.::  Sunday - September 19th, 2004
Today we have a ton of news on EX Team Rocket Returns - both Japanese and English. Remember, both Japan and America will be getting a simultaneous release of the set, which is why we have both Japanese and American news.

First of all, below this paragraph you will see the theme decks of the American version of the set (thanks to the official Pokemon TCG Norweigan website), which features both Jesse and James of Team Rocket. Click the pictures for larger images.

Secondly, we have the English booster pack pictures, which feature Mewtwo, Gyarados, Tyranitar, and Scyther. Click the image below for a larger picture.

Thirdly, below are some scans of some of the cards in the set from the official Japanese site (click them for a larger picture). Next to them are translations of the cards, which were done by Roarkiller from The PokeMasters. The translations are a little rough since the cards are so small and hard to read, but they are generally correct.

Rocket's Moltres EX - 100 HP

PokeBODY: Dark Float
When you attach a Darkness energy card to Moltres, it has 0 retreat. (the retreat part could be wrong, but something does happen when attaching a Darkness energy)

RC: Dance of the Flame - 30
Search your discard pile for a Fire energy and attach it to 1 of your Pokémon.

RRC: *Kaen* - 50


Dark Dragonite - 120 HP

PokePOWER: Dark Trance
It has something to do with attaching Darkness energy to your Pokemon. It may involve moving Darkness energy from one Pokemon to another.

WL: Double Wing
Does 30 damage to each Defending Pokemon.

CCC: *Tsumedekirisaku* - 50


Rocket's Articuno EX - 100 HP

PokeBODY: Dark Float
When you attach a Darkness energy to Rocket's Articuno EX, you pay 0 retreat cost to retreat it. (the retreat part could be wrong, but when you do attach a Darness energy to it, something does happen)

C: Unknown Attack Name - 10
Text too small to read - it involves water energy.

WWC: Unknown Attack Name - 50


Dark Tyranitar - 120 HP - No information available, card image too small.


Team Rocket Administrator (Supporter)

Both players shuffle their hands into their decks. The amount they draw seems to be based on how many Pokemon are out on the field (it could be wrong.)
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     .::  Friday - September 17th, 2004
Wow, I haven't updated this site in five days. School has been keeping me extremely busy, so I haven't had much time to update every day like I used to be able to. Anyways, I called Gateway today and they are fixing my laptop as we speak, so I should get it either this afternoon or early next week.

New Pre-Release Prize Structure
Thanks to farbsman from the PokeGym, we now know of a new way Nintendo will be awarding players who attend pre-releases. When you enter into a pre-release, you will get your usually 6 booster packs to make a 40-card deck. Then later after the tournament is over, you will receive an additional 4 booster packs, plus 2 OP series booster packs, which contains new promo cards. This means you will actually get a guaranteed 10 booster packs of the new set for only $15-20 (the amount you pay for entering a pre-release), plus the two OP series packs, which totals in 12 booster packs!

But there is more! The top players in each age category will also receive a trophy, medal, etc., just like with the original EX Ruby and Sapphire pre-releases. This is a great way to show off your pre-release wins, plus it allows you to have something to remember your winnings for the rest of your life.

There is one downside to this whole prize structure, which could be considered bad to some players and good to others. Players who come out in the top will no longer be able to earn booster boxes of the new set, which means that if you usually are in the top at pre-releases, this will be on the negative side for you. However, if you do not ever do well in pre-releases, since they are mostly based on luck, this will be good for you since you will get more packs of the new set than you usually do. This new system seems fair to all players, and will most likely attract more people to pre-releases.

Pokemon Rocks America
Pokemon Rocks America has returned again for its second year! The three cities the event will be held at this year are Atlanta (Oct. 9th), Minneapolis (Oct. 16th), and Seattle (Oct. 23rd). We will keep you updated on Pokemon Rocks America as more information on specific locations and events taking place are released!

Build a Deck Guide Re-Written
SuperWooper has totally re-written our Build a Deck guide for people who are new to the Pokemon TCG or that have not played in a while and need an update. If you are one of these types of people, or know someone who wants to learn how to build a deck, than be sure to read our guide and refer your friends to it! Before you decide to read the guide, you should check out our other various sections on the rules and terminology of the Pokemon TCG, or you will probably not understand some of the items in the guide. To read the guide, you can [click here]. Thanks SuperWooper!
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     .::  Sunday - September 12th, 2004
The New Modified
Boy has Nintendo gotten some people mad! They just released an official statement on their website saying what sets will be in the new Modified format, and people totally did not expect their decision and are out for blood. The sets in the new Modified format will be:

EX Dragon
EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
EX Hidden Legends
EX FireRed and LeafGreen
EX Team Rocket Returns

Yep, that's right, no EX Ruby and Sapphire or EX Sandstorm. Goodbye Delcatty and Dunsparce! This is just totally wrong! Decks are certainly going to change now without both of those sets.

To find out a secret, [click here].

New Pokemon Intro
Yesterday, the new season of Pokemon aired, called Pokemon Advanced Challenge, and with it came a new introduction (pictures of intro are on the right). However, 4Kids made a big mistake in airing this intro so early, since in Japan, they did not have this intro for another 30 episodes, meaning we got it 30 episodes early. This means that we have been exposed to heavy spoilers in the introduction that we are not meant to see for a while, such as Ash catching a Torkoal, Treeko evolving, Taillow evolving, May catching a Skitty and Bulbasaur, and Brock's Lotad evolving (all seen in the 2nd pic on the right). Some people are happy with the new intro, and some are not. For me, I love the music and lyrics of the new intro, even though it only lasts 45 seconds. We are the first website to have the below lyrics to the intro, so enjoy. The lyrics sound way better when they are put to the music, so don't just judge them by the words:


Every trainer has a choice-
To listen to that voice inside-

I know the battle may be long-
Winners may have come and gone-
I will carry on!

Yeah this dream will last forever!-
This dream will never die!-
We will rise up to the challenge every time!-
Accept the challenge!

Yeah this dream keeps us together!-
But you know that you and I!-
We’ll be the best that the world's ever seen!-
Because we always will follow this dream!


New Scans Soon
My laptop should be arriving late next week (as in the week that starts tomorrow) from the repair shop, so when it does, I can update the right menu and mostly everything else on this site. Just hang in there people. We will be getting 1-2 sets of scans uploaded a week as soon as I get my laptop back, so you can look forward to us having a complete set of American card scans by the end of the year.
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     .::  Thursday - September 9th, 2004
Quiz Answers and New Episodes
My laptop still hasn't come back yet, so I really cannot update too many things, such as this week's new episodes or the polls in the right menu. I might as well tell you the answers to the quizzes from last week, as well as this week's new episodes in this update.

For the TCG quiz, the card that had the error in EX FireRed and LeafGreen was Drowzee, as well as Hypno. On Drowzee, the card is spelled as "Drowsee," which is wrong. Also on Hypno where it says it evolves from Drowzee, it also has the spelling error. For the Anime quiz, the answer is that Ho-oh used the powers of nature as well as its own powers to reincarnate Suicune, Entei, and Raikou as the north wind, volcano, and thunder.

For new episodes this week, Kids' WB is showing two on Saturday! At 9 AM, a new episode will run called "What You Seed is What You Get," which stars Ash's Treecko. Then right after, "Love at First Flight" will air, starring Volbeat and Illumise. Be sure to catch both of these episodes! Next week, two new episodes will air as well, and the second new episode will involve an old friend returning to Ash and crew for two episodes. Then, the following week, the second part of the two-parter episode will air (as the first new episode on Saturday) and will involve one of the old friend's Pokemon evolving and then leaving forever. If you are an old Pokemon Anime fan and haven't watched any new episodes in a while, you definitely do not want to miss the new episodes next Saturday and the Saturday after that, or you will miss out on what happens! Both episodes will be unforgettable, so even if you don't watch the Anime anymore, you should still check them out.

Deck Fixes Now Being Accepted
Just incase you haven't noticed, we are now accepting decks to be sent in to be fixed by our deck mechanics! To send in your deck, [click here].
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     .::  Tuesday - September 7th, 2004
The Next EX Set - EX Team Rocket Returns
We have some very cool news tonight. The next set that everyone thought would be released in America that was based on Deoxys and Rayquaza will NOT be the next TCG set. Instead, America will be getting an EX set based off of Team Rocket, called "EX Team Rocket Returns." (the set logo is on the right) But there's more! This set will be released at the same time in Japan, meaning that no one will know of any spoilers in the set until it is released! Sounds like a pretty cool plan from Nintendo. Below is the description of the set:

Pokemon card game players remember the power of Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon. EX Team Rocket Returns brings great new gameplay and tremendous excitement to the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Look for the EX series debut of Mewtwo ex, Snorlax ex, Gyarados, Ampharos, Dual Energy Dark Pokémon, a new holographic parallel set, a box topper in each booster display box, and much, much more!

As you can see, Team Rocket will be using both Kanto and Johto Pokemon, but no Hoenn Pokemon since Team Rocket is not affiliated with the region (and it is already taken by Team Aqua and Team Magma). I find it odd how they are releasing another Mewtwo ex, but I am thinking that it and all of the other cards in the set will be based off their Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, and Gym Challenge counterparts, such as with EX FireRed and LeafGreen being based off of the original sets.

As for the Deoxys set, I am guessing it will probably be released when the Deoxys movie comes to America, or that it will never be released and the cards in the set will be thrown in to a variety of different sets.

Remember, the pre-release for the set will be the last weekend of October and the first weekend of November, which is what we reported a while ago except that we thought the pre-releases would be for the Deoxys set.

We will be your #1 source for EX Team Rocket Returns, so be sure to check back here every once in a while for any new news on it! Also, when the pre-releases role around, you can be sure PokeBeach will be the first to have the scans of the set!
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     .::  ??? - September ??, 2004
This news story has been lost to time.
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     .::  Thursday - September 2nd, 2004
School Starts Today :(, No Updates Tomorrow
No updates today or tomorrow. Today I start school, and I am sending my laptop to the repair shop to be fixed. So, no scans will be added for a possible 1-2 weeks. However, I will be using my mom's computer to update this site with news and site updates, so you can still come back for those. :) Tomorrow I will be settling in at school, and will have to go to school at night to get my picture taken and will be going to some stores to get any extra school supplies I need, which is why I won't have time to update tomorrow. So, be sure to check back here Saturday for the latest news and updates!
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     .::  Wednesday - September 1st, 2004
Neo Revelation Scans Up
The Neo Revelation scans are now up! To view them, as well as the card list, you can [click here].

New Header
The Deoxys header was getting kind of old, so I decided to change it. The new one now fits the theme of the site (waves at a beach, not a starry sky), so I think it will look a bit cooler. The background is a photograph from real life that I took at the beach today (cropped, of course), and the Blastoise and Squirtle are from the original banner on the old site. I hope you enjoy it! The Deoxys header will be put back on the site for a few weeks when the Deoxys movie comes out in America.

Important Info on Scans
I have been receiving multiple daily e-mails from people asking to use PokeBeach's scans on their website. To save some people time from writing an email, the answer I tell everyone is basically a "No." (not that flat out, of course) I do not wish to be mean or rude to anyone when telling them that, but the high quality scans are what makes this site unique. If the scans were allowed to be used at other sites, this site would lose its uniqueness since other people would have what is the primary content of this site on theirs. So, I am sorry to say this, but PokeBeach's scans are not allowed to be used on any other website. There are no exceptions.

Also, another note. This has happened three already within the past few weeks, and it sickens me. People have stolen the scans off this website (entire sets at a time), and have covered the PokeBeach watermark that are on each of the cards with their own logo, as well as claiming ownership to them. Thanks to people who visit this website, I was notified of these thieveries and was able to have the people remove the scans from their sites. So, if any one sees scans from this website on another one, even if the person with the scans says on their site that they got permission from me, please notify me by going to the "Comments and Questions" page. Hopefully, no one else will steal from this site ever again with people on the lookout.

Oh boy, school starts tomorrow for me. :( For everyone else starting school or that has already started school, good luck in the school year, do your homework, and study for all your tests! Have a nice school year and stay out of trouble! :)
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     .::  Tuesday - August 31st, 2004
EX FireRed and LeafGreen Released
EX FireRed and LeafGreen was released yesterday. Today I did some hunting for booster packs, but all the stores I went to didn’t have any. I went to four Target stores in my area, called a few out of my area, and none of them had them, so I am assuming Target will be getting them late (Toys R Us didn’t have them either). If you want the packs early, you should try a Mom and Pop card shop, since they usually have merchandise early. Remember, EX FireRed and LeafGreen will feature Kanto Pokemon that are similar to their original counterparts from the very first Pokemon TCG sets, and will have 30 holos in the set (including EX’s and secret cards). To view the complete card list of the set, and the most scans of the set you will find anywhere else on the internet, you can [click here].

Pokemon Emerald Commercial
The official Japanese Pokemon website has put up a new commercial for Pokemon Emerald. To view the page that contains the links to the commercials, you can [click here]. You will need Windows Media Player or Real Player to view the commercial. The first links under each of the categories are the low quality videos, and the second links under the categories are the high quality videos. Pokemon Emerald will be released in Japan on September 16th, and in 2005 for America.
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     .::  Monday - August 30th, 2004
Deoxys TCG Set Pre-Release Dates
We now have exclusive news on the next TCG set that will be released in America, which is based on Deoxys! We now know that the pre-releases of the set will be the last weekend of October (Halloween is one of the days they will be on), and the first weekend of November. This information has not been 100% confirmed yet, but it came from a very reliable source. If this information changes, we will be sure to tell you.

Neo Discovery Scans Up
All of the Neo Discovery scans have been uploaded. To view the scans and card list, you can [click here].

TV Show Schedule / Next New Episode Updates
I have updated the TV Show Schedules for Kids’ WB and Cartoon Network at the bottom of the right menu. Kids’ WB has started to run new episodes of Pokemon after months of showing re-runs, so I also updated the “Next New Episode” section in the right menu for two new episodes that will be on Kids’ WB next Saturday. One of the episodes will feature the return of an old Pokemon that once caused chaos for Ash and crew in Kanto, the Orange Islands, and Johto, so be sure to watch both episodes to find out who it is!

Upcoming Release Dates Updated
The “Upcoming Release Dates” section has been updated with the Deoxys TCG set pre-release dates and the estimated release date of the set. To view it, scroll down to the middle of the right menu.
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