The first annual American Anime Awards, which will take place at the New York Comic-con on February 24th, will celebrate anime in North America by allowing fans to vote for their favorite voice actors, anime shows and movies, and music. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew has been nominated as "Best Anime Feature" in the voting, and for it to win the category, Pokemon fans (even if you only enjoy the TCG) should vote for it to show their support for Pokemon! To vote, go to the American Anime Awards website, answer the questions for the different categories, and for question #9, choose Lucario and the Mystery of Mew!

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.::   Friday - January 5th, 2007  [Link to this News Story]

There were three Pokemon. Holding their breath, they dove deep, deep into the lakes, even though it was difficult, they dove deep, deep in. Fetch something important from the bottom of the lake. It is said that it is the power to create land. So the legend says...

Mystery of the LakesNext Japanese Set Info: Part 2 - A few weeks ago, we posted new information on the next Japanese set, featuring the Sinnoh trio of Yuxie, Agnome, and Emurit, and now we have new and exclusive information on the set! The set will be named The Mystery of the Lakes, and will feature over 120 cards! The theme decks for the set will be named Attack! Rampard and Defense! Trideps, obviously featuring the two fossil Pokemon. Three Pokemon in the set will also come with built-in Pokemon Tools, and will literally be called "Pokemon with Tools." The tools built in to the Pokemon will activate when certain conditions are met. Three Level X Pokemon will also debut in the set, although we do not know which at this time (guess: Sinnoh trio). That's all we know for now! I will make a page on everything we have learned eventually!

Mew Holo POP 4 PromoMew Holo POP 4 - Once EX Power Keepers is released, an EX Power Keepers blister pack will be released containing three booster packs and a holo POP 4 Mew card. The blister pack (click thumbnail for a larger image) will contain two EX Power Keepers booster packs and one EX Dragon Frontiers pack, and will retail for around twelve dollars. Expect it to come out from mid to late February!

Strategist Positions Open - We are looking for more PokeBeach Strategists for our new and reformed program! A Strategist is a person who writes card reviews (and possibly deck reviews in the future) to be posted on the site every week, and should be an extremely knowledgeable person who is aware of the current TCG trends, strategies, and decks. To apply, make up your own application describing your qualifications to become a Strategist, and post it in this thread on our forums. You may include anything that you think may be necessary to demonstrate that you are fit to become one (examples: tournaments won, player ranking, past experience with the TCG, Pokemon community activities, etc). Correct spelling and grammar skills are a must to become a Strategist. Only a few positions are open, so put forth your best effort in creating and submitting your application if you want to become one!

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.::   Tuesday - January 2nd, 2007  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT: Whoops, typo. Heart Swap, not Heart Swamp. I was trying to get a good screenshot of Swampert shooting out an Ice Beam at the beginning of the Manaphy movie, so Swampert was on my mind when typing the news story. :p That has to be a first.

Now that this project is done, I will go back to the old updating schedule. More updates either tonight or tomorrow (more likely the latter)!

New Fake Card Section Added - It's taken me over a week, much headache, lost Christmas vacation time, and the destruction of a galaxy, but the [Fake Card Blanks] section is now up! We received permission from both Fangking Omega and Nick15 to use their blanks, and now we are happy to have all of the them in one convenient section for everyone's use! Thanks also go to Cascade_Gon_Pory for recreating a few blanks that were lost in time, and both DocRobot and HolyStar for helping me with organizing at times when I needed help! Within the next few days, I will add the Trainer blanks and fake card resources, but for now, all of the Pokemon blanks are up, so enjoy!

English D/P Info - Pokemon.com has revealed the name of the Sinnoh professor, Professor Rowan (originally Professor Nanakamado), and the starter town, Twinleaf Town (originally Futaba Town). Manaphy's ability has also been officially named Hydration (Moist Body), which allows it to heal itself in the rain, and its unique move, Heart Swap, remains the same as the Japanese name. There is still no word on the secret password to receive the Manaphy egg in Pokemon Ranger, but it should be revealed soon!

WordWeb Dictionary Software - rowan (noun): Eurasian tree with orange-red berrylike fruits

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.::   Thursday - December 28th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

*looks around to nothing*

So. We were supposed to have the new section up on Tuesday, but it is obviously taking much longer than expected. I personally have been sitting down longer at the computer for the past few days than I should be, with my eyes bleeding from staring at the screen so long (but not really). I will try to get the new section up tonight, but again, no guarantees. Just letting you all know that I am alive. :)

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.::   Sunday - December 24th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Sorry for not having updated in a few days. I have been working on a new/old section of the site, and have been rushing to get all of the content-based projects done before Christmas Break ends. Otherwise, I will not have time for the rest of the school year until summer. I'm sure you would all rather have me working on content rather than news at this point, especially since this two-week period will be the only time I will have the opportunity to do so. Anyways, tomorrow I will try to put some news up, but it is not guaranteed, since this project is taking me forever to finish (it involves a HUGE amount of organizing, renaming, Photoshopping, coding, and Tylenol), but I will try my best. It's nothing particularly new, but it will be an old addition to the site.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas tomorrow! Don't forget that you should appreciate the time you spend with your family, as you never know how long you will be with them. Cherish the times, be safe, and have a fun time in the process! Also, if you get a Wii, don't kill anyone (or anything) with the remote or shoot it through your plasma!

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.::   Wednesday - December 20th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Why is it that every time I say I won't update, I update, and every time I say I will update, I don't? :p

Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Sprites Up! - I only have had these for several months now. -_- All of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon sprites, excluding alternate female sprites (which I will add to their own section within the next few days), can be viewed on our new [Diamond and Pearl Pokemon sprites] page. You can view all of the Pokemon's available sprites side-by-side! Also, the pages contain most of the official Japanese romanizations of each Diamond and Pearl Pokemon name, although some are tentative to change (which are the Pokemon names that cannot be found in the Japanese trademark database or on any official Pokemon product yet).

Eeveelutions Holiday PackageEeveelution POP 3 Holos Now Available - This is old news for those of you who visit Target or Wal-Mart everyday and go to their card sections, but for those of you who do not, this should be news! There are now three new holiday blister packages at Target, available in three varieties, and each coming with a holo POP 3 Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon. The Flareon package comes with an EX Deoxys and EX Holon Phantoms booster pack, the Jolteon package comes with an EX Legend Maker and EX Holon Phantoms booster pack, and the Vaporeon package comes with an EX Legend Maker and EX Crystal Guardians booster pack. Each package retails for $11.95 (or "twelve" dollars in everyday lingo). Click the image to the right for a larger picture.

DP Date Re-Confirmed, New Info - Nintendo issued a press release today confirming the previously revealed, then removed, then added again early this evening, April 22nd release date for Diamond and Pearl. We also learn the name of the evil team in Diamond and Pearl, Team Galactic. The press release also reveals that if you pre-order the games, you will receive Pokemon DS styluses (and hopefully not that obscene Mew one that was released in Japan a while ago). You can view the press release below.

New Pokemon to Make Diamond and Pearl Studded Debut
Gotta Catch 'Em All! The Next Generation of Pokemon Soon Will Be Here

Pokemon trainers of the world, unite! How else will you manage to complete your Pokedex and challenge the sinister plot of Team Galactic? On April 22, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, the Pokemon series for the best-selling Nintendo DS game system, become available in the Americas. These two titles represent the latest adventure in the popular Pokemon franchise.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl offer a number of exciting new features to please both experienced and new Pokemon fans alike. Set in an entirely new region called "Sinnoh," players can choose to begin their adventure as either a boy or girl Pokemon trainer on a path to becoming Pokemon League Champion. The adventure continues as players can bring Pokemon from their Game Boy Advance Pokemon games to Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl using the GBA game slot on their Nintendo DS.

As players trade and collect Pokemon to complete their Pokedex in this new challenge, for the first time they'll have the chance to catch new Pokemon, Munchlax and Weavile. They also can play via local wireless with up to eight other trainers while new moves and abilities deepen strategy.

"After recently celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Pokemon franchise continues to get stronger," says George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "These two new titles represent the best that Pokemon has to offer, and a great opportunity for Game Boy users to upgrade to Nintendo DS."

Unique pre-sell styluses featuring new Pokemon from the new series will be available by reserving the game early at participating retailers. Stay tuned for more details about this special offer. Pokemon games continue to be wildly popular around the world, with more than 155 million units sold worldwide through September 2006. Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are currently shattering sales records in Japan since their September launch.

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl for Nintendo DS will be available April 22, and are Rated E for Everyone.

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.::   Wednesday - December 20th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

As per my schedule this week, I won't be updating probably until Friday. :p

April 22nd Release Date Gone? - Pokemon.com posted on Monday afternoon that the release date for Diamond and Pearl would be April 22nd. However, the date on the Diamond and Pearl page has now been completely removed! Could this mean the date was wrong, that it should have not been revealed this early, or what? Hopefully, we will find out soon...

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.::   Monday - December 18th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Depending on my amount of homework tonight, I may add to this update.

Diamond and Pearl Release Date - Diamond and Pearl, the next generation of Pokemon games, will be released on April 22nd, according to Pokemon.com. This now explains why the TCG will not have [Pokemon Card Game: DP] released in February, but EX Power Keepers instead - the set would have come out too early!

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.::   Friday - December 15th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Christmas vacation in seven days and counting.

ManaphyPokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea - The title of the next Pokemon movie, named "Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy" in Japanese, will be called Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. Funny how PUSA kept the title almost exactly the same from the Japanese version. Speaking of Manaphy, Pokemon.com has promised that within a month, they will release a secret password for Pokemon Ranger so that fans can unlock the Manaphy mission, play it, and then get the Manaphy egg (which you will then transfer to Diamond and Pearl when they come out so that you can hatch it). Speaking of Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon.com has also released a teaser page on the games, which can be found by clicking here.

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