.::   Wednesday - August 23rd, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Sorry for not updating. I have been sick ever since Sunday when I got back from Worlds with reoccurring headaches, stomachaches, and a constant sore throat, even though I have not really been sick since the 6th grade, and have just not had the energy to update. I am pretty sure I got them from Worlds, too (stupid "must shake opponent hand" rule). :p Anyways, all I have left now is the soar throat, but I am sure it will go away eventually.

Jason Klaczynski's Worlds Report - Jason, winner of Worlds in the 15+ division, has kindly sent us his Worlds report article for everyone to read! You can check out his article by [clicking here]!

Diamond and Pearl TCG Set Dates - New dates have been released for the Diamond and Pearl TCG set in Japan! The entry packs, which help new players learn the game, will be released on October 27th, while the actual booster packs and theme decks featuring the new starters will be released on November 30th! Stay tuned for more news on the set as we approach the release dates!

Update on "Worlds Invite-Only" Story - Professor Dave, one of the head honchos of POP, has confirmed that Nationals will be an open event, not invite-only. However, he did not comment on anything else in our original news story, which means some of it may have a ring of truth to it. We'll see...

EX Crystal Guardians Apprentice Patch - Venusaur has completed the [EX Crystal Guardians patch] for [Apprentice]. He originally gave this to me before Worlds, but I forgot to put it in an update. Thanks Venusaur (aka 3rd place at Worlds this year)!

Layout Change Maybe? - Some people's computers are not display the drop-down menu correctly, if at all, so I am thinking I will change the layout again. All I will do is take out the drop-down menu and add a left menu, kind of like before. To see a preview of what it will sort of look like, and to post comments, please view this forum thread. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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.::   Sunday - August 20th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

My punctuality is failing this weekend. I am sooo tired, so I am going to have to put off the photos for just one more day (there's a lot of them and I don't have the energy to download, edit, and upload them all). Check back tomorrow, as I will have some more info too!

Jason KlaczynskiWorlds 15+ Winner: Jason Klaczynski, and General Report - Beating his final opponent twice in a row, Jason Klaczynski took Worlds and the title of World Champion earlier today. He was playing a MewTric deck, and seemed to have an easy time playing it in his last match. In his top 16 match, he went all the way to the clock against his opponent, but was still able to pull through and move on to the top 8, where he faced an American player and defeated him. His friend, Matt Moss, could be heard from far distances cheering for Jason both before and after his final match, as did many other people (although not as loud :p - shows how energetic some people are when supporting their friends). As for new decks in the top 16 today, there did not seem to be any, except maybe a Banette ex deck that a couple of players were using. Jeremy Maron, who won Worlds last year, came in third place overall with a Nidoqueen / Houndoom deck (an update to his Worlds-winning deck last year, Nidoqueen / Pidgeot / Milotic). Pretty awesome to get into the top 4 twice in a row! His opponent in the top 8 was a Japanese player, and although I did not watch the match the entire time, I believe his opponent misplayed towards the end, which cost him the match and allowed Jeremy to win and move on. I felt sorry for the guy - he seemed to be in shock when he lost because of his misplay and was extremely sad. And of course, in the end, Jason Klaczynski was able to defeat Jimmy Ballard, with an 11-2 record, allowing him to claim the title of World Champion. Great job everyone, and congratulations Mr. Klaczynski!

Worlds 2007 LogoWorlds 2007 - Invitation Only? - The following has not been confirmed and could be completely wrong, although I am positive that at least the first two points are correct. :p I have heard many rumors floating around among professors, players, and judges for the past few months regarding next year's Worlds, and today it was confirmed to me again by even more people. What has been said almost by everyone I have ever talked to is that (a) there will be no open Grinders for entering Worlds next year, and (b) Worlds will be invite-only. I have also heard, though not as frequently, that (a) only sixteen 15+ players from America will go to Worlds next year, and that (b) the "Grinders" to get into Worlds will be Nationals, which will also be an invitation-only event (which you get invited to from winning a lower, premiere event, and accumulating points from winning premier events - I think, basically, that the higher you place at premiere events, the more points you receive, and then you get invited to Nationals to compete for entrance into Worlds if you meet the requirement - not too sure on this part). If any of this is true, it looks as if POP is trying to make Worlds harder to get into so that it has tougher competition and so that it is more exclusive to the best-of-the-best. I am sure we will hear something soon regarding the above if it is indeed true, so stay tuned and try to win everything you can (although there isn't too much going on between now and November, is there?).

POP 4 So Far - Today more POP 4 cards were revealed. Click the links below to see what was seen from both today and yesterday. I'll post the booster pack image tomorrow. The images are sort of blurry because of my camera not knowing how to focus correctly, but you can read the card text at least.

Kanto Hidden Legend
Pokemon Mascot and "You are Losing" Energy
Johto Punching Bag, Kanto's Chicken Source
Deoxyribonucleic Acid, "Take Off Damage and Fix" Energy
Geico Commercial Mascot

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.::   Saturday - August 19th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Pokemon TCG Worlds 2006I left my camera in Porygon's car, so I don't have my pictures of POP 4 cards and other stuff. I'll post them tomorrow - again x 2. Worlds had so many people today it wasn't even funny (I put several new scratches on my laptop from bumping into people - but I guess I should had brought it's case). The cheese for cheeseburgers at the restaurant there was also very expensive - 2 whole bucks! :p

POP 4 - In order to obtain a POP 4 booster currently, you must defeat Tsug. Yamato at Worlds (he has his own table set up by POP where people can line up to play him, and it they win, they receive a POP 4 pack :p). So far, I believe only three to four people have beaten him, two being kids. But anyways, the POP 4 packs have Deoxys on the cover, and so far, from what I saw, there will be Pidgey, Squirtle, Treecko, and Pikachu in the boosters (apparently Deoxys too). Tomorrow, I am going to hover around the table where people are playing him, and if someone beats him, I'll ask them if I can take a picture of their cards and post them here (I already got the pictures of the four cards mentioned above). Thanks goes to BenLugia for running up to me with a POP 4 booster pack wrapper from the trash, telling me of where I could find them. :p

MewMew to be Given Away at Toys R Us - Mew will be given to Pokemon fans all across the United States on September 30th to celebrate the release of the Lucario movie and Mystery Dungeon games. All you have to do is go to a Toys R Us (locations to be announced later) on September 30th with your Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen game cartridge and a Game Boy Advance. Apparently, there will be two varieties of Mew - either a Mew with Special Attack moves (with Ice Beam and Thunderbolt), or one who specializes in regular Attack moves (Earthquake, Explosion, Shadow Ball). More info later as we approach this date. Now if they would only give Deoxys to us outside of Texas...

Diamond and Pearl Set - I was talking to PCL (Pokemon Card Laboratory - the creators of cards) for so long at Worlds that I eventually ended up running out of Pokemon things to talk about and had to pull out some Miyazaki movies (the Japanese Disney - famous for Totoro, Laputa, Nausicaa, etc.). *ANIME SPOILER* We were even arguing about whether or not Latios and Lucario really died, with them shouting and laughing "Pokemon do not die (even though the games acknowledge that Pokemon die in Lavender Town)!" *END SPOILER* They were cool. Anyways, from what I was able to learn from them, the Diamond and Pearl set is supposed to come out around October, although they said it's not final yet. They also said that they were not yet finished with the set (whether they meant printing the set or working on the actual set, I do not know), although they were coming close. I tried to ask them some stuff about new Pokemon, but they wouldn't tell me anything. :( Oh well.

Aobasu - PCL Thinks it is Fake - This is not fact, just a second opinion. I showed PCL all of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon we know thus far, and then I showed them Aobasu (the supposed grass starter's evolution). They were naming all of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon off the top of their head (and correcting me as I mispronounced them), but when they got to Aobasu, they stopped and started talking to each other. I thought to myself "Oh boy, it's fake, isn't it?" I then proceeded to ask one of them if it was fake, and they basically said "I don't know for sure, but I have never seen it before." I asked another and he said "I don't know." Then the third guy told me "It looks fake to me." That could just mean that they have not yet been shown the Pokemon, or they do not want me to know it is real, but it's pretty interesting on how they knew all of the others and were naming them, even when some of them had been released very recently. Remember, their opinion is not official at this point, and do not take it as fact yet - it's just an interesting point to mention.

KadabraAbra and Kadabra - Not on Cards for an Unknown, Real Reason - I must have walked all over the entire room asking PCL members about why Abra and Kadabra do not have cards yet (in the EX blocks), showing them the Japanese text for their names so they knew who I was talking about. None of them really knew until I talked to the last girl. When I asked her, she said she knew what I was talking about, and that they knew they had not made them into cards yet. When I asked her WHY they were not made into cards, she laughed and said she could not tell. I asked if it was because of a magician (the Yuri Gueller guy or whatever his name was who got mad over Kadabra), but she did not know what I was talking about (probably because I messed up the guy's name), so I asked again, and she made a "my lips are zipped motion" and laughed (so giggly these Japanese fellows are). I had talked to her before about different Pokemon-related topics, and she had never tried to hide anything from me, but when it came to this particular topic, she zipped her mouth (literally). So, I suppose there is a reason why they never made them into cards, since she did acknowledge that they knew they had not made them (which means they did not just forget about them), but that reason is still unclear, and most likely will never be revealed to us - unless I get it out of one of them tomorrow. :p

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.::   Saturday - August 19th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1: We now have the top 32 results! Click here for the final standings! When I get home tonight, I will also have some POP 4 news and images, Abra and Kadabra card news, Diamond and Pearl news confirmed Fakemon news, and much more, so be sure to check back!

Worlds is underway, and thanks to Sarah S., I have some internet for now to update the site with. :p This may be my last time on the net while at Worlds, and if it is, I will update when I get home.

Pokemon TCG Worlds 2006Current Worlds Rankings - I have taken pictures of the round 2 postings, which shows the current players' records and who they are now playing. You can view the pages below. Note that the names are in order of first name.

EDIT: Whoops, didn't see this before. You can find the most current results on the Worlds Mini-Site if you want to check how people are doing or what their standings are.

Here is a list of some of the better known players' decks, which was compiled by both myself and Matt Dunford.

  • Martin Moreno - Raichu / Exeggutor
  • Chuck Brosseau - Dragtrode
  • Ross Cawthon - Lunatone / Dark Electrode (?)
  • John Kettler - Ludicargo
  • Sebastian Crema - Electrode ex / Dark TTar (BombTrode)
  • Tom Dolezal - Ludicargo
  • Jason Klaczynski - Mewtric
  • Matt Moss - Banette ex / Medicham ex
  • Mike Pramawat - Banette ex / Medicham ex
  • Chris Fulop - LBS
  • Japanese players - mostly LBS

The Grinders, which ended around 3:00 AM last night (o_O), saw six of the Japanese make it through, with two Americans going to Worlds with them. Tsug. Yamato, one of the better known Japanese players, came in 12th place, missing out on Worlds, while Bangiras (who helps us with translations), justtt missed it by 9th place. :( Right now, there are so many players at Worlds that I would not be surprised if someone found their long lost twin, and I will be sure to update with more news, pictures, and info later on tonight when I get home!

Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red and BluePokemon Mystery Dungeon Pre-Sale Bundles - PokemonCenter.com is offering several different bundles of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon for people to pre-order, each coming with a 10 inch plushie of Mystery Dungeon Squirtle or Mystery Dungeon Charmander (with their own bandanas). The plushies are exclusively available with a pre-order on this site, and there is an extremely limited quantity of each (about a 1000 or so). If you want to get those plushies and have the game before anyone else, you better check out the different deals!

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.::   Friday - August 18th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1: Just got back from Worlds and it's 1 in the morning. I am so tired, so I'll post the pictures and other stuff tomorrow.

Hi everyone, I am updating from Worlds thanks to Mark D. Tomorrow I will also be able to update at Worlds thanks to a nice PUSA lady, Sarah. Forgive me if some of this news is already known - I haven't had time to go through other websites.

Worlds 2007 Location - Worlds 2007 will be taking place at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Kona, Hawaii next August.

New Pokemon Card Images - At the artist panel, there were three new Pokemon images from a future set. They were Smeargle, Ho-oh, and Lugia. I will post the images when I get home tonight.

Diamond and Pearl Marketing Begins in Two Weeks - Diamond and Pearl are being translated as we speak, and the time to translate the games is taking long, as with any Japanese game. The marketing for the games apparently begins in two weeks, although I am not positive if I heard correctly. Also, PUSA knows about the same Diamond and Pearl Pokemon as us, all the way up to the new starters.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew was Delayed - The movie was originally supposed to come out last spring, but several factors causes the DVD release to be delayed. As we all know, it will be coming out in September. The Manaphy movie is going to be coming out in February.

Grinders Taking FOREVER - Because of two Shedinja vs. Shedinja matches (*coughthankswillhungcough:p*) at the end of the first two rounds extending way over time, the Grinders for 15+ has pushed the whole tournament behind schedule. Round 3 starts at 8:00 PM, which means we are going to be here for a whileeee.

Tropical Tidal Wave Promo - The people invited to Worlds each received a Mewtwo binder with different Tropical Tidal Wave cards. The text on the cards are exactly the same, but the picture is different and includes Munchlax now (off of my memory).

I have to go now, but I will update with more info and a ton of pictures later on tonight! Be sure to check back!

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.::   Thursday - August 17th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Still trying to finish this book, but nooo, just have to keep posting news daily. :p Remember, we will be covering Worlds tomorrow through Sunday, and your suggestions on how we should do it would be helpful.

New Diamond and Pearl Cards - Fakes - I saw these cards several days ago and have been checking with people and sources to determine if they are real. Some of you have probably seen them on several forums and websites as well. I have discovered that they were created by a very talented card artist, Cascade Gon Pory. The fakes were so convincing that many websites posted them up as real, and even now, some people still deny that they are fake. Pretty good fakes, Cascade! I pretty much thought they were real too, until I did a little digging and found out they were done by such an amazing artist. Another Fakemon! Click the links below for the pictures.

Second Set of Images
First Set of Images
Original Fake Card Poster Picture
Different Arrangement of Cards
Kittunder's Fake Card

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.::   Wednesday - August 16th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Unless there is some major news tomorrow, I don't think I will be updating the site. I have to get through three summer books (Wuthering Heights, The Awakening, Catch-22) by August 31st, and I need to finish my first one tomorrow (don't ever procrastinate... especially before the year even starts). So, yeah.

Pokemon TCG Worlds 2006Coverage of Worlds - Alright, so, we have this big tournament coming up called "Worlds," and some people want me to cover it. How I will plan to cover the event I do not know yet. By default, I will be taking tons and tons of pictures (more than 2000 pounds), and I will be taking some video, but other than that, what else is there to cover? If there is internet at the hotel, which apparently there is, should I do live updates? I know that when most people do not go to an event, they post in forum threads asking "How is so-and-so doing?" so maybe I will try to take pictures of the match slips that are posted, and then upload them here immediately so that people can see a person's record and how well they are currently doing. Other than the above, should I try to obtain an invisibility cloak, walk past the PUSA people guarding the Worlds tournament area, and write down what people are playing? Should I update people via our chat room, the forums, or telepathy? Should I try to unleash some psychic beast and control the entire event so that I can write about the entire thing before it happens? What else is there to do? If you want to make any suggestions, feel free to post in this forum thread.

New Card Review - Today's [card review] features a Pokemon that steals the lives of people lost in mountains (how evil...). What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Gengar from EX Legend Maker]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

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.::   Tuesday - August 15th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Not much news right now. Hopefully there will be some by Worlds or at Worlds.

Worlds Mini Site - A new Worlds-dedicated website has just opened, containing information about the event (although nothing we don't already know). Apparently, during the Worlds tournament, the website will be updated with "blog entries, photo galleries, video, and even more information that's sure to knock you out!" So, if you want updates from Worlds, you will probably be able to receive them from this new website (although on Saturday and Sunday, since I most likely will not get into the tournament, I will probably do live updates on this site myself since there will be internet there). Stay tuned!

EDIT: New(?) Lugia Deck Box - I just noticed this new Lugia deck box after clicking the link to PokemonCenter.com in the website above. I have never seen it before, so I am assuming it's new. It looks pretty cool, and it's done by everyone's favorite card artist, Mitsuhiro Arita, at a cheap price of only $4.95! Click the thumbnail below for a larger image, or just check it out by clicking here.

Lugia TCG Deck Box

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.::   Monday - August 14th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1: The Stage 2 form of Naetle has been floating around the net now. However, it is quite obvious that it is fake. This makes us doubt the authenticity of Aobasu now, since the Stage 2 form has been created in the same way as the Stage 1 Pokemon, meaning someone could have created both of these. However, someone could had just edited the Aobasu picture to create this second picture, as evident by the blurry "7" in the new Pokemon's level, and the second "3" in Bouysel's level (which could had been copied and pasted from the first three in its level in the original image). The new Pokemon also is much sharper than the rest of the picture, and has some blurry areas around where its sprite is, suggesting that someone could had copied and pasted it over the old Aobasu. Nothing is for sure now, but we will keep you updated on any new news on these two Pokemon (Fakemon?).

Please read the previous update if you have not been here recently.

New Pokemon: Aobasu - Yet another new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon has apparently been revealed, the 22nd to be precise! It appears to be the evolved form of Naetle, the Diamond and Pearl Grass starter. Both Bangiras and Vincent have translated its name as to being either "Green Lotus" or "Foliage Tortoise." The image looks pretty legitimate, but we can't know for sure if it is real. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

Diamond and Pearl Starter, Aobasu

New Card Review - I was supposed to post this on Saturday, but I did not get the chance to. Today's [card review] features a Pokemon that foreshadows disaster when it appears. What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Absol from EX Legend Maker]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

Site Stuff - I have added the link to the EX Crystal Guardians scans and set list to the drop-down menu, so you can now access the cards from there. Also, I want to point out to everyone the right menu's "Upcoming Dates and Events" section. A lot of people seem to miss that section when they come here - it contains many release dates for items and many dates for events. I see so many questions on our own forums and other forums regarding the dates of items and events, when the dates are right there in the right menu. It's a valuable tool, so use it! :p

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.::   Sunday - August 13th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

I am now back from vacation, which means I have DSL again and can do stuff like before. :p

ALL EX Crystal Guardians Scans - We now have [all of the EX Crystal Guardians scans], with DragonairMaster8, GL Mo, and Metal Master filling in the final blanks. If you do not see the links to all of the scans, clear your cache. The energy types have now also been fixed. Enjoy!

Diamond and Pearl Video - Yet another one! Hard to keep track of them all. This one is over three minutes long and shows many battles, scenery, and other features in the two games. The attack animations are AMAZING.

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