Saturday, March 11th, 2006 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

The week of h-e-double hockey sticks appears to be over, at least for now. Well, I *thought* I recorded the episodes today, but apparently, I have to set the DVD Recorder to "Cable" instead of "Antenna" so that it will pick up the signal. So, now that I know how to work it for sure, as well as how to set the timer to record television in case I am asleep, we will have eps starting next week for those of you who miss them. Today for news, we have a couple of hints.

Manyula's and Manene's Names Hint - Our new secret Nintendo source has given us our first hint about Manyula's name. Its name will apparently have something to do with the word "slash." Also, the Nintendo source hinted to me that I had posted something similar to Manene's name before, which I did a few weeks ago when two other sources had informed me that its name would have "Jr." and "Mime" in its name. It could be Jr. Mime, or something extremely similar, but it is unknown at this point. Remember, we will have both Manene's (Mr. Mime pre-evo) and Manyula's (Sneasel's evo) names within a month and will be the first to have them, so keep checking back here.

EX Holon PhantomsEX Holon Phantoms Hint - The source who sent me the Flygon image yesterday has informed me that Gyarados * will be card number 102 in the set, thus proving that the set will indeed have over 100 cards, possibly 118 looking at the Flygon image. If we had, oh say, Espeon *, Flareon *, Gyarados * (102), Jolteon *, Mewtwo *, Pikachu *, Umbreon *, and Vaporeon *, having them in alphabetical order (not that I am saying the Eeveelutions will be in the set), in addition to the 6 basic energy cards that we know are in the set, along with Darkness and Metal energy... we would still get only 115 cards. That number on Flygon looks like a 118 to me, but I don't understand how Gyarados * will be able to be card number 102 when it is so early in the set numbers. Maybe the three Pokemon-ex in the set (Mew, Crawdaunt, Mightyena) will go AFTER the Pokemon-*, putting emphasis on them this time around instead of the EX Pokemon, thus meaning Pokemon * -> Pokemon-ex -> Special Energy -> Basic Holo Energy (remember, all speculation). That would bring the number to 118. Hopefully, we will be able to figure out this mystery soon.

Pokemon Fan Magazine Articles - Pokemon Fan has just been released, and Lucario4Ever was nice enough to type up the articles in the magazine for us concerning the 8th Pokemon movie and American-exclusive television special that will be airing soon.

Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is coming! Packed with revelations about the world of Pokemon and featuring intriguing new Pokemon, as well as the return of an old favorite, Lucario and The Mystery of Mew isn't a movie you will want to miss!

There are many legends about Pokemon, and the people of Rota Town believe one legend in particular: the legend of the Aura Guardian. This is the legend of Sir Aaron, who teamed up with his Pokemon Lucario to save the world from being destroyed in a great battle long ago. The story says Lucario was sealed in Sir Aaron's staff and Sir Aaron himself was never seen again, but can this story really be true? Ash and his friends are about to find out for themselves...After Ash and Pikachu triumph in the local Pokemon competition, their prize turns out to be more than they bargained for. Ash earns the title of Aura Guardian and the right to wield Sir Aaron's staff for a night, but when Lucario breaks out of the staff and Pikachu disappears, he'll need to prove he's a hero in more than name alone! To make it even more complicated, he'll also have to deal with a daring adventurer, the ever-president Team Rocket, and even the Legendary Pokemon Mew.

Lucario may be the only one who can help Ash put things right, but after bitter years of imprisonment, can Lucario ever trust a human again? The fate of two friendships and the future of a world will depend on the strength of the bond between humans and Pokemon!

Ha! I knew they weren't just going to name Aaron, Aaron. In the Japanese version, Lucario constantly calls Aaron, Aaron-sama, which denotes respect. If Lucario were to just call Aaron, Aaron, then it would seem awkward since the animation is timed for a longer name then that. Sir Aaron will probably be what Aaron is called throughout the movie. Also, it's kind of weird how they do not mention the Regis in the summary. Maybe they just want to keep one element of the movie a secret so that people who have never heard of the movie will be surprised, or maybe 4Kids edited out the Regis since they might scare little kids. :p

The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon: In store for Pokemon fans! This year, we will be releasing an exclusive television special titled "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon." This new never-before-seen episode will feature your Pokemon favorites in an intriguing storyline made especially as a thank you to loyal Pokemon animation fans.

The storyline centers on Dr. Yung, and enigmatic Pokemon scientist who has developed a new mirage system to resurrect extinct Pokemon, like Kabutops and Armaldo. Ash, Professor Oak, and Misty show up at the Mirage Mansion at Dr. Yungs's invitation, and watch a demonstration of the machine's capabilities. In the middle of a battle between Dr. Yung's Mirage Pokemon and Ash, however, the machine goes haywire and a Mirage Aerodactyl swoops in and kidnaps Dr. Yung. A mysterious stranger appears and announces to everyone that the Mirage System can be used to create Pokemon with absolutely no weakness. Misty and Professor Oak argue that such an abomination will throw off the natural balance of Pokemon, and as they tell him, Mew comes in, which seems to enrage the stranger. Who is this stranger, and why does he want to control the Mirage Pokemon? Will Ash, Misty, and Professor Oak escape with their live? Where are Max and May? All this will be answered this year when the Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon debuts on the kids WB! on April 29th, 2006 at 10:00AM! Check local listings for time and channel in your area.

I know where May and Max are! They got smooshered by the Aerodactyl and will never be in the Anime again (yeah, I wish)! Also, since Brock is not mentioned, I guess they just did not want to remind fans that he exists, especially since he does not do that much in the Anime anyways (hopefully he will not be in the special - it will make it go slower). Now, let's take a more serious note. Who is the stranger? Giovanni? The scientist from the 1st movie? Mewtwo? Someone totally new? Guess we will actually be surprised for once in not knowing the outcome of a special, since it is American-exclusive and was not released in Japan.

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Friday, March 10th, 2006 @ 6 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

School starts in 40 minutes, and I am almost done with this Emily Dickinson homework! :p Read the previous update in case you missed it, since I put this one up not too long after the previous one.

Flygon, EX Holon PhantomsEX Holon Phantoms - Flygon - A source, who does not wish to be named, has sent us the Flygon picture you can see to the right, as well as some set information we can interpret from the card. First off, Flygon is card #7, and from looking at the enlarged card number, it looks as if there will be 118 cards in the set. It definitely looks like a three-digit number, which is kind of surprising, since the original Holon Phantom in Japan did not have that many cards. As the press-release said the other day, EX HP would have 40 Delta Species cards, and when counting the number of Delta Species Pokemon in the original Holon Phantom, it does come out to around 40. So, with combining the Lucario and Mew deck tin, as well as basic energy cards (since the press-release mentioned them), you still get around 90ish cards. Where are the other cards coming from? Maybe some of the non-Delta Species Pokemon in Miracle Crystal?

Anyways, need to get back to my homework. Feel free to discuss this mathematical craziness in this thread.

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006 @ 6 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Junior year of high school has been even more ca-razy this week than the entire year. Oh the drama! I am beginning to notice my short fuse this week. :p

New Pokemon Names... Soon - As before with the Nintendo insider who told me Lucario's name, another Nintendo insider has contacted me and will be providing us with Manene and Manyula's names soon. He/She is not exactly sure when they can give me the names, but it will definitely, at the latest, be in at least a month, and before the information is publicly released. So, keep watching here for them.

Missed the Latest Episodes of Pokemon? - We have a solution! My mom recently purchased a DVD recorder from Target, and now I will be able to record television and put it on to my laptop, where I will then be able to upload Pokemon episodes here for people to watch! Here's the catch, though. The episodes will only be available for download for two days (Saturday and Sunday), and I will be requesting that you delete them once you have watched them. The only reason I wish to do this is for people who have missed the episode on Saturday, or who cannot get the WB in their area, since this is for promoting Pokemon and only serves the purpose of keeping fans caught-up on the episodes (especially since there are no longer any re-runs of Pokemon on the WB). I believe that since I am not making any money off of this, the WB is a free antenna station, and that recording television on tape is not illegal, that this will be okay to do, but if anyone wants to correct me before I put this plan into action, feel free to do so. I could not find any information on the internet about doing something like this, and I searched for about an hour (basically reading nothing relevant to what I was looking for). I might be able to start recording this Saturday, but if not, then definitely the next Saturday.

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Monday, March 6th, 2006 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Sorry for not updating during the weekend. Emily Dickinson project madness took over on Saturday and Sunday.

Miracle Crystal Spoilers - Incase you have not noticed, thanks to Bangiras, we have had the set spoilers for Miracle Crystal up since Saturday at the top of this page. Yesterday, Bangiras sent me the theme deck spoilers as well, which I have now added to the main set spoilers. If you viewed the spoilers before, you might have to clear out your cache to see the updated text. If you wish to discuss any strategies or combos you believe will be successful from Miracle Crystal, feel free to post a thread in our Card Combos and Strategies forum. Also, congratulations to Bangiras, who won Nevada States with her Sceptile/Steelix/Mew ex deck! :p

EX Holon PhantomsEX Holon Phantoms Press-Release - Pokemon USA has issued a press release regarding the next American TCG set, EX Holon Phantoms:

Pokemon USA Inc., a worldwide leader in the trading card game industry, announced the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion, EX Holon Phantoms, to be released on May 3rd. The expansion will boast more than 100 new cards, including additions to the Delta Species, new Pokemon-ex, and six basic Energy cards with a new holographic treatment.

The Pokemon TCG: EX Holon Phantoms will include more than 40 new Delta Species cards. These Pokemon were discovered in a region south of the city of Holon, where a mysterious lake is nestled in a deep forest. They possess a unique Dual Energy type, which introduces new levels of strategy into game play. The Pokemon TCG: EX Holon Phantoms expansion will be available in two 60-card theme decks, FireMist and FloodRush. A holographic parallel set will also be available. Theme decks and booster packs go on sale in stores on May 3rd, priced at $10.99 and $3.49, respectively. Each booster pack features nine randomly inserted Pokemon Trading Card Game cards. Theme decks include a metallic coin, an updated rulebook, card list, a one-player play mat, and damage counters.

Some interesting notes. Booster packs are now $3.49? Why? Are they using some sort of higher-quality paper or holo sheets now? Is it an error in the press release? You would think they would go down in price, since 11 card packs used to be $3.29 and now two cards less are even more than that. I know that the alternate holo in the pack costs more money as the e-cards did, but just how much more? The good thing about all of this - the return of holo energy (possibly those electrified Holon ones that were in Holon Phantom in Japan).

Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: ManaphyPokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy - The trailer for Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy has been released on the Japanese Pokemon movie site. You can download the high-quality, 10 megabyte trailer by right-clicking this link and saving it to your computer. Once you download it, if you do not have a program to run it, try opening it in FireFox or Internet Explorer. Now some movie facts and speculation. The basic plot line for the movie is that a pirate is looking for a treasure (probably with his Perappu), and it just happens to be where Manaphy lives. What do Kyogre, Ash, and May have to do with the movie? Well, nothing specific on Kyogre has been revealed thus far or the main characters, but one can assume that Kyogre will be protecting Manaphy, May will be the Max of Jirachi, and Ash will be controlling/driving a submarine/boat. The bad guys of the movie will be the pirates, while the heroes will be the Pokemon Ranger and our usual main characters. Speaking of the Pokemon Ranger, how is he able to breathe underwater in both trailers that have been released for this movie? Is it possible that a Pokemon Ranger is able to take on the abilities of some Pokemon? When we first saw Pokemon Ranger in the original pilot trailer, he used his Ranger Stylus to temporarily control a Mantine, and then went underwater. He might just be able to hold his breathe for a long time and magically withstand the water pressure, or it could just be another cartoon breaking the law of physics thing, but one must wonder if Pokemon Rangers have any special abilities, especially after in the new trailer he appears to be deep underwater. Anyways, moving on, the moon appears to take a roll in the movie, although it is hard to tell if it even is a moon. If it is, maybe the moon is going to be threatened or blocked by something (maybe from trying to get the treasure?), causing tidal waves, and then Kyogre will have to save the day. Anyways, at this point, everything is just mere speculation. If you want to talk about this movie, you can discuss it in our Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy thread. I cannot wait for this movie, since it involves the ocean and two legendary water Pokemon! I could not ask for anything better in a Pokemon movie, being such the avid water Pokemon fan I am. :p

PokeBeach Strategists - The other day, I sent out an e-mail to every forum member by accident, when I meant to actually send it out to only a select few forum members who had signed up to be a PokeBeach Strategist. If you received the e-mail and did not sign up to be a strategist, simply ignore it. Anyways, if you are interested in being a PokeBeach Strategist, you can read up on what is expected of one and can sign-up to be one (this is the last time, I promise) in this forum thread.

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EDIT: School starts in ten minutes, but I just have to post this stuff for you guys! I have added in the new Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl as well as a ton of Miracle Crystal scans, so be sure to read below and keep checking back later today for more!

Be sure to read the previous two updates, or you will have missed out, since I edited them about a hundred times. I will edit this news story later today with new content, so check back. We will have more Miracle Crystal information and most likely the new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon later on today.

Tamanta, Perappu, Buizeru Revealed! - Awww, look at the baby Mantine! I will edit this story later on today after school, but below, you can see the new Pokemon (in order of the names listed in this title).


AlakazamMore Miracle Crystal Scans! - Fellow trading card game players, write down today in the history books. For the first set since Skyridge, which was released over four years ago, our psychic friend has finally returned, and PokeBeach is proud to introduce him back into the TCG and give you the first look at him.

Alakazam *
Aggron ex
Blaziken ex
Celebi *
Delcatty ex
Exploud ex
Jirachi ex
Sceptile ex
Shiftry ex
Swampert ex

*sheds a tear of joy* To discuss these developments, please post in this thread, as we are your #1 (and only) source for Miracle Crystal. I will update the Miracle Crystal page with all of this info later on today, and I will have a ton (yes, 2000 pounds) of more scans up later on today, so once again, be sure to check back.

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 @ 3 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EDIT: New Miracle Crystal scans and translations added, screenshots for the new Pokemon intro in Japan added.

EDIT: Miracle Crystal - We have received advanced Miracle Crystal info before Japan even has had the set released (9 more days until it hits the shelves)! This Miracle Crystal news story has been added and was not in this original news story.

1. Jirachi ex, Blaziken ex, and Swampert ex are in the set!
2. Celebi * Scan!
3. Blaziken ex Scan!
4. Jirachi ex Scan!

Blaziken ex - 150 HP (F)
(FC) Drag Off - 30: Before doing damage, you may switch one of the opponent's Benched Pokemon with the Defending Pokemon. If you do, this attack does 30 damage to the new Defending Pokemon.
(RFCC) Overheat - 100: Don't apply Weakness, Resistance, or any other effects when doing this damage. Then, if the Defending Pokemon has any HP remaining, Blaziken ex does damage equal to the amount of remaining HP to itself.

Weakness: Psychic
Retreat: (CC)
Translation by Bangiras, may not be used on any other site without permission.

Celebi * - 60 HP (G)
Poke-Power: Time Travel
If Celebi* would be Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, you may flip a coin. If heads, Celebi isn't Knocked Out, instead discard all cards attacked to Celebi* and shuffle Celebi* back into your deck.

(G) Leaf Shade: Put damage counters on 1 of your opponent's Pokemon for every energy attached to Celebi*.

Weakness: Fire
Resistance: C
Translation by Bangiras, may not be used on any other site without permission.

More info soon. Be sure to keep checking back today for possible new Pokemon (see below) and possibly more Miracle Crystal scans and information! What a lucky day to not have a lot of homework. :)

[ORIGINAL Update] Very quick update. Tonight, the official Japanese Pokemon movie website should be revealing new Pokemon and a new trailer for the 9th Pokemon movie "Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea - Manaphy." Right now, I have to go back to school to work on an Emily Dickinson poetry group assignment, but when I get back, I will continuously be checking to see when the Pokemon and new trailer will be up. If it's not up tonight, it will most likely be up tomorrow. I will, of course, report everything here.

Also, according to various people who saw a Japanese trailer today in Japan concerning the 9th movie, there is in fact a Mantine pre-evolution, a parrot with a musical note on its head, and another unknown Pokemon, as we and many other people predicted. Hopefully, we will be able to see all of the new Pokemon tonight. You can check out their shadows in this image from a few weeks ago. In case you forgot, the Pokemon's names were thought to be Tamanta, Perrapu, and Buizeru.

In the meantime, you can discuss and predict everything you want about these new Pokemon and the movie in this forum thread. If you have not registered on our forums, now is the time. Get in your predictions now before they become fact or someone else steals your thunder! :p [/ORIGINAL Update]

EDIT: New Japanese Intro - This story is the third one I have added in to this article, and also was not in the original (the first story was the new Pokemon, the second was the Miracle Crystal stuff, and this is the third one). Anyways, I have created screenshots for the new Japanese Pokemon intro in Japan. The intro includes many of Ash's old Pokemon, as well as the Frontier brains.

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Site Suggestions - Here I go again. A new chapter! Looking at site rankings compared to other Pokemon sites, PokeBeach isn't really... up there. I really do not understand why, since I thought we were... one of the best websites for the TCG, but I think it has something to do with Google searches. I think we need search engine optimization, since we have a lot of great news and content, and it is not getting to the general public. So, I'll be working on doing that this weekend, as well as getting to you TCG strategist people who signed up to write articles here. With improving search engine optimization, people should be able to find us better on Google and other search engines, which will increase popularity, page rank, and visitors... hopefully.

In the meantime, if you guys have any site suggestions about anything (content, how to improve the site, suggestions on how to advertise the site better, etc.), please post your ideas in this thread. I have made it so that even if you are not registered on the forums, you can still post as a Guest. Therefore, if you visit this site and love it, you should have no reason to not post your ideas / thoughts. :p

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 @ 1 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I hate Algebra II. Log and ln functions - when will we EVER use this stuff in real life? Raise your hand if you have ever used them in real life! I swear, the only time people will need to know 90% of the stuff in Algebra II will be if you become a high school Algebra II teacher or some rocket scientist, which is less than .000000000001% of the population. Gahhh!! *rips out hair*

Fake Card Blanks - Without the use of Algebra II, I have edited and added Delta Species Pokemon Blanks, Dual-Type Delta Species Pokemon Blanks, and Holon Pokemon Blanks to this site. Thanks go to Fangking, who created the original blanks! You can access the blanks in the future from the left menu under "Resource Center," along with regular EX series blanks.

Pokemon Trozei!Pokemon Trozei Pre-Order - The official Pokemon Trozei website has now opened! The website includes downloads, tutorials, and explanations on Pokemon Trozei, a new puzzle game for the Nintendo DS. You can pre-order Pokemon Trozei from the Pokemon Center website, and if you do so before March 6th, which is when the game is officially released, you will receive a free Pokemon Trozei cinch sack and 10th Pokemon anniversary Pikachu plush! This looks like a fun game to play during Alegbra II.

Upcoming JAA Registrations - The qualifying online challenge test for the Journey Across America Gameboy tournaments at Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland (Oregon) will be opening on March 11th. If you want to participate in the Gameboy tournaments at those locations, you must take the online test starting March 11th and be one of the first 64 people out of your age group (12-, 13+) to pass the test. For more information, you can visit the Journey Across America website on

Oh, by the way, if I somehow turn up missing within the next few days, tell the authorities I think there is a ghost and/or alien in my room that somehow abducted me. The electric piano I have in my closet (a baby toy one) keeps making this weird sound, and it has done it several times already within the past hour. I took it out of the closet and smacked it with a plastic ruler, and it seemed to have stopped, but then it went back to making the noise. I put it on my bed and just stared at it once for about two minutes to see if anything would touch it, turned around for a split second, and it went on RIGHT WHEN I turned my head back to my laptop. I would take out the batteries, but I don't have a screwdriver in my room right now, and I am too afraid to go downstairs, especially after watching Unsolved Mysteries (about a guy possessed by demons who could control rain) and Porygon telling me about flying humanoid aliens in Mexico. *turns on all the lights in his room and gets his Algebra II book in hand to throw at the evil alien/ghost*

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Monday, February 27th, 2006 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I didn't have time to finish everything I wanted for tonight's update because of school work, so I will be aiming to update the right menu and add more TCG fake card blanks to this site tomorrow.

Pokemon Journey Across AmericaJourney Across America Tour Info - The Miami, Florida Journey Across America Tour has come and gone, and people have been posting facts here and there regarding their experiences at the event. First off, most people have said that officially at the tournament, you are only allowed to download one Pokemon to one of your games (including Celebi). However, unofficially, the people letting you download the Pokemon let others get away with downloading more than that if the lines are not too long, since all of the trades take place over link cable. Secondly, all Pokemon you download are at level 70, and know attacks that they would normally all know at level 70. Thirdly, the metagame apparently was not as legendary-packed as most people thought it would be, so I guess if you do use all legendaries, you will evily sweep everyone else's teams. If anyone went to the tournament and would like to make a report, feel free to e-mail it to me by clicking my name below this post, and I will gladly post it up on the site.

Miracle Crystal Page Updated - The Miracle Crystal page has been updated with three pictures of Kyogre ex, Groudon ex, and Charizard (Delta Species). They aren't really new pictures, but now we can see Kyogre and Groudon in full, since before they were only on the theme deck image and covered by a coin.

Problems with Apprentice? - I completely forgot to post about this a few weeks ago when I updated the Apprentice page, so now I will tell you all. If you use Apprentice and cannot connect to other people, especially if you use DSL or Cable, there is now a solution to the problem through a program you can download that will help your router/modem figure out its own IP address. I wrote a guide on how to download, install, and use it on the forums, and everyone I know who has tried it has had success with connecting to other Apprentice players. So, check it out!

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Sunday, February 26th, 2006 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Sorry for not updating this weekend. I had an unexpected church anniversary banquet on Saturday, so I actually had to spend most of the day helping with that. I got home around 11 at night that day, went to bed, and then woke up at 1:30 PM today. ^_^; I also had a lot of homework this weekend, so I spent most of the day working on it and studying for an AP US test. So yeah. I will try to contact those of you who signed up to be a PokeBeach strategist throughout this week, and if you still want to be one, it is not too late to sign up.

Today was Pokemon's 10th birthday in Japan. Ten years ago today, Red and Green were released in Japan, with people having their first Pocket Monsters ever - Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Ten years later, there are 395 Pokemon species, dozens of games, and almost thirty TCG sets. Pokemon sure has come a long way, all thanks to Satoshi Tajiri's dream of trading bugs over the Gameboy systems. Let's hope for ten years more, 500 more Pokemon, dozens of more games, and 30 more TCG sets! :p

Tomorrow I will hopefully have an update. I always post what I am going to put up in an update in Notepad, so this is what is currently on the slate:

Journey Across America Information from people who went
Miracle Crystal pics
Fake Cards blanks (Delta Species Pokemon, Holon Pokemon, etc.)
Apprentice and Hamachi (and how you forgot to post about it over three weeks ago)
Reminder to sign up on forums or die
New Polls
New Eps
SS Scans?

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