Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 @ 4 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

There will be a ton of news up tomorrow. I would had put more up today, but I completely overslept in taking a nap after I came home from school. :p

The Next TCG American Set - The name of the next set has been revealed, and it sure comes as a surprise! The next American set will be named EX Holon Phantoms. It has the same name as the Japanese set name that we translated, except that it has been made plural (and of course "EX" is added to the title, as usual). It is surprising that PUI is sticking to the Japanese set names now - maybe they will keep Miracle Crystal the same as well. Now, as we know, Holon Phantom only consists of 52 cards, and there is probably a 100% chance that PUI will add more cards to the American release to get the set around to 80 or 90ish cards. One idea that comes to mind would be the Mew / Lucario gift box set, which consists of 25 unique Pokemon (excluding Lucario), and would be the perfect addition to the set. Adding that to the 52 cards, we get 77 cards, which is still kind of small. Add in about 8 or 9 trainer cards, and maybe Rainbow, Dark, and Metal Energy, we can get around 90ish cards. I personally wish that we could get Miracle Crystal mixed into the set so that we would be caught up with the Japanese, but it is highly unlikely. What is likely is that the Mew / Lucario Gift Box will be added into Holon Phantom to create EX Holon Phantoms, and we will be one set behind, which is not bad at all since we are in fact catching up to Japan. Remember, EX Holon Phantoms will be released in early May for America (it's weird making it 'Phantoms' after calling it Holon Phantom for so many months...).

Miracle Crystal - The Miracle Crystal page has been updated with a few new tid-bits on the set. Thanks goes to Vincent for the information.

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Monday, February 13th, 2006 @ 6 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

ManafiNEW POKEMON! - This image was just posted on the net, and I was just able to get it from someone. We are not sure where it originated from, but I will credit whoever posted it on the net when we discover who uploaded it.

Vincent has translated the name of this Pokemon to be "Manafi." This Pokemon will appear in the 9th Pokemon movie featuring Kyogre, "Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea," and is in fact "the prince of the sea." It kind of looks like the Jirachi/Mew/Celebi of Diamond and Pearl. More info later, and I will be editing this news story as we get new info.

The large version of this Pokemon and other Pokemon can be seen by [clicking here].

EDIT: Okay, let's examine the full-blown picture of [Manafi and other Diamond and Pearl Pokemon]. First off, we can see that there are three Pokemon shadows below the three Manafi pictures. The first one reminds me of a Mantine (pre-evo?) or a fish, the second one reminds me of an Eeveelution or something related to Flaafy, and the third looks like an evolved Flying Pokemon either holding a flag, having a sharp weapon on its head, or as the magazine describes, it could be a Pokemon shaped as a musical note. Not much to discuss about those three.

So, going on to Manafi, I will bet 100 dollars that it is the Jirachi/Celebi/Mew of Diamond/Pearl. All three of those Pokemon are small and cute, which seems to be the trend with those Pokemon. Not to mention, this Pokemon will appear in the 9th Pokemon movie - Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea (with probably Manafi at the end of the title). Similar to Jirachi being sealed in a crystal cocoon, it looks like Manafi will be sealed in a pearl-like egg thing. Also notice how May is holding the egg. Max was the star of Jirachi, who was in a cocoon, so maybe May will be the star of the 9th movie, with Manafi and its egg-thing. Maybe Kyogre is protecting it from something, like an evil Pokemon Ranger? :p

Manafi also looks like a water type to me, simply because its blue, is in the ocean, will be in the 9th movie involving the ocean, and because the magazine says so! :p According to the magazine, it is one other type as well, but it is not revealed to us. It might be Psychic. Manafi also reminds me of a water fairy / sprite.

Also, Manafi kind of looks like [Chao] from the Sonic games.

You can discuss [Manafi] on [our forums].

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Saturday, February 11th, 2006 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Today's update concerns the forums and where this site needs to go in the future.

Forum Stuff - I know I have had to have said this about ten times, but I and others have been so surprised at how much activity the forums have been getting compared to the old ones that were basically dead. I am so glad that I chose to start them over and to not abandon them. Anyways, just a few notes on the forums. First off, if you are ever on the internet and have no one to play with on Apprentice, go into our forums and post a new thread in the "Online Card Battling" forum and ask if anyone wants to play against you. I don't know any forum that would allow you to do this, but I guess we are trying to be a little different here and want to meet players' demands better. When you finish your battle or when someone responds, please post in the thread and let us know so that we can close it. Also, I hate so much how I don't know what to do with improving the forums or getting more people to come to them. If you have any sort of suggestion on what I can do, please post in [this thread].

Website Stuff - My sleeping habits were weird today. I woke up at 1 AM, stayed up for a few hours, went back to bed around 5 AM, woke up around 8:30 AM, fell asleep after Pokemon ended, woke up at 1 PM, and now it's almost 10 PM. In my excessive need for REM sleep today, and in my boredom of having nothing planned at all for this three-day weekend, I got to thinking on what I need to improve with this site. First I though of the coding on the site, which if I fixed would give us better search results on search engines like Google. Then I thought of working on card scans, since people like card scans. Then I thought of the forums and some other random ideas. In all of this thinking, I never actually accomplished anything today, since I wanted to get something done with the site. So, in my frustration, here is a rant:

Okay, so card scans. We don't have any of the Unlimited set scans up. While browsing through my folders of scans today, I discovered many set scans I had worked on in the past, but gave up on since I didn't think I had edited them perfectly. I literally had worked on Sandstorm almost 15 times through, yet was never satisfied with the quality of my edits due to me being a perfectionist. However, I think that my constant urge to make the scans as perfect as possible is what is causing me to delay them so much. So, what if I were to just throw up all the raw scans on the site, and then edit them at a later time? That way, we would have scans of all the sets up, which would be better than nothing, and then I could edit them later and post the edited, tilted, color-adjusted scans up when I finished them. What do you guys think of that?

Then there is the layout. No one ever comments on it, and I feel that the layout is hard to display everything we have on here to someone who is new. If someone were to come to this site for their first time, would they even see that we have scans, since it is so far down on the page? Would they see that there will be a future Japanese set called Miracle Crystal, which has its own little link about 3/4ths of the page down? I really need suggestions on this, because I don't feel people are getting all the information they want. This frustration is what mainly caused me to put up the EX Legend Maker / Holon Phantom image links at the top of this page, so that people would know they exist.

Thirdly, there is the popularity of PokeBeach. How popular is the site? Is it getting to anyone's computer screens? I always wonder this. We always have good and unique information, yet sometimes I wonder who it is actually getting to. How do I advertise the site better? Do I copy bulbasnore's idea and pass out little business cards of my site to people at tournaments? :p (I like the idea) Do I affiliate with sites more? Do I hold a gun to people's heads and make them go advertise my site in real life to people? What on earth can I do?

Overall, I just feel lost. No one ever tells me anything or is nit-picky about my site, so I am always left to questions. I want people to tell me that when they use Internet Explorer, my site shows up funny! I want them to tell me one of my card scans are crooked! I want them to tell me an idea! Yet, no one ever does, and I am just left to wonder.

So, if you have anything to say about anything, please, PLEASE, PLEASE post in [this thread] and tell me anything that is on your mind. ANYTHING. I want this discussion to be open to the public, so do not e-mail me. If one person says something in public, maybe it will spark something in someone else or an idea or anything. Thank you.

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Our forums are thriving more so than they ever have in the past! If you have not [signed up] on them, you should, as there will be a few surprises coming up on the forum in the near future.

Mew's US Title - Revealed! - A source has e-mailed me with information stating that the US title for Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero will be "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew." This title has not been completely confirmed, as the person who e-mailed me did not give any evidence as to where the name came from, but the person has given me info in the past that has turned out to be correct. Thus, it may not be true, but then again, there is a chance that it could be. I will post an update on whether or not it is the true title when more information on the movie is released. If it is, we will know for sure that Lucario is spelled as LUCARIO, and not Rukario, as I have been ranting about since forever. :p

EDIT (20 seconds later): Our affiliate Bulbagarden has confirmed the title, and that it came from the most recent issue of the "Pokemon Fan" magazine. Thus, the info is true. Now that we know the title, we know that LUCARIO is LUCARIO and not Rukario, as my sources told me months ago (and in which Serebii tried to cover up since he did not have the information first - wonder what his excuse will be now). The same source also told me that Mr. Mime's pre-evolution would have a suffix in its name, so I guess I can post that little tid-bit now, since the original source who told me Lucario's name turned out to be right months later. Aren't you glad that you can trust PokeBeach and its sources?

Apprentice Patch Updated with Final Legend Maker Patch - Venasaur has finished working on the final version of the Apprentice EX Legend Maker patch! You can download it by visiting our [Apprentice Program] page.

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006 @ 7 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EX Legend MakerMore EX Legend Maker Scans Added, Deck Box - Thanks to Pokeblob and PokeMontoya, we have added thirteen new scans to our [EX Legend Maker page]. There are some new scans, as well as scans that have replaced those official, low-quality images. An interesting note is that Banette ex still has a space in front of its name, thus having retained its error from the Pokemon.no official image. The good news is, though, that PUI added the "Evolves from Shuppet" text that was missing on the official image from before. Interesting stuff. Oddish196 has also sent us a picture of the EX Legend Maker deck box you get at the pre-releases, which you can see by clicking the thumbnail below.

EX Legend Maker Deck Box

EX Legend Maker Theme Deck Lists - Our [Theme Deck Lists] page has been updated with the [EX Legend Maker theme decks]. The decks are actually constructed better than usual this time, including cards such as React Energy and Fieldworker.

Apprentice Page Updated with EX Legend Maker - Our [Apprentice Program] page has been updated with a beta EX Legend Maker patch, for those of you who want to start using the EX Legend Maker cards. Please note that this is a beta patch, and is not completely accurate, as we have not seen all of the English scans to have changed the attack names of Pokemon, which PUI likes to rename. We will probably have a 100% finished EX Legend Maker patch sometime during this week. Thanks goes to Venusaur, Worlds 2004-2005 champion, for having worked on the patch.

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 @ 3 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EDIT: I have added official artwork for Cradily, Armaldo ex, Walrein ex, Regice *, Banette ex, and Mew ex to the EX Legend Maker scan page. These are official images, and are NOT scans.

Alright, I have erased the original news story completely and am starting a new one since I am finished with the card lists and scans. If you have not been coming to PokeBeach for the past six or so hours, you probably do not know what is going on. Well, what is going on is that Pokeblob sent in to us 73 EX Legend Maker scans, and I had been adding them in one by one at several points in time during those six hours in which only some of the scans could be seen. Now all of the scans and the set list are done, and you can now view them just like any other set. I am sure that by Saturday night or Sunday morning, we will have all of the EX Legend Maker scans, as we are only missing twenty.

[EX Legend Maker Scans and Card List]

Please keep in mind that there are a few errors in the list I purposely made so that I would know if anyone were to steal the list. We are the only site to have EX Legend Maker scans and a set list, so we have to protect them from thieves (especially foreign sites who like to steal from here ALL THE TIME). The set list and scans may not be used without permission anywhere.

I will add the theme deck lists and other EX Legend Maker goodies tomorrow. Right now, I really need to get to my Psychology and AP US homework since it is now 8:30 and I have been editing the scans since I got home from school around 2:30ish. If you have any questions at all on EX Legend Maker, or would just like to post comments on the set or talk about combos, please post in the forum topic for EX Legend Maker by clicking "View/Add Comments" below. If you have not registered on our forums yet, you may do so by clicking "Register" below.

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Second semester of my Junior year in high school started yesterday. Now I can relax since finals are over and I should not be getting any major homework soon. I am looking forward to May when it comes to AP US and AP/IB Psychology testing time. :p

Fake Card Blanks Section - UP! - Thanks to Fangking, who donated to PokeBeach all of his blanks, we now have over 230 fake card Pokemon TCG blanks! He first gave them to me around Christmas Break, where I started to edit them, but I gave up when I could not get the Pokemon-ex blanks to look right since I wanted to re-do the borders to look more like real EX cards. Then yesterday at school during a boring lecture on "The Fall of the House of Usher," I suddenly was struck by inspiration on how I can fix the problems I was having with them, and worked on them when I got home. So, now they are all done. If you find any errors, please post them on the forums or e-mail me. Thanks again to Fangking for creating all of the high-quality blanks! I will soon put up a guide and resources for creating fake cards. To start using the fake card blanks in the future, look under "Resource Center" in the left menu and click which gallery you would like to access.

[EX Series Blanks]
[Dark Pokemon Blanks]
[Dual-Type Pokemon Blanks]

Mew exEX Legend Maker - Mew ex
[Pokemon.no] has posted another image from EX Legend Maker, this time being Mew ex! Click the thumbnail on the right for a larger image. "OMG THE CARD'S NOT HOLO!!!" Since I am STILL seeing confusion on official images of cards, I will repeat what I said a couple of news stories ago. These are the images that PUSA prints out from their computers on to holographic paper. They don't make the cards holo on the computer, and just expect the ink to make it look holographic (Can any of your printers make one of PokeBeach's holo scans print out holographic and shiny?). They print the images (the Mew ex image to the right) on to holo paper (instead of plain white paper like most of our printers), with the card's parts, such as the attack text, background template, etc. Covering the holo paper. If you have ever peeled a Pokemon card before, you will see that the whole card is actually holo, and that the ink is what covers up many of the parts, spare the holographic background. Thus, while this image is not holo (since it is not a scan), it will be when you get the physical card in real life, just like any other holo. Anyways, glad to see that Bangiras, who translated Eidolon Forest (EX Legend Maker) for us, translated this card perfectly. This just shows that all of her translations are most likely accurate and dependent! To read more on EX Legend Maker and to see more scans or spoilers, click the desired link in the EX Legend Maker image above this news story (of a scan of Mew ex!). :)

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Monday, January 30th, 2006 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Finals still are not over. On Thursday, the last day of the finals, there was a bomb scare at our school right smack in the middle of 5th period finals. So, we all had to evacuate. Of course, it was obvious that some poor kid somewhere did not want to take his 5th period finals, but the authorities still had to take their precautions. It was kind of fun sitting out on the grass in the back of the school for two hours in the warm sun as the helicopters were taping us on TV. The item in question was a gym bag that someone telephoned in saying had a bomb inside. It turned out to be a gym bag with socks! What a shocking end! Anyways, I have been studying for my 6th period finals (Espanol, gahh!!!), which was rescheduled for Monday, and have been getting organized in preparation for the 2nd semester. I had a lot of spare time, so I have made a couple of site updates.

10th Anniversary10th Anniversary for Pokemon, Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero Confirmed for US - [Pokemon.com] has created a new section to their site celebrating the 10th anniversary of Pokemon (10 years for Japan, that is). For the year 2006 section, it says "The latest Pokemon movie is on its way to the USA...," which basically confirms Mew and Lucario will be here soon. The 10th year anniversary mini-site contains trivia, facts, and images for each year Pokemon has officially been out. It might even help you on the TCG Quiz in the right menu. I'll see you all on the 20th anniversary in 10 years! ;)

Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero Subtitle Download - #PocketMonsters, an IRC channel, has released a subbed copy of Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero - Lucario. The release includes the entire movie, separated into two parts, both with complete subtitles (and they say "Lucario"). To download the movie, follow the instructions below (and promise to buy it when it comes out in the USA, which I am sure you will anyway). Note that the download is 1.30 GBs, so if you have DSL/Cable, it should take half a day to download (leave your computer on when you go to sleep or school). If you have dialup, don't even bother to download it, as the 9th Pokemon movie, Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, will probably be out on DVD in America by the time you are done. :p

Ash1. [Download Bittornado.]
2. Install Bittornado by opening up the downloaded file. Once installation is done, go on to the next step.
3. Download [this file] to your Desktop. It is the torrent file, which will link you to other people's computers for the downloading of the movie.
4. Open Bittornado. You can access it from your Start Menu by going to Program Files, and then to Bittornado.
5. When the program opens, a new window will open up with it. This window is your standard "find the file you want" window. Go to your Desktop in this window, and double-click the torrent file you downloaded in Step 3.
6. Another window will open up. This window is where you will want to save the movie file as it downloads. Choose where you want to save it.
7. The download should begin within a few minutes, or immediately. Minimize Bittornado and let it run. It will download the file from other people who have the movie or are downloading the movie. Monitor Bittornado to see when the download is done, and then you can watch it! If you have any problems with anything, be sure to ask for help on our forums!

Site Updates - In my free time this weekend, I changed around a few things on the site. First off, I added two images above this story for EX Legend Maker and Holon Phantom. When you come to the site, you can click what you want immediately regarding the sets. For the spoilers of both sets, I also formatted the text for easier viewing. For the set information pages, they have been updated to include the most recent information. The right menu has also been updated with new, long overdo quizzes, "This Month's New Episodes," and "Upcoming Events & Dates." The Google Ad, which helps to pay for this site when you click it, has been moved on this page to the header so that everything does not look so cluttered. I also changed the header image to Pelliper and Pikachu. So yeah, those were the updates this weekend, along with some coding changes that I am too tired to explain since it is late. :p

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Finals!! Tomorrow! Eeeeeeek! I have shuffled my life into school and drawn 7 days of hectic preparation for finals.

The WB and UPN to Merge - This news was posted barely four hours ago on the net and has shocked many people in the industry. It's not a bad thing at all, but it sure comes as a surprise. Could this news eventually result in us getting Pokemon back on a more regular basis again? Who knows, but hopefully Pokemon and a Kids' WB after school block will be considered again.

In a bombshell announcement that caught television industry insiders by surprise Tuesday morning, The WB and UPN have cut a deal to join forces as a new single network dubbed The CW that will be comprised of programming and executive talent from both of its predecessors.

In a top-secret megadeal unveiled at a surprise news conference in midtown Manhattan, CBS Corp. and Time Warner will own 50 percent of the new network that will eventually have coverage in more than 95 percent of the country. UPN president Dawn Ostroff will become The CW's president of entertainment; WB Network chief operating officer John Maata will be the chief operating officer of the newly formed entity.

Both UPN and The WB will cease operations and go off the air in September. The CW will program 13 primetime hours across six nights as well as a Kids WB block on Saturdays and two hours of syndicated programming in the weekday afternoons, essentially mirroring The WB model. While a schedule won't be released until the upfronts in May, the new network could carry shows like "Gilmore Girls," "Supernatural" and "Smallville" from The WB and "America's Next Top Model," "Veronica Mars" and "Everybody Hates Chris" from UPN... (WPM Note: And you guys better include Pokemon or I EAT YOU!!)

State ChampionshipsOfficial State Championship FAQ Up - The official Pokemon TCG website has posted up its FAQ on the State Championships for the 2005-2006 tournament season. States will be taking place between March 4th and March 19th, and will be a Pokemon TCG Player's ticket to Nationals, which could then qualify a person for Worlds. For those of you who have not already heard, people who win State Championships this year will not be allowed to participate in another one, which is also mentioned in the FAQ. Thus, you won't be seeing any two-time winners this time around. To read the FAQ, which contains all information you need to know about the State Championships and its prizes, you can [click here].

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Monday, January 23rd, 2006 @ 9 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Field WorkerI'm in the heart of finals week, and I hate it! :p Why do teachers give you so much homework when it is FINALS WEEK?! How are we supposed to study when we have labs and tests and outlines and random junk to do? I just don't get some teachers. If they want their students to do well on the finals, then they shouldn't be packing on the work the days right before the finals. Gosh I can't wait until Thursday @ 11:55 when they are finally all over. /end rant

Fourth EX Legend Maker Image - Anyways, [Pokemon.no], the official Pokemon website for Norway, has posted its fourth EX Legend Maker image - Fieldworker. It is, yet again, another trainer that involves the drawing of three cards, similar to Bill's Maintenance, TV Reporter, Mary's Request, etc., which seems to be the trend today with drawing Supporters. Click the thumbnail for a larger image, as usual. To read the Japanese set version of EX Legend Maker's spoilers, Eidolon Forest, you can [click here].

And with that I am off to studying for AP US y Espanol.

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