.::   Monday - September 11th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Sad day in history... However, we have an extremely large update today, probably one of the largest in a long time. We have Diamond and Pearl games / Anime news, TCG news and updates, and English Anime news.

So Many New Pokemon and So Much Info! - You saw this here first (and if you did not you are late)! Click the scans below to see the new Pokemon. Bangiras has translated every piece of information from the scans below, which you can view below the pictures. Enjoy, and thanks Bangiras for all her hard work in translating all of this information!


To identify the Pokemon listed below, look at the first two scans, and look at the Pokemon from left to right, from up to down.

  • Corobohshi (the bug guy) - the Cricket Pokemon. Type: Bug. Ability: Shed Skin. It can learn Growl.
  • Korinku (the blue, yellow, and black cat-thing) - the Flash Pokemon. Type: Electric. It has two abilities, Intimidate and Fighting Spirit. Fighting Spirit increases its Attack power when something (not sure what - perhaps Ability?) is shared with the opponent. It can learn Spark.
  • Subomi (green and yellow guy): the Bud Pokemon. Types: Grass/Poison. Abilities: Natural Cure or Poison Point. Evolves into: Roselia. It can learn Mega Drain.
  • Mukkuru (the brown bird): the Starling Pokemon. Types: Normal/Flying. Ability: Keen Eyes. It can learn an attack called Brave Bird, which is a strong Flying type attack. It is a 1HKO move.
  • Beappa (the beaver): the Round Mouse Pokemon. Type: Normal. Ability: Unknown, but it is new. It can learn Tackle.
  • Pinpuku (Chansey pre-evo): the Pretending Pokemon. Type: Normal. Abilities: Natural Cure and Serene Grace. It likes to "play house." o_O It can learn Charm.
  • Zugaidos (the pachycephalosaur): the Headbutt Pokemon. Type: Rock. Ability: Fantastic, which apparently blocks the opponent's ability. He learns Take Down and a new attack called Double Edged Headbutt, which is a rock-type version of Double Edge.
  • Tatetops (the yellow dinosaur): the Shield Pokemon. Types: Rock / Metal. Ability: Sturdy. It can learn Ancient Power and Metal Buster, which is a massively damaging Steel attack.
  • Masukippa: the Flytrap Pokemon. Type: Grass. Ability: Levitate. It can learn Vine Whip.
  • Minomucchi (the pineco-looking thing): the Bagworm Pokemon. Type: Bug. Ability: Shed Skin. He is most likely the pre-evolution to Pineco. He can learn Protect.
  • Dialga (the blue Diamond legendary) is Steel / Dragon.
  • Palkia (the pink Pearl legendary) is Water / Dragon.
  • The new Poke Balls in the scans are Heal Ball, which heals a Pokemon when it's caught, and Dark Ball, which has a high catch rate in darker areas.
  • One of the members of Team Galaxy (which could possibly be "Astro" when the name is adapted in America) is named Mars (the woman in the fourth picture).
  • The Kurogane City Gym Leader is named Hyouta, and he gives out the Coal Badge (the guy in the fourth picture).

  • In the Union Room, you can trade, swap records, chat, have a quick battle with two level 30 Pokemon, or draw a picture on the oekaki (image) board with four other people.
  • Over a DS-DS wireless connection, you can use the Union Room, play minigames together, compete in Super Contests, battle in a Battle Tower multi battle.
  • Over Wi-Fi, you can use the Pokemon Wi-Fi Club (Wi-Fi version of Union Room), use the Global Trade Station, use the Battle Tower, trade, voice chat, or do a level 30 battle.

Diamond and Pearl Anime Clues - Looking at the below image (click for a larger scan), it would appear as if Ash will be choosing Naetle for his journey through Shinou. It also looks as if there will be a new rival, who has chosen Hikorazu. And it's also important to note that May, Max, Brock, and Misty are no where to be found on the image. Perhaps Ash will travel with two new characters?


POP 4 Scans - Thanks to Benlugia, we now have most of the POP 4 scans! Click the links below to view them. Each link opens in a new window.

  • [2/17 Deoxys d]
  • [6/17 Combusken]
    Deoxys by Ken Sugimori
  • [8/10 Heal Energy]
  • [9/10 Pokemon Fan Club]
  • [10/17 Scramble Energy]
  • [11/17 Mudkip]
  • [12/17 Pidgey]
  • [13/17 Pikachu]
  • [14/17 Squirtle]
  • [15/17 Treecko d]
  • [16/17 Wobbuffet]
  • [17/17 Deoxys ex]

Promo #34 - Typhlosion - Benlugia has also scanned promo #34, Typhlosion, which is a reprint of the EX Unseen Forces card, but with different art. It is available in the Value Pack 2, which sadly comes with an EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua, EX Hidden Legends, and EX Team Rocket Returns booster pack (all of which have been rotated out of the modified format). The kits go for around $9.00.

Typhlosion, Promo #34

Preview of "Chip Off the Old Brock" - Click the link to the preview below to play the video clip. Is it just me or does Brock sound almost exactly like the old Brock? He is getting so close to the original voice actor that it's weird. This episode airs on Saturday at 9:30.

[Preview of "Chip Off the Old Brock"]

New Card Review - Today's [card review] features a Trainer card that stops a Pokemon from attacking. What is this card? Why it's [Holon Circle from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

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.::   Friday - September 8th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Wow, the voices were actually pretty good. At some points when I was not looking at the television, I could have sworn Ash and especially Brock sounded exactly the same as their original voice actors. May and Max were different, of course, but they still fit their characters. Team Rocket was also pretty good. As for the Mystery Dungeon special, they called Ekans, Arbok, which was the only goof in the episode. Hopefully we will not have those anymore, as we do not want a Mewtwo Strikes Back situation on our hands...

Removed! Tune in next time!

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.::   Friday - September 8th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Sorry for not updating yesterday. I fell asleep when I came home from school and then woke up way too late to update the site - I had to do my homework. Also, I had an unusual craving to watch The Empire Strikes Back, so I wasted all my time. :p

Mystery Dungeon SpecialSeason 9 and Mysterious Dungeon TODAY - And all this time I thought they were Saturday, but they are actually today! Mystery Dungeon airs at 8:00 PM, while the first Battle Frontier episode, Fear Factor Phony, airs at 8:30 PM. They air on Cartoon Network, of course. Don't have Cartoon Network? Well guess what?! We'll put up the episodes here at least 30 mins after they air, since I will be at home, will be recording them, and will have the ability to upload them immediately. How will I put them up? Using a torrent file! Basically, you need to download a Bittorent program, such as BitTornado, and then you download the torrent file when the file is ready, which will link you to other people's computers to download the videos. Don't understand what I am talking about? Then just follow the instructions below!

So that you are ready for later today, here is your homework.

1. Download Bittorando.
2. Install Bittorando by opening up the downloaded file. Once installation is done, wait for me to put up the first torrent file, which will be of the Mystery Dungeon special. It should be up around 8:40 - 8:55 PM (PST).

No late work accepted.

When the torrent file is made available here today, there will be additional instructions on how to download the videos. For now, just install the Bittornado program so that you can get the episodes when they become available.

ElekibleDiamond / Pearl Anime News - The final preview of the last Advanced Generation episode aired recently in Japan. As with all episodes in Japan, at the end there is a preview of the next episode, to which we have taken screenshots of. The first set of screenshots are a preview of the final AG episode, while the second set is a preview of the Diamond and Pearl season's first episode. From the previews, it seems as if Gary will have an Elekible in the last AG episode, while in the first D/P episode, Hikari will choose Pocchama as her starter. To view the screenshots, click here (the monkey is a super saiyan). During the last AG episode preview, Ash also gave a narration, to which Bangiras has translated below.

We've been traveling together for so long, but now it's finally time for us to separate. May, Max, Brock, even though our paths are different, we'll always be friends--and rivals! Pokemon battles never end! Next time on Pocket Monsters Advance Generation: "The End of a Journey and The Beginning of a Journey!" Everyone GET Pokemon!

Furthermore, three new titles were revealed for Diamond and Pearl's season, which gives us the name of one Pokemon, Subomi. In Japanese, "subomu" means "folded up," so perhaps this name refers to the cat Pokemon revealed the other day, which seemed to be a spring-like-folded-up-cat-thing. Just a theory, and nothing more.

Ep 2: Find Pikachu! Route 202!
Ep 3: Rival Battle! Three vs. Three!
Ep 4: Pocchama vs. Subomi! Hikari's First Battle!

New Card Review - Today's [card review] features a Pokemon that uses boulders as protection when a storm is coming. What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Swampert ex from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

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.::   Wednesday - September 6th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Jesse, James, Meowth Preview Clip - The following clip depicts the new voices of Team Rocket, and will be part of the episode that will air on Saturday titled "Fear Factor Phony." In the video, the Haunter is actually shouting "Ghost," which is its Japanese name.

[Video No Longer Available]

EX Dragon Frontiers - The name of the two theme decks in EX Dragon Frontiers will be Power Wave and Shadow Blaze. The set will be available to buy in stores on November 8th. I have now also added pictures to the main page in the left menu.

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.::   Tuesday - September 5th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

How to Transfer from GBA Games to D/P - The official Japanese Yahoo Diamond and Pearl website has put up a new page detailing how to transfer your old Pokemon to Diamond and Pearl, to which Bangiras has translated from this page. Thanks Bangiras!

Pikachu in Diamond and PearlStep 1: Get the National Dex! All of the Shinou Pokemon are featured in the Shinoh Dex, but once you power up to the National Dex you can record information about Pokemon from beyond the Shinou region as well.

Step 2: Insert a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, or Leaf Green game pack into the DS's GBA slot and go to the D/P start up screen. Along with the usual options of continuing or starting a new game, you will be given an option to transfer Pokemon from the GBA pack that you inserted.

Step 3: The Pokemon storage box from your Advance game will appear on the lower screen of the DS. Tap the Pokemon that you want to transfer and an icon will appear above each one indicating that it has been selected. You can transfer 6 Pokemon at a time but you can't transfer Pokemon from the same copy of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, or Leaf Green more than once in a 24 hour period.

Step 4: The Pokemon that you transfer to D/P will appear in a place called the Pal Park. You need to buy special Pokeballs called Park Balls to capture Pokemon in the Pal Park, which have a 100% catch rate. Pokemon that are naturally rare will be harder to find and capture. Once you capture all 6 Pokemon, they will be transferred to your PC and you will be able to use them in D/P! However, you will never be able to transfer them back to your GBA games, so you better choose wisely on the ones you want to transfer. When you look at the Trainer Memo on the Pokemon's status page, it will tell you which region the Pokemon originated from.

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.::   Monday - September 4th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Pokemon Learning LeaguePokemon Learning League and May's New Voice - Is your kid stupid? Does he or she seriously lack basic knowledge that your snobby neighbor's kid knows? Do you find yourself asking what went wrong with your kid or if your partner dropped him or her on the head when you weren't looking? No, I'm just joking - everyone is smart in his or her own way - no one is really stupid. A new Pokemon Learning League Website has opened, with the intentions of teaching children from grades three through six lessons on the basic subjects of school. Most likely, it will help to aid children in school and help to improve their knowledge, giving them the edge over other kids. I wish they had made this when I was in third grade. On the website, you can see a demo of a science lesson in which you learn about the moon, and it is pretty interesting - I found myself being reminded of terms I only learned two years ago as a Sophomore. In addition, you can hear the new voice of May on the website, which will be used in the upcoming Battle Frontier season, as well as the old voice of Ash (from the original Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon special - remember, his voice is no longer being used in the Anime). Check it out!

Modifed Carddex Updated - The [Modified Carddex] has been updated with all legal sets as of now (Deoxys through Crystal Guardians), excluding promos. If you cannot see that it has not been updated, clear your cache. For those of you who do not know what the Modified Carddex is, it is a handy tool that lets you view all cards that you can use in Pokemon Trading Card Game tournaments (remember - excluding promos). For more experienced players, it is handy in that you can view pre-evolutions of cards (such as Aron) and choose the best one for your deck (such as for your Aggron ex deck). For everyone, it allows you view scans of all cards you can use in a tournament on one simple page.

New Card Review - Today's [card review] features a Pokemon that can create terrific windstorms. What is this Pokemon? Why it's [Shiftry from EX Crystal Guardians]! To comment on this card and its reviews, you may post in this thread.

Apprentice Patch Update - Venusaur has updated the Apprentice patch with all known promos, as well as the POP 4 set. You can download the patch on our Apprentice page. If you do not know what Apprentice is or have never tried it, you are missing out! it is a program that allows you to play the Pokemon Trading Card game online against other people and by yourself, and is handy for testing out new decks. Check it out if you have not already!

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.::   Monday - September 4th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1: Oh man, the news sure looks great with the new layout. I am so glad I made it. (random)

Will update again later today with TCG stuff for sure.

Diamond and Pearl Anime Info - The official Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Anime site has been updated with a new picture of the Diamond and Pearl girl trainer, Hikari, telling us about how she will begin her journey in the new region of Shinou. Bangiras has translated the image's text below (click the thumbnail following the translation for the actual image). Apparently, this will be a two-hour special airing September 28th in Japan.

Hikari is a ten-year-old girl who lives in the Shinou region. Today is the big day when she leaves on her journey to become a newbie Pokemon Trainer. First, in order to get her starter Pokemon, Hikari departs for the Pokemon research lab in the next town, but gets completely lost. At the research lab, the Starter Pokemon Naetle, Hikozaru, and Pocchama are starting to quarrel loudly. The Pokemon then run away from the lab, causing even more chaos. What kind of crazy trip is this going to be for Hikari?!

The above is most likely the episode that's title was released a while ago, titled "Journey from Futaba Town to Masago Town!" Since Futaba Town is where the journey begins, one can assume that Hikari is traveling from Futaba Town to where the professor is (which is most likely Masago Town) to choose her starter. You might even be able to go as far as saying that in the Diamond and Pearl games, you will leave Futaba Town and head towards the professor's laboratory, and on your way, you will encounter the three starters (that escaped) and choose one (although, the video with the briefcase where you choose the starters doesn't really support this theory - unless the professor gets the Pokemon back and then gets attacked and you have to choose a Pokemon to fight with - yeah, too much thinking). But this is just speculation.

Diamond and Pearl Anime

Ash's New Clothes - Ash will be getting new clothes for Shinou, just like for Hoenn (at least if this scan is legit). Click the thumbnail below to view his new attire. Don't you love the originality of his hat and gloves?

Diamond and Pearl Ash Clothing

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.::   Sunday - September 3rd, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Please continue to report any errors in the layout, including broken links, in this thread. I have fixed the set links in the left menu and [Ken Sugimori] page links so far, and hopefully there are no other broken links left.

Two New Videos - Yesterday on Cartoon Network, I recorded two new commericals - one for the Battle Frontier season and one for the Mystery Dungeon special. In the Battle Frontier video, you can hear the new voice of Ash and Max, and in the Mystery Dungeon Video, you can hear Pokemon talking in English. Click the videos to play them. If they are skipping as you play them, click the video to pause it so that it loads, and then click the beginning of the video on the bottom to start it from the beginning.

[Videos No Longer Available]

I will update the site again later on tonight.

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.::   Saturday - September 2nd, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Because I felt like it. :p If you find any errors, glitches, broken stuff, or whatever concerning the new layout, please report them in this thread. Comments are also welcome. Both of the Diamond and Pearl legendaries in the banner were created by the very talented artist, Cascade_Gon_Pory, so thank him for the coolness of the banner!

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.::   Friday - September 1st, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

I spy, with my eyes, two new Pokemon (click thumbnail for larger image). Also, please read the previous two news stories if you have not been here lately.

Two New Pokemon

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