.::   Wednesday - July 19th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Comic-con is tomorrow and I still plan on being there. I bought my train tickets and Comic-con tickets, so the only reason I would not be going tomorrow is if the world exploded, in which case no one would be going. :tongue:

I heard from someone that Comic-con has paid WiFi, so I think I will be able to do live updates (it might not, though...). Therefore, I probably will be able to sit in the voice actor conference and update this site with questions and answers that are asked and given during the conference. Obviously, I will be able to post who the new VAs are as well. Then, when the VA conference is over, I'll upload the sound recordings, pictures, and videos I take. After that, I will have to go over to the TCG area for two hours to work, and then I will go watch Lucario and the Mystery of Mew when I am done (with an accidentally turned-on microphone in my laptop bag). Afterwards, I'll accidentally upload voice recordings so we all know who is doing the characters' voices.

Now remember, I don't know yet for sure yet if Comic-con has WiFi, so if it doesn't, I may have a bit of trouble getting all of this info posted here. If it does have WiFi, then everything should go as planned above.

When I get to Comic-con around 9:30 AM PST tomorrow, I'll post if I have a WiFi connection. If I don't update by 10:30 AM PST, then I probably do not have a WiFi connection. In that case, I'll probably run to a cafe or something once the VA conference finishes and upload my findings.

Also, Comic-con will have playable demos for Mysterious Dungeon Red and Blue, so I will update this site with information on those two games as well.

Be sure to check back tomorrow, and tell your friends to check back here if they are a fan of the Anime and care about the new voices and Lucario movie! You can also post questions you want me to ask the VAs in this news story's thread by clicking "Discuss this News Story" below.

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.::   Monday - July 17th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Turkish HackersWe had some downtime today, but it wasn't because of Turkish hackers. My webhost, Dreamhost, had their server die because of four different factors (a switch died, software issues, mailing issues, and the death of a network card), so naturally, all websites on that specific server went down with it. Lucky us! By the way, if you have not noticed, all of the pages on this site, such as the [Ken Sugimori gallery] and chat room, are back up. The [Build a Deck] guide has also been updated, which teaches people new to the TCG how to build a deck. I am still trying to get the online games and fake card blanks section up, however. I don't have any news or updates right now, but I will tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

I have to say this everyday so people see it and spread it. On Thursday, I will be attending Comic-con, where I will record the new voice actors' voices and take video / pictures of them. I will also be watching Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, since it will be debuting for the first time in English at the convention, so I will report everything I see and hear concerning it. Spread the word to your Pokemon Anime friends! Also, feel free to post any questions you want me to ask in this topic's thread. I will be asking questions to both PUSA reps AND the voice actors.

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.::   Monday - July 17th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Lots of news today!

Diamond and Pearl News - Bangiras has translated the following information from the official Japanese Yahoo D/P website. On the website, you get to talk to several Gamefreak officials, who speculate on the Diamond and Pearl games. However, as Bangiras informed me, Gamefreak has said many things in the past about their games that turned out to be false (in previous generations). Thus, this information is not 100% true yet, although some of it most likely could be (how can you THINK there will be an entire underground world?). After all, Gamefreak always works on the beginning of the game last, since they have the most trouble deciding what to do, so the elemental types could very well change from what is listed below.

  • Roselia may have an evolution.
  • Shino may have an entire underground world.
  • The three starters may be of the Psychic, Darkness, and Fighting types.
  • Physical and Special attacks might now be based off the attacks themselves, not the elemental type they are classified as. For example, Hyper Beam may now be considered a Special attack, while Thunderpunch may be a Physical attack.

An underground world would be cool - you would probably get to go under the mountain. It would make sense, too, since diamonds are underground (if it even has to do with anything). Maybe the top of the mountain will have a research laboratory or something (random thought - since Palukia could come from space or something). Also, changing the characteristics of attacks to match the actual attack and not the element makes sense. After all, Hyper Beam is a beam of energy - not something physical. They probably originally made it Hyper Beam because it does not relate to a specific element, but now they can make attack types more realistic. As for the starters - we finally get some variation in types! Since Darkness Pokemon are immune to Psychic Pokemon, you may not even have a rival battle, or your rival will have a different starter from your set, or the beginning story will be completely different than in previous games!

Palukia / Parukia?Parukia's Name - While we do not know the official romanization of Parukia's name yet, I found something interesting while browsing the official Japanese website. On one of their pages, they have images of Parukia and Diarugia. See the images here and here.

Now look at the names of the images. "story05_pal.jpg" for Parukia and "story05_dia.jpg" for Diarugia. The "dia" in "story05_dia.jpg" obviously refers to Diaruga's name, yet in Parukia's name, it is "pal." So, could Parukia actually be "Palukia," since the L and R in Japanese are interchangeable? This is not definite proof yet, however, since when Lucario was first revealed, its image's name was "Rukario," so this may not be definite proof yet. We will keep you updated on this as we receive more information.

EX Crystal Guardians Decks - Green Cyclone and Storm SurgeEX Crystal Guardians Theme Decks - The name for the EX Crystal Guardians theme decks will be Storm Surge and Green Cyclone, with Storm Surge featuring Blastoise, and Green Cyclone featuring Venasaur. Click the thumbnail on the right for a larger image of Green Cyclone. As usual, we will remain your #1 source for EX Crystal Guardians and all new sets, so be sure to keep checking back here for all the latest info!

Comic-con Update - I have learned that the train station by Comic-con has WiFi (wireless internet), so I will probably record the new voice actors and take their pictures, then run over to the station and upload them to my site. So, we will have the latest information directly from Comic-con on Thursday concerning the new voice actors, PUSA, season 9, and the English dub of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, so check back here!

Trading Figure Game and America - I e-mailed the official Trading Figure Game website the other day and received a reply two days ago:

Is this game ever going to come to the USA, and if so, do you know when?

Dear WPM,

Thank you very much for your interest in Pokemon Trading Figure Game.

Yes, we have a plan to release in the US, but the exact release date is not
determined. It is going to be sometime early next year. We plan to update
information related to the US release on our website. Please check our website
for updated information.

Best regards,
Pokemon TFG Customer Service

So, looks like America will be getting in on the action late for once.

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.::   Sunday - July 16th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

More news coming later today, including something slightly related to the TCG! Please check back! Also, please read the previous news story.

Pirate Phantom from ManaphyManaphy Movie Ending - Cunn!ng from SPP forums posted this ending summary to the Manaphy movie, which gives us an outlook on how the movie ends and what happens. Be warned - it is a spoiler.

In the temple, there was a place with an altar and many shining blue crystals. When Phantom got there (the evil pirate in the movie), he started stealing them and putting them into a huge bag. As he took the first crystal from the altar, the room started being flooded with water. Ash & co decide to run away to save their lives and leave Phantom there. As they are leaving, Ash helps May get out of the water that is flooding the room. When she gets out, both Ash and May look into each other's eyes. That moment was just... wow. On their way out, they meet Jackie (the Pokemon Ranger in the movie). He's heading to the altar. Ash & co leave, but Jackie enters the room where Phantom is. By that time, Phantom's bag almost has all of the crystals. Jackie starts fighting Phantom, but he actually doesn't hit Phantom - he just dodges his attacks, takes crystals from the bag and puts them back on the altar. While they are fighting, the last remaning crystal is taken away by the water that is flooding the room. Phantom tries to follow it, but he doesn't succeed. The room is flooded almost to the roof, so Jackie leaves as well. While Ash, May, Pikachu and Manaphy are escaping the temple, they see the missing crystal. They decide to put it back, but when they see the capsule (the one that took them there - the submarine), Ash pretends to forget about the crystal and the crew runs for their lives. He puts May into the capsule first, then Manaphy, then Pikachu, and he tells Pikachu to take care of May & Manaphy. May screams "What!?," but Ash locks the capsule, takes the crystal, and runs away. WPM Note: Sounds a lot like that Trigun episode where Rem tells Vash to take care of Knives. May keeps calling him, trying to stop him. So, Ash runs to the altar room, eventually reaches the place, but he can no longer run - only dive and swim. He turns his hat back, grasps the crystal and jumps into the water. Ash then fails to put the crystal back into the altar, runs out of oxygen, closes his eyes, and almost dies. Then Manaphy uses Heart Swap, and a crying Pikachu and May give power to Ash. He's back to life. WPM Note: I don't like Manaphy anymore. Ash swims to the top of the water, breathes more air, and dives again. He finds the crystal on the bottom, and finally puts it in the altar. So that's what happened. He saved May and Manaphy and prevented Pikachu from following him, just like Aaron prevented Lucario from following him in a dangerous place. Ash really was behaving like a hero, in my opinion.

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.::   Saturday - July 15th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Well, it's extremely late right now, but I'll post this anyways!

Three years ago today, I opened up the official version of this site. While I had been working on this site for several years before that, learning HTML and all of that jazz, my site was actually open to the public on this day three years ago (the summer before high school). It's gone a long way - not as far as I would have liked it to be at this point, but it's come quite some distance (compared to my Maxpages site from 7.5 years ago). Hopefully by this time next year, I will have this site to the point where I would like it to be, but for now, I'm working on it! Happy Birthday, my site! :p

Tomorrow, I will have news. Check back!

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.::   Friday - July 14th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #10: Oh, by the way, the chat room is fixed!

New Pokemon SpriteEDIT #9: Buoysel is #56 in the Shino PokeDex.

EDIT #8: Added more pictures to the Diamond and Pearl picture page.

EDIT #7: Thanks to Bangiras for the following info:

  • Lucario knows an attack called "Boxing."
  • Weavile knows an attack called "Shadow Claw."
  • Buoysel knows "Swift."
  • Tamanta knows "Water Pulse."

EDIT #4: New Diamond and Pearl screenshots can be found on this page. EDIT #5: Added the Shino map to the page! EDIT #6: More screenshots added!

EDIT #3: And here it is! (on the right)

EDIT #2: It appears to be an Electabuzz evolution (if it's not, then I will be extremely surprised)! I will post the picture in a few minutes!

EDIT #1: We have some D/P screenshots coming, too! Check back in a while!

You saw this here first! A silhouette of a Diamond and Pearl Pokemon from the official Japanese Yahoo site! It looks like an alien or bug-type Pokemon.

New Pokemon

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.::   Friday - July 14th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Finally some TCG news! Be sure to read the previous update (and the one before that if you realllllly have been living under a rock these past few days).

Pokemon Collectors Tin 2006New TCG Collector Tins - I am starting to lose track of all these tins being released. The three tins to the right featuring Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza will be released in October (click the thumbnail on the right for a larger image). Each will come with four booster packs, two from EX Crystal Guardians and two from EX Emerald, and will also come with a holo EX featuring the Pokemon on the tin you choose. The EXs in these tins were the Japanese Player Club promos that came out a while ago, which Bangiras has translated below:

Kyogre ex - Water - 100 HP Basic

Poke-Body: Frenzy
If your opponent has Groudon (ex) or Rayquaza (ex) in play, Kyogre does an additional 40 damage to each Defending Pokemon.
[W][C] Aqua Supply: 30 damage. You may attach a Basic Energy card from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon.
[W][C][C] Tsunami: 40 damage. Does 10 damage to each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon.

Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: None
Retreat: 2

Rayquaza ex - Colorless - 100 HP Basic

Poke-Body: Frenzy
If your opponent has Kyogre (ex) or Groudon (ex) in play, Rayquaza ex does an additional 40 damage to each Defending Pokemon.
[C][C] Dragon Bind: 20 damage. Flip a coin, if heads the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.
[R][L][C] Twister: 50 damage. Flip 2 coins. For each heads discard an energy attached to the Defending Pokemon. If both coins are tails, this attack does nothing.

Weakness: Colorless
Resistance: Water / Fighting
Retreat: 1

Groudon ex - Fighting - 100 HP Basic

Poke-Body: Frenzy
If your opponent has Kyogre (ex) or Rayquaza (ex) in play, Groudon ex does an additional 40 damage to each Defending Pokemon.
[F][C] Mix-Up: 30 damage. Flip a coin. If heads, discard 1 card from the top of your opponent's deck.
[F][C][C] Earthquake: 60 damage. Does 10 damage to each of your Benched Pokemon.

Weakness: Water
Resistance: None
Retreat: 2

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.::   Thursday - July 13th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Summer school is OVER!!!!! MOOHAHAHAHA!! Now I can get some stuff done!

Comic-con Pokemon Schedule - If you are going to Comic-con and are involved in the trading card game, then you will definitely want to check out the TCG events schedule. Click here to view it. There are free TCG drafts too!

Well, one more week until we meet the new voice actors and get to see the Lucario dub (for me at least - MOOHAHAHAHAHA). Remember, I will try to record / take pictures of / quote everything I can. If the convention has WiFi enabled (as in, wireless internet), I may even report everything live from the event. We'll see... And remember, if you want me to ask the voice actors or PUSA representatives anything, feel free to post your questions in this news topic's thread.

I've been thinking lately. Since Diamond and Pearl are coming out towards the end of September, and usually Japanese TCG sets are within three months of each other, wouldn't that mean we get a new set at the beginning of September? Could the TCG be revealing new Pokemon in that set, or will the first Diamond and Pearl set come out after the games are released? Could the next set be delayed until after the games, and not be within three months of the last one? What do you think? Post your opinions in this news story's thread!

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.::   Wednesday - July 12th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

EDIT #5: Corrected some info in the attacks / abilities section and added a few pieces of missed information from the last translation.

EDIT #4: The "Upcoming Dates and Events" section in the right menu has been updated with two new dates - for the Lucario movie in America, and for D/P in Japan.

EDIT #3: Bangiras has finished translating every single piece of textual information from the CoroCoro magazine pages (which are towards the bottom of this news story for viewing). All of the info was double-checked, so it is more than likely 99.9% accurate. We now have ALL of the info! I suggest re-reading most of this news story if you came here earlier today.

EDIT #2: Added info regarding the Manaphy movie and both legendary D/P Pokemon.

EDIT #1: Added first translations from CoroCoro thanks to Bangiras. More coming.

Sorry for not posting this stuff earlier. I had to wake up early to do an essay and then I had to go to summer school (one day left, btw!).

New Diamond and Pearl Pokemon - The first one is grass, the second one is electric, and the third one is Darkness/Poison. I spent about two hours re-doing the images in Photoshop and editing them, so if you steal them, I will kill you (joking... but be sure to give credit if you use them).

Cherimu Pokemon Diamond and PearlPachirisu Pokemon Diamond and PearlDorapion Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

The Three Pokemon
Okay. So. Another Pikachu rip-off. As if Plusle, Minun, and Pichu weren't enough. It's asking to be road kill! Actually, I think it's pretty cool. All three Pokemon above are actually the first Pokemon you encounter in the game (not the starter Pokemon, as some websites misinterpreted). The scorpion guy looks like he could be an evolution of Gligar, but since we know that WPM can never predict anything, he probably will not be.

The Legendary Pokemon
The Kyogre and Groudon of Diamond and Pearl are Diaruga and Parukia, which are "God Pokemon." Yeah, like we are going to remember those names in a few days without having to look them up. Think of it like this - Diaruga is the Diamond one because it starts with a "D," while Parukia is the Pearl one because it starts with a "P." To remember their actual names, think of Diaruga = diarrhea, with "rug" at the end, and Parukia = paprika. Diaruga has control over time. whille Parukia has control over space. Together, they control the space-time continuum.

Attacks and Abilities

  • It's ability is either Snipe or Shell Armor. Snipe increases the amount of damage of Drapion's attacks when it is a Critical Hit for one turn.
  • Cross Poison is Drapion's special attack, and it has a high critical hit rate and can cause poison.
  • It can also learn Poison Fang.
  • Flower Gift is Cherimu's ability. It raises the power of both Cherimu and its ally in 2-on-2 when the sun is out.
  • It can learn the attack Trouble Seed, which changes the opponent's ability to Insomnia.
  • Cherimu remains closed in its petals until Sunny Day is used, where it opens up.
  • It's abilities are Pickup and Runaway.
  • It has an attack called First Place, which allows it to always attack first in a match (it's like an 00ber Agility).
  • It can learn Thunderbolt.
  • It's ability can be either Teeter or Keen Eye. When Perap is confused, his evasiveness rises as a result of Teeter.
  • Perap is Flying / Normal, not just Flying as previously believed.
  • It can learn Freeze, which does not allow the opponent's Hold Item to activate.
  • It can learn Aqua Jet, which is a water version of Swift. It always hits with 100% accuracy.
  • It's ability is Indomitable Spirit, which raises his speed by one level when he flinches.
  • It can learn Quick Attack, Detect, Metal Claw and a new attack called Sonar Blast (fighting-type attack).
  • It can learn Nature Spurt. Depending on Munchlax's held berry, Munchlax's attack's types and strengths may be changed.

The Games
Now for the actual games. The games will be released on September 28th for around $40.00 in Japan. One of the evil teams in the game is Team Galaxy (might be named Team Astro when it comes to the US), obviously related to Parukia, while the other team's name has not been revealed yet (there might not even be another team, though). You can trade and battle through wireless play or over the internet with both games. When reserving your game in Japan, you will get either a Diaruga or Perukia figurine, or another secret Pokemon figurine that we do not know about yet (Manaphy? Totally new Pokemon?).

Your Rival
The main character and rival have had the same goal since they were little, and that the rival is very rash and easily confused. The rival says to you "The fine for making me wait for you is 10,000,000p."

Diaruga and Parukia in Manaphy Movie
Both will appear in the intro of the Manaphy movie, but will not be involved with the actual plot. Advanced images of Diamond and Pearl will be shown in the beginning of the movie as well.

Pokemon Jungle Tours
In Japan at events called Pokemon Jungle Tours, they're giving away Celebi for GBA, and there's a minigame for Pokemon Ranger. They are also demoing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Lucario's Gender
Lucario is a male in the games, not genderless. This could mean either (a) we could have a Latios/Latias case on our hands, or (b) Lucario is not a legendary (yeah, right). More than likely, they just decided to make him a male just because (maybe because he is a male in the movie?)

Diamond and Pearl Website
The official Japanese Pokemon Diamond and Pearl website should be up by the end of the year.

Their Names
Also, please take this important note. The above names are NOT the official spellings (romanizations) of the Pokemon. They are more than likely to change, especially the Cherry Blossom and Electricsquirrel Pokemon (whatever their names are - how am I supposed to remember?). So, these are only temporary. Once the spellings are revealed to us by the Japanese, use those spellings (as in, do not say Rukario or Buizeru - say Lucario and Buoysel). It's funny, though. A lot of these recent Japanese names seem to be more related to English than anything. Perhaps a lot of these Diamond and Pearl Pokemon will keep the same names when they come out in English (such as Buoysel, Tamanta, Perap, and Manaphy - just my opinion, though).

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro CoroPokemon Diamond and Pearl Coro Coro

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.::   Monday - July 10th, 2006  [Link to this News Story]

Okay, okay, okay. Give me two more days and I will have all of the pages working again! I promiseeee. Also, I went out today and bought a new microphone to record the voice actors for Comic-con, and tomorrow I will buy my ticket online to attend the convention. We'll have everything you need regarding the Lucario dub and the new voice actors on July 20th (possibly 21st if I get home late)! Also, there has not been any TCG news as of late.

Satoshi TajiriNew Diamond and Pearl News - Thanks to Bangiras, we have a translation of a recent interview conducted with Satoshi Tajiri on the official Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy website. Read below for all the details!

Here is part 1 in our movie prerelease special! Introducing the father of Pokemon, Game Freak's Satoshi Tajiri! In fact, the main character in the games and movies, Satoshi, is named after Mr. Tajiri.

Hello! I'm Satoshi Tajiri from Game Freak! This year's Pokemon movie is upon us! "Pokemon Ranger and the Ocean Prince Manaphy" is finally opening this Saturday. I hope it will be one of your wonderful summer memories. Currently, Game Freak's development staff is putting the finishing touches on its newest Pokemon game, "Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl." Our diverse creative geniuses are debugging, writing data, working on programming, graphics, music and sound effects, all for a single game.

I think that everybody will be enjoying Diamond and Pearl by the end of Summer. Let's meet again when that happens!

So, from this we learn that the games will possibly be coming out towards the end of the summer, and that right now, it is almost done. We originally believed that Diamond and Pearl were coming out September 28th, but it looks like Tajiri is hinting that it might come out even earlier. Wow, guess it doesn't take that long to massively produce thousands of Nintendo DS games - it must take only two months.

Kyogre from Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: ManaphyManaphy Movie Trailers - The official movie website for the 9th Pokemon movie, Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea: Manaphy, was recently updated with the fourth and final movie trailer. Below you can open all of the recent trailers released by clicking the links (you only need to click one under each category, depending on your video player preference and connection speed).

Pokemon Ranger, Jackie - 1st Trailer
Windows Media Player - Large Trailer
Windows Media Player - Small Trailer
Quicktime - Large Trailer
Quicktime - Small Trailer

The Water Pokemon Show - 2nd Trailer
Windows Media Player - Large Trailer
Windows Media Player - Small Trailer
Quicktime - Large Trailer
Quicktime - Small Trailer

The Awakening of Manaphy - 3rd Trailer
Windows Media Player - Large Trailer
Windows Media Player - Small Trailer
Quicktime - Large Trailer
Quicktime - Small Trailer

Lots of Scenes - 4th Trailer
Windows Media Player - Large Trailer
Windows Media Player - Small Trailer
Quicktime - Large Trailer
Quicktime - Small Trailer

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