.::   Sunday - November 26th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #3: Bangiras has translated all of the cards that have been released so far. You can view her translations by [clicking here]. Note that the document contains translations from the entry packs, theme decks, and main set - not just from the main set.

EDIT #2: Added one Pokemon Level X translation below and two new scans.

EDIT #1: Added a ton of new D/P scans below.

As per my e-mail with the Pokemon TCG press-release guy a few weeks ago, we should have a new press release regarding EX Power Keepers tomorrow. I will add to this update tonight, including new sets of scans.

Pokemon Card Game: DP Scans and Translations - New news is starting to come in on the next set in Japan, [Pokemon Card Game: DP]! We will keep adding to this news story as we receive more scans and translations from Bangiras! Once you click an image, hover over it and click "Next" to scroll through the rest of the scans. Click "Close X" on the bottom when you are done.

Level X Rule / Mechanic
Play this card on top of your Active (Dodaitose) to Level Up. Attacks and Poke-Powers from prior to Leveling Up may still be used, and old Poke-Bodies also work.

Goukazaru Lv.X - Fire - HP120 Level Up

Poke-Power: Burning Head - Once during your turn, you may use this power. Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Put 1 in your hand and discard the other 2. This power can't be used if Goukazaru is affected by a Special Condition.

[R][R] Massive Flare: 150 damage. Choose 8 Fire Energy from your discard pile, show them to your opponent, and shuffle them into your deck. If you can't return 8 Fire Energy to your deck, this attack does nothing.

Weakness: Water (+30)
Retreat: 0

Please do not post the above translations on any site without permission. Thanks.

To discuss these new developments, please post in this thread on our forums.

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.::   Friday - November 24th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

News sure is slow this week.

E-Card Set Scans Up - [Expedition], [Aquapolis], and [Skyridge] now have their scans up. Just me formatting these scans for the internet took hours and hours - I do not even want to imagine how long Shakespeare spent editing every single scan individually. So then... does everyone know what this means, now that we have the e-card set scans up? It means that we now have the majority of scans for each main set! Of course, we still plan on replacing those old, pre-release scans of the EX sets, as well as getting the scans of the promos and reprint sets up, so we will be doing so within the next few days so that we may have the most complete database of Pokemon Trading Card Game scans anywhere on the internet. Once the scans are out of the way, we will begin to work on other projects as well, both TCG related and not, so stay tuned to PokeBeach!

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.::   Friday - November 24th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! If you did not get the chance, be sure to thank everyone who you love and appreciate, such as your parents and/or grandparents, and tell them how much they mean to you!

More and More Scans! - And now we have [EX Ruby and Sapphire], [EX Sandstorm], and [EX Dragon] scans available for viewing, with the rest on the way soon! Thanks go to Shakespeare for scanning and editing all of the cards!

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.::   Wednesday - November 22nd, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT: Credit goes to nYoo from BMG for the first Ken Sugimori picture below.

Turkey Day in one day, 24 minutes. UC applications due next Thursday, ideally Monday. Christmas in... 32 days? Manaphy movie available for illegal downloading in... a month? Half a month? School ending in about... seven months? :( Still lots of things to do before the end of this year!

Feraligatr from Neo GenesisAll Four Neo Set Scans Finished - Check out the [Neo Genesis], [Neo Discovery], [Neo Revelation], and [Neo Destiny] scans. Thanks go to Shakespeare for scanning and editing all of them. Tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that, we will have two new sets - not sure which, though - most likely, EX Ruby and Sapphire and EX Sandstorm.

Ken Sugimori Pokemon Images - Several new official images have been released of the new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, allowing us to see them in a different perspective than that of the sprites from the games. Click the links below to see the images.

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.::   Saturday - November 18th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #2:Have to put off the scans for another night - have too much homework and too little time. Sorry. :(

EDIT #1: Wow, I ended up getting home four hours after I thought I would. Thus, I will have to put off the scans until tomorrow, which means we will have all four Neo sets up by then. On the bright side, Bangiras did manage to translate the cards below, which you can view on our [Pokemon Card Game: DP] page. Enjoy!

  • [Weavile]
  • [Jibacoil]
  • [Kabarudon]
  • [Fuwaraido]
  • [Elekibble]

Translations later (Elekibble is already translated on our [Pokemon Card Game: DP] page). There will also be more updates later today.

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.::   Friday - November 17th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Just a few more days until Turkey Day, but more importantly, a few more days until we all GET SCHOOL OFF!!!

Gym Heroes and Challenge Scans Done - Yeah, you all know the procedure. [Gym Heroes] and [Gym Challenge] are now done. Remember, you can always access these card scans and set lists from the left menu under "Card Scans and Lists." A huge thanks goes to Shakespeare for scanning and editing all of the cards for me! By the end of next week - possibly a little into the week after that - we plan on having every single Pokemon Trading Card Game set finished. If we don't have them done by then, we will have them close to done. Be sure to keep checking back! Tomorrow, Neo Genesis and Discovery will go up.

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.::   Thursday - November 16th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1:This web page has some new and high-resolution screenshots of Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Tomorrow in English, we get to do yoga, instead of Oedipus Rex / Blood Wedding / Doll House (they are plays we have been reading). :D Anyone else have an English teacher who understands the stress students have to go through?

Dark Blastoise from Team RocketFossil and Team Rocket Scans Up - 'Nuff said. Shakespeare scanned them, me gotted them. Check out [Fossil] and [Team Rocket]. And since I will most likely be stress-free tomorrow (from the yoga), we might have both Gym sets up as well. Maybe - can't guarantee it - who knows what will happen? The world could blow up tomorrow and the scans with them, therefore, I cannot say for 100% that there will be scans here tomorrow. So yeah. :p

Ken Sugimori Pokemon Images - The [Ken Sugimori gallery] has been updated with the recently released Pokemon images that we posted the other day. Check them out!

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.::   Tuesday - November 14th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1:Added two new translations and pictures of Dialga and Palkia to the [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl page]. Also added the "Official Websites Updated" news story below (the last article).

Sorry for not updating since Saturday - school is taking over, as usual. Plus, I have an AP Bio test tomorrow on the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. Anytime I have a Bio test, updates are sure to be slower than usual.

Jungle Scans Added - Shakespeare has scanned and edited Jungle, and you can now view the scans by [clicking here]. We have also made the decision that from now on, we are just going to put up the scans after they have been edited by Shakespeare, and I will not edit them until later on. In the past, Shakespeare has just scanned the cards and I have edited them, but since he is now learning how to edit, the scans come to me mostly done. Recently, he has edited them to the best of his ability, then, because I am a paranoid perfectionist, I have spent several minutes on each scan taking off smudges, adjusting the coloring, cropping them better etc. But since I am sure you all would rather just see the scans first, we are just going to throw them up from now on, and then further edit them later on to make them perfect. This way, we can get sets up faster. Tomorrow (maybe), we will (maybe) have Fossil (maybe). Maybe. The day after we might have Team Rocket.

New Diamond and Pearl Translations - Vincent has translated four cards from the Diamond and Pearl set, including Magnemite, Sneasel, Heracross, and Dustox. You can view them on our [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl] page. We have also now confirmed for sure (since there seems to be confusion among people) that for the Diamond and Pearl cards, the weakness damage indicated on each individual Pokemon card is the only extra damage applied to an attack (you don't double the damage, then add the extra damage - you only add the extra damage). For example, Heracross' weakness is Fire for 20 extra damage. If a Growlithe attacks Heracross for 10 damage, he takes 30. If a Moltres attacks Heracross for 200 damage, he takes 220 damage, whereas previously, Heracross would have taken 400. Since this means less damage to a Pokemon with a weakness, battles are sure to last longer and Pokemon are most likely going to be out on the field longer than ever before (more than 1-2 turns as it has been recently, since most of them get knocked out so quickly you barely get to use them). This also will allow everyone to get out those new Pokemon lv.X easier without your previous stages getting knocked out instantly, since Pokemon lv. X, in a way, can be considered the third stage of a Pokemon (basic being Naetle, first Hayashigame, second Dotaitos, and third Dotaitos lv.X). The game is for sure going to change...

Official Websites Updated - The official Pokemon Yahoo Kids website has been updated with several new pages containing a lot of Ken Sugimori artwork. The official Pokemon Battle Revolution website has also been updated with more videos and images as well. Click the links below to view the pages.

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.::   Saturday - November 11th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #1:For those of you who want to hear Veronica Taylor, Ash's original voice actor, check out the anime movie Grave of the Fireflies tonight at 7 PM on Turner Classic Movies. She plays the mother in the movie, and the movie itself is pretty good (it's about World War II and two children who have to live through it - it's done by Studio Ghibli, the same company that animated Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle, etc.).

I am so tired... I spent all day working on the following two site updates. I need water and someone to knock into my head that I should be doing schoolwork instead of Pokemon. :p

Modified Carddex Revamped - Geeez! This took so long to do! I watched My Neighbor Totoro twice on DVD, Freaky Friday once (on Disney Channel), and Jirachi Wishmaker (on Cartoon Network) while doing just this. Anyways, the Modified Carddex has been re-done, including new search features, EX Dragon Frontiers, and fixed card names. When you go to the Carddex, be sure to check out the left pullout menu, as that will help you organize the cards better when you want to look for something. If you have any suggestions or spot any errors, please post in this thread! Also, the Carddex is now at an easier-to-access address, which is http://www.pokebeach.com/cdex. You can check out the Modified Format Carddex by [clicking here]!

Base Set Scans Finished - And we are only eight years late! Thanks to Shakespeare, who scanned the cards, we now have all 1st Edition Base Set shadowless (ultra rare and expensive) (can I throw in any more adjectives?) scans, including the red cheek Pikachu. Check out the nostalgic cards by [clicking here]! Expect Jungle or EX Legend Maker next!

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.::   Friday - November 10th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #2:For those of you on the west coast, Jirachi Wishmaker just started (at 5:00 PM) on Cartoon Network.

EDIT #1: Tonight at 6:00 PM on Cartoon Network will be two new episodes of Pokemon. Right now, there is a Pokemon marathon going on as well, featuring recent Battle Frontier episodes. Be sure to tune in to Cartoon Network!

I will add to this update later. Thank goodness I get today off!

New PCG: DP Images - I have added a new Lucario and Riolu card to our [Pokemon Card Game: Diamond and Pearl page]. The cards appear to be the same ones as the entry packs, but with different art. Also, the set will be coming out in twenty days, so we will have all of the translations by then!

Old Japanese Revelation Lugia Trailer - I came across this on YouTube several weeks ago, but forgot to post about it. It's one of the first trailers for "Revelation Lugia" (or Pokemon 2000). Pretty cool!

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