.::   Thursday - October 19th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

School's been ahuslin' and aruslin'. I've been at school until almost 9 PM everyday this week, except today - fun, fun. However, we will have an update tomorrow, so be sure to check back. To celebrate Halloween, I have put up a new Halloween banner, to which Cascade_Gon_Pory drew (the Pokemon). Pretty cool art! Also, since there is no news today, if you want to see a funny Pokemon Red glitch, check out this video on Google Video.

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.::   Tuesday - October 17th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

The new PokeDex is coming soon.

EDIT:Grinders Return and TCG Event Information - According to a press release just released by PUI, the Grinders (Last Chance Qualifier) for Worlds has returned. I have created a page detailing the descriptions for each type of premiere event based off of the press release, which you can read by [clicking here]. A PUSA official has now confirmed that the Grinders will be taking place the Friday before Worlds and that the press release is not incorrect about it.

Pokemon Battle RevolutionPokemon Battle Revolution Screenshots - New screenshots for Pokemon Battle Revolution have been released, and we have them for you to view on this page. The graphics look pretty awesome, as does the scenery!

Mystery Dungeon Contest! - Nintendo.com is holding a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon art contest for all of you talented Pokemon artists! All you have to do is create and submit art depicting "why you have turned into a Pokemon and what your life as a Pokemon is like," since as we all know, in Mystery Dungeon, you wake up one day as a Pokemon and have to adapt to your new life. You can read more information about the contest on the rule page or in the how to play guide on the contest's website. There are also prizes if you are one of the top winners!

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.::   Saturday - October 14th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

AgunomuRemember childrens, the pre-releases for EX Dragon Frontiers are the weekends of October 28th and 29th and November 4th and 5th. You can check for locations by clicking here. If you think you can scan cards for us, please e-mail me for details on how to scan the cards.

Ken Sugimori DP Art - All released [Ken Sugimori] Diamond and Pearl Pokemon art has been added to the [Ken Sugimori Pokemon page]. Currently, we have fourty-two Pokemon images.

New Card Review - Today's [card review] features a Pokemon that is involved in the death of Jesse from Team Rocket's mom. What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Mew ex from EX Legend Maker]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

New Battle Revolution Video - The official Japanese Pokemon website has been updated with a new video on its Pokemon Battle Revolution page. You can watch the video by clicking here.

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.::   Friday - October 13th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Everyone's homework between now and Sunday is to call a relative (if you call more than one, I will assign you extra credit) and tell them how much you love them. You may regret not doing so one day if you suddenly find out you missed your chance forever.

PCG DP Card Translations and New Images - Bangiras has translated the Diamond and Pearl starters and their evolutions from the Pokemon Card Game DP decks. You can view them in [this text document]. The [Pokemon Card Game DP] page has also been updated with pictures of new cards. From looking at just Goukazaru's card, it looks as if the area where text is written on the cards (as in, every other place except the picture) is sparkly, which could mean a new style of holos will be introduced with this next set. We will see once scans are released, since the pictures are not too clear right now to tell us for sure...

Japanese DP Intro - I forgot to post this the other day, so I will post it now. When the Diamond and Pearl episodes began to air in Japan, a new intro aired as well, and you can view / listen to it below. I wonder what instrument that is in the beginning? It also looks like a certain new girl is going to be catching a Mimilolu soon...

"The Terrifying Mirage Pokemon!" - The Japanese version of America's "Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon" is now available on the internet to watch for free, but in Japanese! You can check out all of the Japanese voices and how the voice actors portray their characters in the original version! It is interesting to note that the intro for the special is the same one that was in American's version, even though this is the Japanese version. You can watch the video for free by clicking here. The video will launch in Windows Media Player.

Pokemon Battle Revolution Poster - Not much to say - it's just a poster. You can see the computer models of the starters, as well as an attack animation, though.

Pokemon Battle Revolution

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.::   Wednesday - October 11th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

It's been a rough week in school, but it's starting to clear up for now. This weather forecaster predicts a return to semi-daily updates. Also, I forgot to thank you all for your 18th birthday wishes to me through e-mail, PM, and on the forums, so thank you very much. :)

New Card Review - Today's card review features a Pokemon that can easily clear a 30-story building in one leap. What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Blaziken ex from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post inthis thread.

Diamond and Pearl TCG Info - In all of the Diamond and Pearl craziness, we did not have a chance to make a page on the new Diamond and Pearl TCG set. We now have a page detailing all of the information released thus far on the set, which you can view by [clicking here].

PokeDex Update Soon - Bangiras and I (not really me, but I am doing what I can) are working on the next version of the D/P PokeDex, and when we are done, it will have the most information available on all of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon out of any website. We are hoping to release it next week. Our main dilemma right now is time to work on it, since we are both busy with school (I have the SAT Saturday! Ahhh!), but other than that, it should be up soon!

Ken Sugimori Stage 2 Starter Art - It's just cool to see his art, especially of the new Pokemon. You can see the Stage 2 starters below (not Stage 2 in terms of the TCG, Stage 2 in terms of the games :p).

Ken Sugimori Stage 2 Art

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.::   Sunday - October 8th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Episodes are delayed. My CD ripper does not want to cooperate with me right now.

Diamond / Pearl Episode 1 - But in the meantime, you can watch the first Japanese Diamond and Pearl episode (split into three parts). The psycho Pocchama is cool n' cute. :)

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.::   Saturday - October 7th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Two new episodes will be up later today for viewing. Be sure to check back!

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.::   Thursday - October 5th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT:Thanks to Eevee, Zhen Lin, pika, and Pipian, we now have sprites extracted from the game on our PokeDex page! Read the news story below for our PokeDex. Later on today, I will add the rest of the sprites, including back views, shiny views, all genders, etc.

Toughest week of school ever. I almost went out to buy Head-On for all of the headaches I was getting from all of the homework and make-up work from when I was in the car crash. "Apply it to the head, head on! Apply it to the head, head on! Apply it to the head, head on!"

Diamond and Pearl PokeDex Up! - Click [this link] to view the PokeDex! Included in the PokeDex are sprites, mini-sprites, updated Diamond and Pearl Japanese romanizations, PokeDex entries translated from the games (which I like the best, since we get to see information on the new Pokemon - check out the legendary's info), Base Stats, Height, Weight, Abilities, Egg Groups, Breeding Information, Genders, and other stuff! Huge thank-you's go to Bangiras and DocRobot. Bangiras collected all of the information from her Diamond and Pearl games (as well as the roms), and DocRobot helped to create the layouts for the PokeDex entries. All of the PokeDex entries are on one page for now, until we decide the PokeDex is near completion and can put all of the entries on their own individual pages. Some of the sprites are still not in the PokeDex, so you will see red x's if you are using Internet Explorer for now. We will continue to update the PokeDex as we receive more information from our games, and we will notify you here! Enjoy!

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.::   Monday - October 2nd, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT: Added Worlds 2006 deck news.

Diamond and Pearl are making my teachers and their homework cry. :(

Diamond and Pearl Sprites - Well, pictures of sprites. These sprites come from Jianhen, but we are missing about twenty. You can view the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon list with the new sprites by [clicking here]. Also, I now just realized the mini-sprites were not working in Internet Explorer (which is a bad browser to use - use Firefox), so I have now fixed that. Enjoy the new Pokemans! ;)

Diamond and Pearl PokeDex Coming - Within the next week, we will be adding a Diamond and Pearl PokeDex, so stay tuned for it! It will be our first PokeDex, and hopefully, it will turn out well! Below are a few samples of PokeDex entries Bangiras has translated:

Regigigas - A legend has been passed down saying that it can move a continent by pulling it with rope.

Togekiss - It will not appear in areas where quarrels erupt. Lately it has not been seen.

Riolu - It uses the waves that emanate from its body to alert its friends when it's scared, sad, or in danger.

Worlds 2006 Decks - The Worlds 2006 decks, which are the exact deck lists used by various winners of the Worlds 2006 Championships that occured in August, will be available on October 31st (Halloween!). The decks are a great way to teach other people how to play the Pokemon TCG, since they were decks used by World Champions! However, the cards in the decks are not tournament legal and have special backs, so you cannot use any of the cards in any tournaments. The people featured are Jason Klazynski (15+ winner) and his Manectric ex deck, Jimmy Ballard (15+ second place) and his Eeveelution deck, Miska Saari (11-14 winner) and his Lunasol (?) deck, and Hiroyuki Yano (10- winner) and his LBS (?) deck. Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures.

Worlds 2006 DecksWorlds 2006 Deck BacksWorlds 2006 Manectric exWorlds 2006 Flareon exWorlds 2006 SolrockWorlds 2006 Lugia ex

(I know I have been neglecting the TCG, such as the new DP set, but we will try to get on it once we have time to breathe).

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.::   Saturday - September 30th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

The line to get Mew was HUGE. I walked in three feet and gave up the chance of ever getting one within three seconds. Anyone want to clone me one in Emerald and trade it to me when D/P comes out? :p

AruseusALL Pokemon's Names - Bangiras has finished going through the games and translating all of the Diamond and Pearl's Pokemon names, something you will only find on PokeBeach! Check all the names out by [clicking here]. Thanks Bangiras! Doesn't Aruseus' sprite look awesome?

Half of Whatever Saturday's New Ep Was - I woke up half way through the episode, so we only get to see half of it. :p In the episode, Ash battles Tucker for the Tactics symbol. Check it out by [clicking here]! Last week's [episode] is also still up.

If you want to discuss Diamond and Pearl (intelligently), feel free to post in this thread or visit our chat room!

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