Wednesday, December 14th, 2005 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I took my new laptop to the shop yesterday, and they said it would be a couple of weeks before I got it back. @_@ So, I am stuck with my old, in-four-pieces, won't-connect-to-my-wireless-internet, keyboard-is-tiny, very-slow, laptop. Updates are going to take a little longer to do now, especially since I have to go into another room and hook it up directly to the DSL modem, while trying to keep it all together. The slighest movement cuts off the power. XD

Miracle Crystal Set Page
I have added a page on the new Japanese set, Miracle Crystal. It contains all information we know on the set thus far. To view the page, [click here], and in the future, you can access it from the left menu under "Japanese TCG Sets."

Another Mew and Lucario OST
Today's OST is titled "Dance Party," and is the song that plays while everyone is dancing in the Mew movie at the party (duh). It is a highly addictive song, and it WILL get stuck in your head, especially if you play it twenty times like I have done. I like the song, although it does get a little annoying after a while. When you hear it, you may feel sudden urges to dance. Enough of the warnings, on to the song!

[Dance Party]
(3:07) - (7.03 MBs)

Report Card is Coming
This Christmas, all of the visitors of PokeBeach will be my teacher, and I will be the student. Each day, you as the visitors will post what I have to finish for my site, and at the end of the following day (my time, of course), you all will grade me on how well I accomplished the task and if I finished what I was assigned. Before Christmas vacation starts, I will post a schedule of what days I will not be home, and what projects I plan on working on during break, which you guys will choose for me to work on for a specific day. For example, on Friday, December 16th, I will post a list of "assignments," and you guys will vote on which one I should finish by Saturday night (Dec. 17th). When I finish it, you guys will give me a grade, and then you will also vote on what I should do next. I don't know what my punishment will be if I don't finish an assignment, so let's just say for now that if I don't finish something, the first person to e-mail me gets to choose a punishment for me, such as typing in a weird color, changing the header, or whatever. I will post (or think of) more details when the first assignments are announced on Friday. If you are totally confused by this game, just wait until Friday. ;)

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 @ 6 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I fell asleep after I did my homework last night, so I didn't get to update with the news. I have to leave for school in 30 minutes, so I'll only do the top story that I was excited about yesterday, since I won't have time for anything else. Also, because my new laptop broke AGAIN (wasn't my fault this time :p), it will be hard for me to update every day until I can get my older, in-four-pieces-laptop, internet-enabled, since for some reason it refuses to connect to any wireless network like it used to.

The NEXT, NEXT Japanese Set
We barely know anything about the Holon Phantom, yet we already have exclusive information on the set to follow it in Japan! The set after the Holon Phantom will be named Miracle Crystal, and will be released on March 11th in Japan. The following is all of the information we know about the set:

1. The theme of the set will be an "unexplored region," although we are not sure what region exactly. It might not be Holon.
2. The set will contain ALL of the Red/Blue (FireRed/LeafGreen) and Ruby/Sapphire starters, meaning we will see the Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Mudkip, Treeko, and Torchic lines in the set! (BLASTOISE!!! *drops dead*)
3. *Revives with Revive* There will be EIGHT EX Pokemon in the set. (BLASTOISE!!!)
4. Celebi * will be in the set.
5. Delta Species Pokemon will be in the set, once again.

Commentary: BLASTOISE!!! Oh, and Blaziken, Sceptile, Charizard, Swampert, and Venusaur. Is this going to be an awesome set or what? Most likely, those eight ex's will be the Stage 2 lines and two other Pokemon, although this has not been confirmed yet. Also, it seems like EXs will be sticking around a bit longer, although it is possible they will become extinct when the Diamond and Pearl blocks start. I will make a page on Miracle Crystal when I get home. Be sure to keep checking back here for all of the latest information on the Holon Phantom, Miracle Crystal, and EX Legend Maker, and to post in the commenting system about the set!

Two New Japanese Decks
Also being released on March 11th will be two pre-contructed decks. Each will contain either Groudon ex or Kyogre ex, and will have Delta Species Pokemon in them for the starter Pokemon, such as Treeko-D and Charmander-D. Most likely, these starter decks will be combined with Miracle Crystal for our set when it comes to America in who knows when. Thanks go to ToysRUsKid for notifying us of this information, and Vincent for translating it.

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Sunday, December 11th, 2005 @ 9 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Tomorrow we will have some new and surprising set news. I must say I am completely excited about the news, and that it has been something that I have been hoping for since after FR/LG came out (hint hint). The reason I am not updating with it yet today is because I still need to make sure that it is accurate, so it will have to wait just one more day. I also am in a rush (not that kind of rush) since it is Sunday night and I still have homework to do, so I will have a lot of other stuff tomorrow as well that I was going to update with tonight but didn't have time to type up, such as new Kyogre movie news and speculation. :p

Nintendo / PUSA Press Release

Looks like Nintendo will no longer be completely in charge of distribution of Pokemon TCG products, but that Pokemon USA (PUSA), the guys who translate and design all of the TCG products, now will. PUSA originally sold all of their Pokemon TCG products to Nintendo, who then distributed it to stores, but now PUSA will take over that as well.

Nintendo of America Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. Announce Change in Pokemon Trading Card Game Distribution

Nintendo of America Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. today announce that effective January 1, 2006, Pokemon USA, Inc. will assume the consumer marketing and distribution responsibilities for the Pokemon® Trading Card Game (TCG) currently handled by Nintendo of America Inc.

For the last three years, Nintendo of America Inc. has managed the distribution and consumer marketing efforts for the Pokemon TCG working in tandem with the creators and manufacturers of the game at Pokemon USA, Inc. and The Pokemon Company. During this period Pokemon USA, Inc. has focused on establishing the Pokemon Organized Play program and international distribution for the game.

"We are proud of the successes Nintendo of America Inc. and Pokemon USA, Inc. achieved working as close partners on the Pokemon TCG. As the brand enters into its tenth year Pokemon USA, Inc. is best-positioned to direct the marketing and distribution efforts of the Pokemon TCG as an integral part of managing the Pokemon brand," says Gail Tilden, Nintendo's Vice President, Brand Management.

Pokemon USA and Nintendo will continue to work closely to promote and create synergy between all Pokemon franchise elements. "We look forward to continuing our close relationship with Nintendo of America and working together to build the brand to new heights," said Mr. Akira Chiba, President of Pokemon USA, Inc.

New Mew / LUCARIO Music

Today we bring you yet another OST from Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero - Lucario. The one available for download today is absolutely my favorite out of the entire soundtrack. I believe it is when (SPOILER) Lucario dies, since it is titled "Farewell Lucario" and is kind of emotional. Thanks go to SD Pokemom for translating the title of the song for me from Japanese.

[Farewell Lucario]
(2:55) - (6.56 MBs)

Be sure to check back tomorrow!

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Thursday, December 8th, 2005 @ 4 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

The below is being typed on a laptop with a broken screen, so I am unable to see what I am typing. If it looks funny, bare with me, I will fix it later - I am putting this up as soon as possible because it is breaking news from Japan. Let's see if I can do everything right barely being able to see what I am typing.

The title of the ninth Pokemon movie will be "Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea." I have summed up all we know so far about the movie:

1. Kyogre will be in it, with a strong possibility of a fourth generation Pokemon.
2. A blond, male Pokemon Ranger will star in it.
3. Ash and Pikachu will be in it, as usual (have to say since some people believe that the next generation will not have Ash and crew in it).
4. It will be the fourth Advanced Generation movie, with the next movie being a full-blown Diamond and Pearl generation movie.
5. It will come out next July in Japan.
6. It will somehow involve a place in Rome (like with Lati@s)
7. Production has already begun on it, and actually begun pretty early for it.
8. It should be the best movie yet since it stars a water Pokemon. :p

Commentary: I was wondering for the LONGEST time why Kyogre had not been in any movie, but only in a few episodes. Kyogre has been out for like three to four years now, and yet it’s just getting a movie right when Ruby and Sapphire is about to be haxxed? Eye yi yi. Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, HOPEFULLY the movie will star a water-type legendary D/P Pokemon.

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005 @ 9 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Christmas (Winter if you want to be politically correct)... vacation... almost... here... must... hold... on...

So Pokemon is Dead, Huh?
Usually when people say Pokemon is dead, they refer to the Anime. Of course, we alllll know that is not true, because if it were, then we would not be here. Pokemon may be out of its "fad" stage, but the people who are leftover are the true fans, and there are a LOT of them, so how can something be dead when many, many people are still into it? Well, on December 5th, Kids' WB's ratings were released, and it showed that Pokemon is not only going strong, but that it is on the top of the top! I have summarized the ratings report below:

• Kids' WB is the #1 most watched programming on Saturday mornings in the categories of kids 6-11, boys 2-11, boys 6-11, tweens 9-14, and male tweens 9-14.
• Pokemon is the #1 most watched show on Kids' WB (and thus on Saturday mornings) in kids 6-11, boys 2-11, and boys 6-11.
• It comes in second place on Kids' WB in the categories of kids 2-11, tweens 9-14, and male tweens 9-14.

Now we can all (or maybe just me) shove this report into people's faces when they say Pokemon is dead. :p

Orudoran CastleThird Mew / LUCARIO OST
We continue our celebration of the Mew/LUCARIO movie today with another piece of BGM (background music)! Today's piece is titled "Orudoran Castle," and is the theme song to the castle in the movie, I would assume (haven't seen the movie yet, so I can only make predictions...). This isn't one of my favorites in the collection of songs, but it's still a good one!

[Orudoran Castle]
(2:32) - (5.68 MBs)

Also, are you guys even downloading these songs? I haven't heard any feedback on if you guys like that I am putting these up for download or if you don't care about them at all. A commenting system post would be appreciated so that I know if I should continue to put them up or just scrap doing it all together. :)

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Delta Scans FINALLY Up
Only took about two months. XD These scans are courtesy of Blizzard, who kindly scanned and sent them to me. He originally sent them to me a long, long time ago, but it was one of those periods in school where you barely could get any sleep because of all of the homework, so I kind of had no time to work on them. Then my laptop got wiped out when I spilled water on it, which made me lose all of the scans, and Blizzard had to move to a new house, so he could not send them to me while I was on my temporary computer. He sent them to me again yesterday, I edited them today, and [here you go]. Thanks again Blizzard!

AaronMew / Lucario OST #2
The piece of music today is titled "Aaron." Aaron is Lucario's master in the Mew movie, and can be seen to the right. There are two "Aaron" songs, each completely different, so I will post the one I like better for now. :) Like last time, right click the link, click "Save As," unzip the file, and you have your song!

(1:35) - (3.50 MBs)

Lucario's English Name - Confirmed AGAIN!
Gosh, people are still saying "Rukario." Remember how several months ago I had a Nintendo source confirm to me that it was "Lucario?" Well, recently, I had ANOTHER Nintendo source re-confirm it to me, IN PERSON, EYE TO EYE. The person verbally said to be "Loo-car-e-o," which I would think is spelled "Lucario," especially after our first source spelled it out for us as "Lucario." I obviously cannot reveal much on the person, or I will get them in trouble, so that's all I am going to say about the source. If you have any doubts, just think about our track record: We are a reliable source, aren't we? You can trust your friendly PokeBeach site, we've proven over and over again that we have valid information, wouldn't you agree? I think you can trust us with the name of a Pokemon. Also, I would like to say that just because a certain Pokemon website calls it "Rukario" without any sort of official word DOES NOT mean that is what its name is. Specifically, I am referring to SPP, who has caused the majority of Lucario's name confusion. LucarioI don't like to go around bashing people, but when we posted what Lucario's English name was, Serebii, the webmaster of SPP, deleted or locked every post and thread on his forum in which a person posted that Lucario's name was Lucario. When someone posted a thread asking him why he was doing this, he had some stupid excuse that I do not even remember for why he was deleting the threads. Then when people began to question his actions even more, he deleted the thread they were complaining in! That's always his tactic when it comes to another website having something before he does, or someone proving him wrong - he deletes any posts that brings up his wrongs and goes on his merry way, just because he can never debate about anything. Then when I talked to him on AIM after he attempted to hide Lucario's English name, what I basically got out of him was "You can't post the info, only I can, so any instance of someone mentioning the news on Lucario will be deleted." Of course he didn't directly say that, but that's basically what he meant. Sorry to go into bashing/rambling mode about this, but I just don't like how certain people try to hide genuine information from the public and go on to allude the public into believing other false information, especially when it is over jealousy, AND ON PURPOSE. It's not right, and it just confuses people even more than they need to be. So, I had to say that so that you guys would know that SPP is not right in this case. Further proof: Even if you spell the name backwards, it's Oiracul, which is like Oracle, which is what Lucario is sealed inside of in the movie. Several Pokemon items in Japan spell it as "LUCARIO." "Rukario" was never an official name for it, it was simply what people romanized it to in English. Although the movie's site did name one of it's files "Rukario.gif" once, it was the only instance in which an official site called it "Rukario." Every other time its name has been "LUCARIO." So, in short, I would like to ask you guys to spread the word that Lucario's name is Lucario, not Rukario, so that people are clear on the name and do not get confused by certain sites who purposely name it wrong because they did not have the information first. Better to learn its name now anyways, since we could be getting 100 new Pokemon soon in which you have to remember all of their names. :p

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Monday, December 5th, 2005 @ 7 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

REAL Holon Phantom News

Yesterday's info might not have been factual, but today's is! Thanks to Vincent for translating this exclusive info, we can now safely say that the Holon Phantom will have...

 • A Water/Metal type Rayquaza (Delta Species)
 • Several Deoxys (Delta Species) - Attack [Darkness], Defense [Metal], Speed [Lightning], and Normal [Colorless]
 • The Unown, all Form-Changeable, although we are not certain yet whether they will be [Delta Species] Pokemon
 • There will be some "popular trainer cards" reprinted in the set

All of the above information, plus older information, can be found on our [Holon Phantom] information page. Be sure to discuss this info in the commenting system and forums!

Ash in the Mew MovieMew and the Wave Guiding Hero - Lucario OST

In celebration of the upcoming release of the Mew movie on DVD in Japan, which will be on the 22nd, we will be offering a piece of background music, or OSTs, available for download every once in a while. Once a new piece of background music is put up, the old one will be deleted, so you will have to make sure you check back every once in a while to download some of the music! The one below is the opening theme to the movie, and you can save it by right clicking it and saving it by clicking "Save As" or "Save Target As" or whatever the heck your browser is calling it. I think we are all smart enough to know how to download links nowadays. :p All files are in ZIP format, and require either Windows XP to open, or the Winzip program.

[Opening Title Theme 2005]
(1:31) - (3.4 MBs)

Of course, don't download the music if you do not wanting it sticking out like a sore thumb when you see the actual movie. When I buy CDs of OSTs of movies before I go to see them, the music ALWAYS sticks out to me, and I know exactly how it will sound. So, yeah. The next piece of music will be put up at a secret time, so keep checking back or you might miss it!

Card Scans and Watermarks

I will be changing watermarks on our current scans soon, because I feel they are ruining the card art that people want to use for avatars and the such. I wish I could totally remove them, but I simply can't, since people would steal them left and right and would claim them to be their own (**coughpojocough**). I was thinking of moving the watermark to the bottom left corner of the scan, where it only covers up that weird ID number thingy. However, I want your opinions on it, so if you would like to post your opinion, feel free to do so in the commenting system, or your opinion will not be heard!

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Sunday, December 4th, 2005 @ 3 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Busy with school as usual. We had this hectic poetry packet on Robert Frost we had to do, and of course, everyone procrastinated with it because we already had a lot of assignments, and we were all up until like 3 in the morning on Friday finishing it. :p

Possible Holon Phantom News (unconfirmed)
The following information has not been confirmed and could be 100% false. It has little to back it up, so we can't exactly confirm its validity until the actual Holon Phantom set comes out. So, don't kill us if it turns out to be wrong. Apparently, the Holon Phantom will contain mainly old Pokemon, meaning Pokemon from the Red and Blue generation. This could mean the return of Alakazam (it BETTER mean the return of Alakazam). The days of EX sets are coming to a close, and this could be one of the last sets for it, so they will have to put the Alakazam line in at some point. If this information is true, what better place to put Alakazam in then a R/B set? Heh, we might even see a Water/Metal Blastoise soon, and other R/B Pokemon that have only been in EX sets once. When this information is confirmed or shot down, I'll post saying so.

Pikachu PromoNew Pikachu Promo
The next issue of Pokemon Wonderland will include a new Pikachu (Delta Species) promo. The magazine will be released on December 12th in Japan, so the only way to get the promo will be to import it, unless it is somehow released in an upcoming set or as a promo over here. The magazine and image of the card can be seen to the right.

The Polls in the Right Menu
From now on, anyone who posts what the answer is to a poll will be banned from submitting an answer, and if I am in a bad enough mood, banned from the site completely (as I have done with certain spammers). I shouldn't even have to be saying this. It's common sense that you should not be posting the answer to a question when people are still voting on it. If you miss this message and still post the answer, you will still be banned, no tolerance, period. I am tired of having to delete posts all the time with answers in them. To see a prime example of a person giving out the answer to the polls, just view last week's polls.

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 @ 1 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Recall! Recall!
Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue for the Nintendo DS, recently released in Japan, has been discovered to contain a huge glitch, and has been recalled. If a person is to insert a GBA cart into the DS while Dungeon Blue is running, such as Emerald, Sapphire, FR/LG, or any other GBA game other than the game's counterpart, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red, the cartridge's saved data is immediately erased! Kind of is a downer for some of the Japanese who have all of their rare and strong Pokemon on their cartridges - I know I would be mad if I ever lost my Blastoise or Ludicolo. The only way in which a person can avoid this is simple: don't put in ANY GBA game into your DS, other than Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red, while Mysterious Dungeon Blue is running. Nintendo of Japan will be issuing replacement cartridges for Mysterious Dungeon Blue starting December 8th, giving you a brand new cartridge that will not erase games. Luckily for us, the problem was discovered early, and will be fixed for when the game leaves Japan and comes to other countries.

Worlds 2005 Decks
I have added the four released Worlds 2005 deck lists and pictures to our [Theme Deck Lists] section. These are available in stores right now, and are a great tool for the beginning player to learn how to play the game. However, none of the cards in these decks can be played in an official tournament, as they have different colored borders and the backs have different art compared to a normal Pokemon card. Plus, it would be kind of cheap to go out and buy the decks and get all of those powerful cards just like that. To view the deck lists, you can [click here].

Diamond and Pearl are Coming
While no one knows the exact release date for the next generation of Pokemon games, what we do know is that they will be released some time next year in Japan. CoroCoro, an official Japanese magazine, is beginning to start a contest for Diamond and Pearl, which means the games will be coming out sometime soon. Incase you did not know, CoroCoro usually has silhouettes of new Pokemon before anyone else, and eventually the full-blown pictures, which also means that we will be getting an influx of new Pokemon soon because of this contest they are having (It's a sign! It's a sign!). I am already beginning to contact a few people I know in Japan who are heavily involved in Pokemon, and hopefully, they will be able to feed us any D/P information that comes out. So, this is just a warning to everyone. In the upcoming months (starting in a few months :p), everyone is going to be Diamond and Pearl happy, and there will be a lot of information coming in from everywhere. Hopefully everyone won't be lost in the craziness.

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Sunday, November 27th, 2005 @ 11 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Jesse: Snoooooow! Snoooooow! I love it so! (if you do not understand this, clear your cache and reload, or you will be missing out)

When I started this site back in... whenever it was... I wanted it to mainly focus on the TCG, but I also wanted to have news on ALL aspects of Pokemon, not just the TCG, and I did for a long time, but I haven't really done so for the past few months. In real life, I am a huge fan of the Anime, TCG, and Gameboy games, as much or even more than the TCG. So, for now on, I am going to post news on the other aspects of Pokemon, starting today. Also, thank you everyone for doing the survey. If you have not done it yet, please read the news story from yesterday. :)

First Significant Ninth Movie News
Yes, significant. A shadowy person at the end of Lucario/Mew throwing a PokeBall doesn't really tell us anything about the next movie. :p I think we are the first American website to post this info, so when you see this movie in about two years in America, remember where you saw the first significant info about it, and that it was snowing (No, I am not showing off, I am telling you that we have something first as proof that I keep up with Anime news and will be posting about it just as fast as I do with TCG news! XD). Just a few hours ago, Zhen Lin, a member from our affiliate [Bulbagarden], posted a translation of a report from the Japanese website [PokeAni], which gives us some clues on to what the NINTH Pokemon movie will be about, and what its current progress is as of now.

Work on the summer 2006 Pokémon movie has started in earnest.

According to the blog of screenplay writer Hideki Sonoda, the screenplay has already entered its final stage, having taken about 9 months to write.

And according to the homepage of the lead animation director, Mōri Kazuaki, the trailer for next year's Pokémon movie has been made for the end-of-year commercials for the movies of the Tōhō group, and it seems that work on the movie itself has begun earlier than normal.

In an interview with Yuyama Kunihiko on the November 27 Pokémon Sunday, he visited Italy in order to strengthen his vision of "drifting temple" - and visited the ruins of Rome, as well as the cobalt blue city of Naples. According to Mr. Yuyama, already a clear vision of the movie is ready.

The presently established situation of next year's movie:

* Screenplay, storyboard is almost complete
* A movie trailer will be broadcast with the other end-of-year Tōhō movie commercials.
* The stage this time has Rome as the motif, with a city like Naples?
* The vision of a "drifting temple". The ruins of Rome as the motif.
* A link with Pokémon Ranger?
* 2006 summer (July?)

Comments: Okay, now, you all have some grand illusion of what the next movie will be about in your mind. Now, what I want you to do is throw that illusion into the dirt, step on it, and spit on it. We all know that the more recent Pokemon movies didn't live up to their potential and could have done so much more, but they did not. In contrast to the above, you could also say that, well, since this could be a Diamond/Pearl movie, the writers will have a fresh perspective on what they want to do, since they have had Hoenn for like, three-four years now. Also, as the translation mentions, they are starting work on this movie earlier than usual, which could mean a better movie. So, who knows. We'll see a basic preview of this movie sometime in December, and when it comes out, I will post it immediantly, since usually the Japanese release it on their movie site around midnight my time and I am always up to see it, just like I was last year and the year before. :p

Ooops, was going to post the Worlds 2005 deck lists and pics, but my parents are telling me it's time to go to my grandma's house for leftovers, so I'll post it later and put an edit at the top of this story so you all know. Check back in about... 12 hours?

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