.::   Friday - August 11th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1: People are scanning cards for me right now (as of 11:00 PM PST), so I will be updating the site with them in a few hours. Be sure to check back! In the meantime, if you want to know when the scans will come in, anything about the set, or want to chat about it, feel free to visit thechat room!

.worromot snacs snaidrauG latsyrC XE evah lliw eW

EX Crystal Guardians Set List and Info - Thanks to BenLugia and TheDarkTwins, we now have the complete EX Crystal Guardians set list. Many more rarities than usual were changed in this set from that of the Japanese cards, with some cards changing from uncommon to rare, and some going from rare to uncommon. There is also no boxtopper in the set, and no secret cards, but the pre-release promo is Ivysaur (#35). The deck box given out at the pre-releases are blue and feature Blastoise, and are slightly larger than the previous deck boxes, being able to fit sleeved cards better. You can view the set list by [clicking here]. Note that some of the energy types are incorrect, as I have not had time to go through the Japanese spoilers due to my limited internet connection. I will fix the energy types as I receive scans. If you can scan cards from the pre-releases, please scan them at 200 DPI (or about twice the size of the current scans), and send them in an attachment to [email protected] Thank you!

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.::   Thursday - August 10th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #2: Name, information, and pictures of the bird-like Pokemon shadow added below the bullet points.

EDIT #1: Bullet points of info added below the new shadows.

Two New Pokemon Shadows - The official Diamond and Pearl website has released two new shadows of Pokemon! One appears to be a bird, and the other looks like some sort of lion. We will have much more images and information later, so be sure to check back!

Two New Diamond and Pearl Pokemon

The following translations were done by me and may not be totally accurate. Bangiras is not online right now, so I can't check them with her. I will have this corrected soon, and hopefully all of it is correct.

  • The lady in the Gamefreak room who said the starters would be of the Fighting / Darkness / Psychic types mentions that she would like to see a pre-evolution of Lucario. A lot of people have been suggesting Lucario is not a legendary, so it might just be Gamefreak hearing this fan speculation and adding to it with their jabs. Who knows.
  • Ken Sugimori mentions a pre-evolved form of Roselia.
  • Elekible's (Electabuzz evo) Giga Impact is an electric version of Hyper Beam, just like Hydro Cannon is the water-version. It does the same damage and you must recharge the next turn.
  • Elekible's Electric Engine ability increases Elekible's speed and prevents it from taking any damage when hit by an electric attack.
  • You can trade Pokemon worldwide via WiFi, and you can put up your own Pokemon for trade so that others can trade you. You will NOT need a friend code to trade through this way. You can also specify what Pokemon you are looking for, including gender and level. Each time you trade someone, their location will be added to a worldwide map in your game.
  • Trainers will now receive rankings for battling others. More on this later.
  • This bread-box-type-thingie-ma-bob may be the replacement for PokeBlocks.
  • You can hear Naetoru, Hikozaru, and Pocchama's cries on this video from YouTube. Hikozaru's cry is awesome.
  • More info later.

Mukkuru - Two screenshots of a new Pokemon, Mukkuru, have been floating around the internet for a few hours now. The screenshots appear to be legitimate, so we will take them for real now. It is the same Pokemon as the second shadow above, as shown by its shape. Click the thumbnails below for larger images.


  • Mukkuru
  • 0.3m, 2.0kg
  • Normal / Flying
  • The Starling Pokemon.
  • Number 10 in the Shino PokeDex.
  • It comes together in large flocks and has powerful wings.
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.::   Thursday - August 10th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EX Crystal Guardians is coming! We will have scans sometime between now and Saturday. If you can scan cards from the pre-releases, please scan them at 200 DPI (or about twice the size of the current scans), and send them to [email protected] with the subject title of "Scans." Any help is appreciated!

Top 20 Pokemon at Worlds - Worlds will be offering the same downloadable Pokemon for all of the Advanced Generation games as the Journey Across Americas offered during their runs.

Be sure to bring your Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, or Sapphire game(s) and a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP with you to Worlds. To receive up to two of the Top 20 Pokemon, you must have received the Pokedex and have a space cleared in your party.

The Pokemon that will be offered are Bulbasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, Alakazam, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Dragonite, Typhlosion, Espeon, Umbreon, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Tyranitar, Blaziken, Absol, Latias, and Latios.

Reminder: Card Artists and Creators at Worlds - Also at Worlds will be card artists Masakazu Fukuda and Kagermaru Himeno, as well as creators Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Akabane. Fukuda illustrated cards such as Flareon and Jolteon from POP 3, as well as Pokemon-star cards, while Himeno has done the Target promo cards of Whismur, Mudkip, Treecko, Torchic, and many other cards. So, if you want those cards autographed, be sure to bring them! I believe the limit last year was one card per illustrator, so choose the cards that you want signed wisely!

Japanese Voice Actor of Giovanni Dies - According to this website, Hirotaka Suzuoki, the voice actor who portrayed Giovanni, died last Sunday from lung cancer at the age of 56. In Japan, it is disrespectful to permanently replace a voice actor with another, so this could mean that we will never see Giovanni in the anime again (which could then mean Meowth might not even do his little boss stories anymore). Due to this death, some changes for Team Rocket and the anime as a whole could occur, but at this point, nothing is known on how this will affect the anime, if it will at all. Rest in peace.

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.::   Tuesday - August 8th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

A/C... broken... 105... at... 11:00... PM ... desert... really... hot... vacation... sweaty... seeing... mirages... of... Pokemon... *prays for an ice storm*

The Century's Top 50 Handheld Games - Viva el Pokemon! Pokemon Ruby has been ranked the #1 best selling handheld game of the century by Next Generation. Apparently, the game generated around $79 million dollars, crushing many popular games and game series. And Pokemon is dead, right? Stick this to those naysayers. To read the full report, check out this link. You will find Pokemon Ruby on page 5 at numero uno.

New Card Review - Today's [card review] features a Pokemon that, when it evolves from its previous stage, completely changes in shape, color, and structure. What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Octillery from EX Unseen Forces]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

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.::   Sunday - August 6th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Worlds is almost here! Just a little under two weeks are left!

New Card Review - We continue our EX Unseen Forces run with today's [card review], [Typhlosion from EX Unseen Forces]. To discuss Typhlosion and its card reviews, feel free to post in this forum thread. The next card review will also feature a card from EX Unseen Forces.

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.::   Saturday - August 5th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Eye yi yi, Lucy. The news just does not want to stop coming in today - all while I am on slow dialup and have to post stories with lots of images. Seriously folks, if you are still using dialup, you have no idea what you are missing out on with DSL / Cable. Read the previous news story on the Diamond and Pearl starters if you have not been here today yet. Tomorrow, we will have a new card review.

EX Crystal Guardians Images - PokeBlob has been able to obtain a Pokemon World magazine containing several pre-release EX Crystal Guardians images (not scans - computer images). He scanned the pages containing the images, and you can see all of the cards below. The images are not the best of quality, but you can at least read the text on the cards. Remember, between Friday and Saturday, we will have EX Crystal Guardians scans from the pre-releases, so be sure to check back here for the scans as usual! If you yourself can scan some cards, please e-mail or PM me for details on how the cards should be scanned and sent here. Thank you!

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.::   Saturday - August 5th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

I am on dialup and on vacation, so updating is hard. The Diaruga above is done by Cascade_Gon_Pory. If you don't like it, there will be a new header next month. :p

Diamond and Pearl Starters and Other Info - All of the information below is translated by Bangiras and is from the Japanese magazine Coro-Coro. Click the thumbnails below for larger images (note that the page is split into two images). The first three Pokemon in the first image are the Diamond and Pearl starters. As we told you in a previous news story, GameFreak in the past has said things about their games that did not turn out to be true. The Darkness / Fighting / Psychic starter thing they said on the official Diamond and Pearl website a few weeks ago is now false, and you can now dismiss all of the fake Pokemon floating around that appear to be of those types.

Diamond and Pearl Starters - Naetoru, Hikozaru, PocchamaDiamond and Pearl Information

  • Naetoru (Grass Starter) is the Little Root Pokemon. It is pure Grass, with Overgrow as its ability. Its name means sappling+tortoise.
  • Hikozaru (Fire Starter) is the Baby Monkey Pokemon. It is pure Fire and has Blaze as its ability. Its name means "little flame monkey."
  • Pocchama (Water Starter) is the Penguin Pokemon. It is pure Water, with Torrent as its ability. His name is a combination of "pocchan" and "shamo," which means "rookie fighting bird." Perhaps it will be a Water and Fighting Pokemon in its final evolution?
  • The (confirmed) Electabuzz evo is called Elekiburu and his special ability is Electric Engine. It raises his Speed.
  • Elekiburu learns an attack called Giga Impact.
  • Rozureido is a Bouquet Pokemon, Grass/Poison, with Natural Cure and Poison Point.
  • Lucario learns an attack called Feint, and it can hit through Protect/Detect.
  • Perap learns an attack called Chatter and it confuses the opponent. You can record your voice into the DS microphone and he repeats it when he does the move.
  • Drapion learns Poison Spikes, and when a new Pokemon enters the field it gets poisoned. It's like Spikes, but instead of doing damage, it poisons.
  • Bonsly is Pearl-exclusive and Mime Jr. is Diamond-exclusive.
  • Mime Jr. has Soundproof and Filter as its abilities.
  • Bonsly has Rock Head and Sturdy as its abilities.
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.::   Wednesday - August 2nd, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Interesting news today on the Diamond and Pearl front. Hopefully our header will reflect the news by the end of the day.

Info on the Next TCG Set - The next TCG set will indeed be featuring Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, and will be released sometime between October and November. We will see the return of "flavor text" (the Pokemon PokeDex descriptions on the bottom of cards), as well as the levels Pokemon are at. Sets will also now not only have booster packs and theme decks, but "entry packs," in which new players can learn how to play the game. Whether or not the "entry packs" make their way to America and other countries is unknown at this point. We will have more information on the next set as we get closer to Diamond and Pearl's release date of September 28th, and you can be sure we will be your #1 (and possibly only) source on this information.

New Diamond and Pearl Names - Thanks to Vincent and this official product website, we now know the names of three new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon - Naetoru, Hikozaru, and Pochama. These three Pokemon will be included with the Japanese toy set, Pokemon Medal Collection, so there names are most likely genuine. Hikozaru's name translates into English as being a "fire monkey," Naetoru's name translates as to being a "beetle," and Pochama is similar to "child" and "young." This is the only official information that is known at the moment on these new Pokemon, but we will keep you updated on this news as we receive more developments. The rumors going around that these are the starter Pokemon and that Pochama is a penguin do not have any official basis.

Bellossom Card Review - Our Strategists have reviewed [Bellossom from EX Unseen Forces] this week. To discuss the card and the reviews, you can post in this forum thread. To read previous card reviews, please visit our new [Card Reviews] section.

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.::   Tuesday - August 1st, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

I will update tomorrow - was so busy today (and will be again tomorrow). Tomorrow we will have some news and a new card review (and possibly a new header). In the meantime, if you can scan EX Crystal Guardian cards from the pre-releases next week, feel free to drop me a PM and I will tell you the specifications for scanning!

And since there is nothing to comment on, I leave you with this old Pokemon Red and Blue commercial that you probably have not seen in seven years.

Pikachu must had been absorbing some helium before the cameras started rolling.

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.::   Monday - July 31st, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Nada Going on - There is no news. Seriously, I can't find any. :p So, to show I am still alive, I'll just post my progress with content. I have been working on EX Holon Phantoms scans for the past few days, and have about fourty scans done (because of their weird holo effect, it takes about five times longer to work on them than a regular holo scan - I spent 15 minutes on some!). I am going to try to finish them this week. I am also making the scans a little larger this time around, and making the watermark a bit smaller, so people can still somewhat make avatars out of the scans and not have the watermark totally ruin the picture. Then I will jump back to EX Unseen Forces, since I am missing a lot of scans from it, and after that, I guess I will work on more scans and content.

I will be going on vacation Thursday, and I do not know if I will have internet this time. The past three or four times, I have been able to get it, but who knows what could happen this time. I will be on vacation during the EX CG pre-releases, so the only way I can work on scans is for people to send them to me to work on (which was the case last year, and the year before). If you happen to get any cards and have a scanner, please drop me an e-mail!

And since there is nothing to comment on, I leave you with this old Pokemon spoof video that everyone has probably already seen by now. :p There are no freaky green ladies in this one.

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