.::  Friday - October 29th, 2004
We have a second update today since this is breaking and exclusive news to our site. If this is your first time visiting PokeBeach today, be sure to read the previous news story. You will not see the info or the scan we have today anywhere else. (read the first paragraph from the previous news story so that you understand the risks of reading and distributing this info) We will still have an update tomorrow for the EX Team Rocket Returns scans and set list, so be sure to drop by PokeBeach!

We have now confirmed that the pre-release promo is Dark Houndoom. As usual, the prerelease promo will have a golden stamp in it that states that it is a pre-release promo (click the thumbnail on the right for a larger scan). With this card scan also reveals how many cards will be in the English set, which will be 109. This does not include secret cards such as Shining Mudkip, Shining Treeko, Shining Torchic, and the Charmeleon box topper, so the set will probably have about 113 cards if those are the only secret cards.

Ok, that’s it for now! This is only the second time I have done two updates in one day since I opened my site. Be sure to come back tomorrow night or Sunday morning since we will most likely be the only site with any scans, as well as them being high-quality and a lot of them. PokeBeach has, is, and will be your #1 source for EX Team Rocket Returns, so keep checking back!
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Friday - October 29th, 2004
Today we have some very exclusive information regarding the EX Team Rocket Returns set and pre-releases, which you will only see here first! Before you read on with the news, read the following warning. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled on info from the set before the pre-releases happen, DO NOT read on. Also, if you choose to post this info on a forum where others may read the info, you are responsible for what happens to you and with who gets mad at you. To be cautious, it would be best not to post this info on a forum since there are many people out there that may accidentally read the info and who would become angry with having this info spoiled to them.

Anyways, on with the info! The info in this paragraph has been confirmed by our sources, and should be 100% true. First of all, the box topper for EX Team Rocket Returns will be a Charmeleon with an attack of Smokescreen (who wants to bet the boxtopper for the next set will be Charizard?). Secondly, the holo style for reverse holofoils has changed. Reverse holos will now have the name of the card in golden letters, along with a golden imprint of the set name on the card. According to our sources, the reverse holos in this set are the best yet and are totally cool then any previous set! As with the last set, the holofoil style on the cards will still be the same. With all the improvements that are being made to reverse holofoil cards, they will probably be more sought out then regular holos!

The info in this paragraph is unconfirmed and may not be true. We know that there will be a pre-release promo as there always has been for the set, but are unclear on to whether they will be different in anyway. Our sources hinted at that the promos would be different in some way, but we are unclear to what they meant. The card may not be from the actual set this time, but this info was not confirmed and may be wrong.

Now for the tournaments themselves. This info is 100% confirmed and is factual. Winners in each age category will receive a large pin for winning their age category, which did not happen before. It seems like Nintendo and POP are working really hard to please everyone who attends pre-releases, and we should be thanking them for everything they are doing compared to Wizards of the Coast!

Anyways, that’s all the info we bring to you today, one day before the pre-releases start. Remember, we will have card scans of the set up on Saturday night or Sunday morning as we have in the past, so be sure to keep checking here since we will probably be the first website to have them up!
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Monday - October 25th, 2004
Sorry that I have not updated in over a week. This week I had the most homework, tests, reports, readings, and essays I have ever had in my life, so I did not have any time to even attempt to do an update. This is kind of an “I am still alive” update, and I will hopefully be able to do a real update tomorrow or some time soon.

Hopefully this weekend, we will have up most of the English EX Team Rocket Returns scans as we have done with most of the past EX sets, so you can look forward to that.
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Saturday - October 16th, 2004
Today we have some exclusive images that you will not be able to see on any other website.

World Championship Decks - Soon Available
Thanks to monkeycat who sent us these images, we now have your first look at some very special Worlds theme decks. The winners of the Pokemon TCG World Championships each had their theme decks made into real theme decks, and you will soon be able to buy them in stores. The theme decks contain most of the cards from the players’ decks, such as Gardevoir, Blaziken, and Swampert (except they are non-holo versions), and all the cards in the decks have the players’ signatures in the bottom right corners of the cards. Expect these decks to hit stores in a while, and when they do, we will be sure to tell you! To see an exclusive image that you cannot see anywhere else of the decks, you can click the thumbnail below.

EX Team Rocket Returns Booster Box and Theme Deck Box
Also today, we have exclusive images of the booster box and theme deck designs of the English EX Team Rocket Returns set. To see larger images of them, click the thumbnails below.

New Speed Deoxys and Rayquaza Card
In Japan, you will be able to get a Pokemon TCG tin which features Rayquaza and Deoxys’ newest form, Speed! In the image below, you can clearly see a Speed Deoxys card as well as another Rayquaza card! To see a larger version of the image, click the thumbnail.

Alright, that’s it for today. Tomorrow I have another debate tournament, and I haven’t written my speeches yet, so I really need to get to work. On Sunday or Monday, we will have A TON of Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns scans, new American tins info and pictures, as well as EX Battle Stadium images, so be sure to check back! I would put these up tonight, but I am extremely tired and need to write my speeches. :)
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Wednesday - October 13th, 2004
More Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
Today we have even more Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns scans! Some scans include Dark Sandslash, Dark Octillery, Dark Electrode, Dark Slowking, Azumarril, and Darkness Metal Energy (a combined energy card of both Darkness and Metal) To see them, click the links below. We are the #1 site for EX Team Rocket Returns on the web, and have the most scans out of any other website, so be sure to keep checking back here all the time for the latest news! We will most likely be the first site to have complete high-quality English scans of the set, and are planning on having those scans up on October 30th, so you definitely want to check back then!

[Set 1]
[Set 2]
[Set 3]
[Set 4]
[Set 5]

EX Team Rocket Returns Pre-Release Locator Up!
The EX Team Rocket Returns pre-release locator is now up! To find a pre-release near you, you can [click here]. Pre-releases will be taking place during the weekend of Halloween and the first weekend of November.
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Monday - October 11th, 2004
Sorry for not updating yesterday. My parents got tickets to go to Knott’s Berry (Scary) Farm at the last minute, so I decided to go and left to go to the theme park at 6, and got home at about 2 in the morning. I had a blast, except for the dead bride that was following me for two hours trying to scare me. She finally gave up when I turned around and yelled at her to leave me alone since she was scaring my youngest brother, and her act was getting old to me (all she did was scream in my face and run in front of me and stare at me). You can imagine how boring that gets after two hours. And no, Knott’s is not actually a berry farm (although it used to be), it is an amusement park that is two times better than Disneyland and Six Flags, and is a theme park that California is known for, especially at Halloween when they turn the whole park into a haunted place with monsters running around. :) Anyways, enough about me, on with the news!

Dozens of Japanese EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
Thanks to the Japanese E-bay website, we now have a couple dozen pics of EX Team Rocket Returns cards. Some cards include Rocket’s Hitmonchan ex, a different kind of Dark Houndoom, Rocket’s Snorlax ex, Togetic, Kingdra, Shining Treeko (look at the previous news story for the two other shinings) and various other cards. Click the links below to see the sets of images.

[Set 1]
[Set 2]
[Set 3]
[Set 4]
[Set 5]
[Set 6]
[Set 7]
[Set 8]
[Set 9]
[Set 10]

Kids' WB Create-a-Card Contest Promos
Thanks to Team Nature Trainer, we have scans of the Kids’ WB Create-a-Card Contest promos. The cards have not been released yet to the general public, and it is not known when they will be, but when they are, we will be sure to tell you! All five scans of all five promos are below, as well as the booster pack they come in. (click the pic for a larger image)

POP Professor Test
The Pokemon Organized Play (POP) website has put up the professor test at last! If you are 15 or older and have a My Pokemon account, you can take the test. Apparently, if you fail the test, you will have two weeks to re-take the test, but if you fail that one, you have to wait another whole year! So, before you take the test, be sure to read up on the rules of the Pokemon TCG! For more information on the test and the benefits of being a professor, as well as where you can take the test, you can [click here].

At Pokemon Rocks America, it was revealed to people the English name of the Pokemon, Gonbe. Incase you do not know who Gonbe is, it is the pre-evolution of Snorlax, is not one of the 386 Pokemon, and is a 4th generation Pokemon that will most likely be in Pearl and Diamond. Anyways, people were told that English name of it was Munchlax. “Munch” meaning it likes to, well, munch on food (or trash in its case), and the lax coming from its Red and Blue evolution, Snorlax. We will keep you updated on any new Pokemon that are released in the upcoming months.

7th Pokemon Movie - Deoxys
Also at Pokemon Rocks America, there was a poster floating around with the name of the 7th Pokemon movie and its released date. The name of the 7th movie is “Destiny Deoxys,” and it will be released on DVD/VHS on February 11th, 2005. Incase you did not know, the Deoxys movie features both the DNA Pokemon, as well as Rayquaza and the pre-evolution of Snorlax, Munchlax. I know I will be the first one in line to get this movie, because it is so good that it even rivals Pokemon 2000! The movie is also the first one since Pokemon 3 that is nearly an hour and a half, meaning it is not as short as Pokemon 4Ever, Pokemon Heroes, and Jirachi Wishmaker, and is long as Pokemon the First Movie, Pokemon 2000, and Pokemon 3 (and is even better or as good as the latter three). We will keep you updated on any more goodies that are released between now and February on the movie!
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Saturday - October 9th, 2004
Today we have more EX Team Rocket Japanese and English treats and goodies.

First of all, we have learned that the set will have three Shining Pokemon in it, which will be Mudkip, Torchic, and Treeko. Shining Pokemon cannot evolve into regular Pokemon, and have a star after their names. The art of the cards also comes right out of the border, as if they are going to pop right out of the card. You also can only have one version of each of them in your deck, so you cannot use 4 Shining Mudkip. Thanks to Marcello-Milord from the PokeGym, we have two scans of Shining Mudkip and Torchic that will be in the English version of the set, which you can see below (click for larger images).

Secondly, we have some more Japanese scans, which came from the official Japanese website. You can see those right below this paragraph.

Thirdly, we have added 8 new translations to our EX Team Rocket Returns spoiler page. To view the page, as well as translations from the other day, [click here]. Thanks to Trekiev and vincent0906 for translating them!

Fourthly (I need to stop numbering my paragraphs like this…), the Japanese E-Bay website has three auctions up on it for Rocket’s Sneasal ex, Rocket’s Zapdos ex, and Rocket’s Scyther ex. Too see images of them, click the links below.

[Rocket's Sneasal ex]
[Rocket's Zapdos ex]
[Rocket's Scyther ex]

Tomorrow we will have a complete English version set list of EX Team Rocket Returns, so be sure to check back! We are and will continue to be your #1 source for EX Team Rocket Returns, so keep checking back!
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Friday - October 8th, 2004
The Next Generation of Pokemon Games
The next generation of Pokemon games has been announced! Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl will be released towards the end of next year, and will be featured on the next Nintendo system, the Nintendo DS, which will be released on November 21st this year for $149.99. No further information has been released on these two games, but when new information breaks, you can be sure we will have it! Looks like Pokemon will live on for at least another three years with this fourth generation of games and new Pokemon.

Pokemon Dash for the Nintendo DS
Another game that is being released for the Nintendo DS is Pokemon Dash, which is a racing game (box art and game card are on the right, click for larger image). The release date for this game is December 2nd of this year, but only for Japan. It is unknown to whether this game will be released in America, but if it is, it will most likely be the first Pokemon game for the Nintendo DS to be released. To see images from the game, you can visit a page on the website, The Magic Box, by [clicking here].

If you did not visit yesterday to see the update, be sure to scroll down to the previous news story. We had English EX Team Rocket Returns scans and text spoilers. Something you definately do not want to miss out on!
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Thursday - October 7th, 2004
The First English EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
Today we bring you your first look at English scans of EX Team Rocket Returns, which includes Rocket’s Mewtwo ex, Rocket’s Meowth, and Rocket’s Mission. We are the first website to feature these scans, so enjoy! To see them, just look below this paragraph. (to see a much larger version of them, simply click the thumbnail below). Thanks to Pokeblob from the PokeGym for providing us with these scans!

Complete Spoilers of All Released EX Team Rocket Returns Cards
Also today, thanks to the combined efforts of Roarkiller, TheSuperLapras, and vincent0906, we also have every single translation of every single EX Team Rocket Returns card that has been released to the public (except for Rocket’s Raikou ex and that weird ring trainer card since they are too small to read). All of the translations are totally accurate, and have all been confirmed by several people, so you can bet that these are how the English cards will look (except attack names since they will most likely be renamed). To read all of the translations, you can [click here]. To view scans of all of the cards, simply scroll down this page and look at previous news stories.

Your Complete Guide to Not Being Considered a Thief!
I have been getting more people stealing from this site lately with all of our EX Team Rocket Returns news, and I just want to make a few things clear. First of all, if you want to show someone translations from our site and you paste them on a message board or website, post a link to this site and do not just post the spoilers without giving any credit, or saying a Japanese exchange student who lives with you just happened to have the exact translations on the same day as I posted them on this site. :/ In my eyes, I believe it is okay to use text spoilers from this site as long as you give the proper credit (proper credit is posting a link, with which some people have not been doing). People who do not give credit to this site and take info from it are considered thieves. With scans or images, I absolutely do not want anyone to imbed an image in a web page or a forum using our images. That is a total no-no, because it sucks up our bandwidth quicker than an Oreck vacuum cleaner. Direct linking to an image is also a no-no, because it does the same thing as imbedding an image. If you would like to show someone a scan or an image from this site, such as the English scans we have today, direct them to this site. Do not save it and upload it on your own server, direct link to it, or do anything of the sort. People who do steal from this site after this message is posted will be permanently banned from viewing it, and there will be a zero tolerance policy. (7 people have been banned already, and that is because they have been repeat offenders)

The bottom line is “Do not take or post images, refer people to this site. When using text spoilers, post a link to this site.” It’s as simple as that. :)
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

     .::  Saturday - October 2nd, 2004
Very quick update tonight. I have my first Speech and Debate tournament of the year today (it's 1 in the morning and I need to wake up at 6), so I need to get some sleep.

More EX Team Rocket Returns Scans
The official Japanese Pokemon TCG website has put up new scans from EX Team Rocket Returns. You can see all of them below. I would had put them up yesterday, but I had an evil English project I had to work on all night, so I did not have the time. Also, I totally forgot about this, but I have had a few complete translations of some of the cards for over a week now and totally forgot to post them (even though I posted them on several forums). Since I am in a rush today, I will try to post them either tomorrow or the next time I can update. (Rocket’s Mewtwo ex is awesome) Remember, PokeBeach is and will be your #1 source for everything EX Team Rocket Returns!

The New Modified Starts Today!
Don’t forget, today Expedition, Aquapolis, and Skyridge get rotated out of the Modified format! From now on, Modified will consist of all sets released after EX Ruby and Sapphire. Start updating those decks if you already haven’t!

[I seriously hope you have figured out by now that I was joking in that update a few weeks ago about Ruby/Sapphire and Sandstorm being rotated out. I have been getting some panicked people emailing me.] :)
       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]

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