Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 @ 1 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Recall! Recall!
Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue for the Nintendo DS, recently released in Japan, has been discovered to contain a huge glitch, and has been recalled. If a person is to insert a GBA cart into the DS while Dungeon Blue is running, such as Emerald, Sapphire, FR/LG, or any other GBA game other than the game's counterpart, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red, the cartridge's saved data is immediately erased! Kind of is a downer for some of the Japanese who have all of their rare and strong Pokemon on their cartridges - I know I would be mad if I ever lost my Blastoise or Ludicolo. The only way in which a person can avoid this is simple: don't put in ANY GBA game into your DS, other than Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red, while Mysterious Dungeon Blue is running. Nintendo of Japan will be issuing replacement cartridges for Mysterious Dungeon Blue starting December 8th, giving you a brand new cartridge that will not erase games. Luckily for us, the problem was discovered early, and will be fixed for when the game leaves Japan and comes to other countries.

Worlds 2005 Decks
I have added the four released Worlds 2005 deck lists and pictures to our [Theme Deck Lists] section. These are available in stores right now, and are a great tool for the beginning player to learn how to play the game. However, none of the cards in these decks can be played in an official tournament, as they have different colored borders and the backs have different art compared to a normal Pokemon card. Plus, it would be kind of cheap to go out and buy the decks and get all of those powerful cards just like that. To view the deck lists, you can [click here].

Diamond and Pearl are Coming
While no one knows the exact release date for the next generation of Pokemon games, what we do know is that they will be released some time next year in Japan. CoroCoro, an official Japanese magazine, is beginning to start a contest for Diamond and Pearl, which means the games will be coming out sometime soon. Incase you did not know, CoroCoro usually has silhouettes of new Pokemon before anyone else, and eventually the full-blown pictures, which also means that we will be getting an influx of new Pokemon soon because of this contest they are having (It's a sign! It's a sign!). I am already beginning to contact a few people I know in Japan who are heavily involved in Pokemon, and hopefully, they will be able to feed us any D/P information that comes out. So, this is just a warning to everyone. In the upcoming months (starting in a few months :p), everyone is going to be Diamond and Pearl happy, and there will be a lot of information coming in from everywhere. Hopefully everyone won't be lost in the craziness.

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Sunday, November 27th, 2005 @ 11 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Jesse: Snoooooow! Snoooooow! I love it so! (if you do not understand this, clear your cache and reload, or you will be missing out)

When I started this site back in... whenever it was... I wanted it to mainly focus on the TCG, but I also wanted to have news on ALL aspects of Pokemon, not just the TCG, and I did for a long time, but I haven't really done so for the past few months. In real life, I am a huge fan of the Anime, TCG, and Gameboy games, as much or even more than the TCG. So, for now on, I am going to post news on the other aspects of Pokemon, starting today. Also, thank you everyone for doing the survey. If you have not done it yet, please read the news story from yesterday. :)

First Significant Ninth Movie News
Yes, significant. A shadowy person at the end of Lucario/Mew throwing a PokeBall doesn't really tell us anything about the next movie. :p I think we are the first American website to post this info, so when you see this movie in about two years in America, remember where you saw the first significant info about it, and that it was snowing (No, I am not showing off, I am telling you that we have something first as proof that I keep up with Anime news and will be posting about it just as fast as I do with TCG news! XD). Just a few hours ago, Zhen Lin, a member from our affiliate [Bulbagarden], posted a translation of a report from the Japanese website [PokeAni], which gives us some clues on to what the NINTH Pokemon movie will be about, and what its current progress is as of now.

Work on the summer 2006 Pokémon movie has started in earnest.

According to the blog of screenplay writer Hideki Sonoda, the screenplay has already entered its final stage, having taken about 9 months to write.

And according to the homepage of the lead animation director, Mōri Kazuaki, the trailer for next year's Pokémon movie has been made for the end-of-year commercials for the movies of the Tōhō group, and it seems that work on the movie itself has begun earlier than normal.

In an interview with Yuyama Kunihiko on the November 27 Pokémon Sunday, he visited Italy in order to strengthen his vision of "drifting temple" - and visited the ruins of Rome, as well as the cobalt blue city of Naples. According to Mr. Yuyama, already a clear vision of the movie is ready.

The presently established situation of next year's movie:

* Screenplay, storyboard is almost complete
* A movie trailer will be broadcast with the other end-of-year Tōhō movie commercials.
* The stage this time has Rome as the motif, with a city like Naples?
* The vision of a "drifting temple". The ruins of Rome as the motif.
* A link with Pokémon Ranger?
* 2006 summer (July?)

Comments: Okay, now, you all have some grand illusion of what the next movie will be about in your mind. Now, what I want you to do is throw that illusion into the dirt, step on it, and spit on it. We all know that the more recent Pokemon movies didn't live up to their potential and could have done so much more, but they did not. In contrast to the above, you could also say that, well, since this could be a Diamond/Pearl movie, the writers will have a fresh perspective on what they want to do, since they have had Hoenn for like, three-four years now. Also, as the translation mentions, they are starting work on this movie earlier than usual, which could mean a better movie. So, who knows. We'll see a basic preview of this movie sometime in December, and when it comes out, I will post it immediantly, since usually the Japanese release it on their movie site around midnight my time and I am always up to see it, just like I was last year and the year before. :p

Ooops, was going to post the Worlds 2005 deck lists and pics, but my parents are telling me it's time to go to my grandma's house for leftovers, so I'll post it later and put an edit at the top of this story so you all know. Check back in about... 12 hours?

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Saturday, November 26th, 2005 @ 4 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Mew / Lucario Gift Box Contents
Thanks to PokeBlob, who generously sent all of the information and images for this news story, we now have scans and card lists for the Mew / Lucario gift box! Some of these cards will probably be in the next American EX set, EX Legend Maker, or in a set in the future, which is why we are focusing on the gift box so much. The gift box includes four mini decks, as well as two Pokemon-star cards, Pikachu and Mewtwo. The lists and scans can be seen below (click the thumbnails for much larger pictures). Thanks again, PokeBlob!

Mew Deck: Electrike, Manectric, Mew ex, Baltoy, Claydol, Zangoose, Energy Search, Masterball, Professor Oak's Research, Psychic Energy (multiple, matrix), Lightning Energy (multiple, matrix)

Mew Box Scans

Lucario Deck: Nosepass, Barboach, Whiscash, Aron, Lairon, Legend's Lucario ex, Potion, PokeNav, TV Reporter, Fighting Energy (multiple, matrix), Rainbow Energy (it's baaaaack)

Mew Box Scans

Crawdaunt Deck: Surskit, Masquerain, Seviper, Corphish, Crawdaunt ex, Relicanth, Energy Switch, Mr. Stone's Project, Bill's Maintenance, Water Energy (multiple, matrix), Grass Energy (multiple, matrix)

Mew Box Scans

Mightyena Deck: Numel, Camerupt, Torkoal, Poochyena, Mightyena ex, Absol, Switch, Professor Birch, Professor Cozmo's Research, Fire Energy (multiple, matrix), Dark Energy (multiple), Rainbow Energy (it's baaaaack)

Mew Box Scans

Yellow Deck: Mewtwo *, Pikachu *

Mew Box Scans

Comments: (1) Rainbow Energy is back! Will it be in an upcoming set for us? EDIT: ZoraJolteon has pointed out that Rainbow Energy was printed in the Japanese Eidolon Forest half-deck, which was several months ago. So, I think it is safe to say now that since Rainbow Energy has been re-printed in Japan again, it will be in our next set, EX Legend Maker. (2) Does anyone else think the Arita artwork is awesome? (3) I'll give someone a browny point if they point out in the commenting system the one artwork error on a Pokemon done by Arita out of these scans.

City Championship First Place PrizeCC Prizes
The official [Pokemon TCG Organized Play] website has been updated to include a picture of the first place winner City Championship prize package (click the thumbnail on the right for a larger picture). The prize package includes a red Groudon bag, a red Groudon notebook, a Nidoqueen / Nidoran 4-cards-per-page binder, a Charizard hat, 12 EX Delta Species booster packs, an inflatable PokeBall beach ball, a City Championship pin, an orange Organized Play pen and several pencils, and finally, your City Championship first place medal. Now remember, you can only get this prize package by coming in first place at a City Championship. To find a City Championship (CC) near you, [click here]. To download a decklist for your deck so that you can have it ready before you go to your CC, [click here]. For general information on what the CCs are all about, [clicky here].

PokeBeach Survey
I would like you all to take time to help both me and the site out. Lately, I have been wondering what on earth you guys have been thinking about the site and what needs to be done, and I have realized that I have not been getting any input whatsoever from the people who actually visit the site. So, if at all possible, I would like it if you guys could answer the following questions below in an e-mail. You can e-mail me by [clicking here]. Please be brutally honest in all aspects of the below questions. Offense is usually never taken by me when it comes to advice in needing to improve something with myself (which in this case is my site).

1. What do you mainly use PokeBeach for? (News? Scans?) If PokeBeach were complete, what WOULD you use it for?

2. How often do you come here during certain periods of time? (For example, do you come here a lot when a set is about to come out? Do you come here everday?)

3. How often do you want to see news updates on here? (Everyday? Is everyday too much for you to keep up with? Every two days? You decide.)

4. What area of the site would you like to see improved on by the end of this year (in other words, within the next month), and how? (Scans? Content? Be specific.)

5. What area of this site do you think is lacking THE MOST, and why? What other areas of the site are lacking?

6. Do you have any suggestions for anything in the future you would like to see on here? Do you have any suggestions/problems for anything else already existing on the site?

7. What other Pokemon websites do you go to, and what do you use them for? How often do you go to them?

8. Do you think PokeBeach needs to be advertised more? If so, how? Do you ever hear anyone talking about it in real life, and if so, what were they using the site for?

Any other general comments about anything else in your e-mail would be appreciated. Remember, this is to help out the site, and in turn, you, so responding to these questions with your opinions and thoughts is helpful to everyone.

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Thursday, November 24th, 2005 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EDIT: Added two new translations to the "Japan Mew / Lucario Box" news story in this update.

Alright, let's get this show on the road! Yesterday I got my laptop back from the repair shop, and now I can update again at home (since I was only able to update at school before, which barely gave me any time to do anything substantial). Sooo, the inactivity period is now over, and you can all come back now! XD

Pokemon TCG Deluxe Gift SetEX Value Pack
A new product for the Pokemon TCG is going to be released on to the market soon, and it will be called the "Deluxe Gift Set." I first saw this when I went to Gencon on Saturday, and apparently, it will be coming out sometime next week. Anyways, the gift box will contain (1) an EX FireRed and LeafGreen, EX Team Rocket Returns, EX Unseen Forces, and EX Delta Species booster pack (a total of four boosters for those of us who cannot count), (2) a special edition deck box (for your decks and cards) featuring either Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres depending on which gift box you choose, (3) a holofoil promo Suicune (a holo reprint of the original Wizards of the Coast promo), and (4) an index card matching the theme of your box. Click the thumbnail on the right for a larger image of the gift box, which features Zapdos (the other two feature Articuno and Moltres). These will retail for around $15.00, and will be found at your local Target, Wal-Mart, and other TCG shops that carry Pokemon TCG products.

Pokemon EX Value PackEX Value Pack
Also coming out soon is the new EX Value Pack, which will include one EX Deoxys, EX Hidden Legends, and EX Sandstorm (yes, the not-allowed Sandstorm) booster pack, for a total of three packs. The highlight of this product will be the holofoil promo Celebi that is included with it, which, as with the Deluxe Gift Set, is a reprint of the old Wizards of the Coast promo, but holo. Click the thumbnail on the right to see a larger image of the EX Value Pack. The EX Value Pack will retail for around $10.00, and will be coming out very soon.

Japan Mew / Lucario Gift Box
As we reported a few weeks ago, Japan will be getting a second Mew and Lucario gift box. The contents of this box have an extremely high chance of being apart of EX Legend Maker, the next American EX set, so our man Vincent has translated several cards from the tin. The tin includes the cards in the translations below, and other cards that we do not know as of yet. Thanks Vincent for translating!


Mew and Lucario Gift BoxPikachu * - 70 HP (L)

[C] Thundershock - 10: Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Paralyzed.
[LL] Revenge - 20+: If you have only one prize card left, this attack does 20 damage plus 50 more damage.

Retreat Cost: (C)
Weakness: (F)


Mewtwo * - 80 HP (P)

[C] Energy Absorption: Choose an energy card from the discard pile and attach it to Mewtwo *.
[RLP] Psychic Star 50+: If the Defending Pokemon is an Evolved Pokemon, discard all energy attached to Mewtwo * and this attack does 50 damage plus 50 more damage.

Retreat Cost: (C)
Weakness: (P)


Mew ex - 90 HP (P)

Poke-Power: Psycho View
Once during your turn, if Mew is on your bench, you may look at your opponent's hand.

[CC] Super Psy - 30
[PCC] Devo Crash - 50: You may discard two energy attached to Mew. If you do, remove the highest evolution stage from the Defending Pokemon (this counts as devolving that Pokemon). Your opponent shuffles it into his or deck.

Retreat Cost: (C)
Weakness: (P)


Crawdaunt ex - 110 HP (W)

Poke-Power: Splash Return
Once during your turn (before you attack), if your opponent has four or more Benched Pokemon, you may choose one of them and return it and all cards attached to it to your opponent's hand.

[WC] Power Blow - 20x: Does 20 damage times the number of energy attached to Crawdaunt ex.

Retreat Cost: (C)(C)
Weakness: (L)


Mightyena ex - 100 HP (D)

Poke-Power: Black Lure
Once during your turn, choose one of your opponent's Active Pokemon, and switch it with one of your opponent's Benched Pokemon. Your opponent chooses the Bench Pokemon to switch. You can't use this Poke-Power if Mew is affected by a Special Condition.

[CC] Strong Bite - 30
[DCC] Hyper Claw - 50+: If the Defending Pokemon is a Stage Two Evolved Pokemon, this attack does 50 damage plus 40 more damage.

Retreat Cost: None!
Resistance: (P)
Weakness: (F)


Legend's Lucario ex - 100 HP (M)

[C] Forge - Attach a [F] or [M] energy card from your hand to Legend's Lucario.
[FC] Critical Ball - Choose one of your opponent's Pokemon. This attack does 30 damage to that Pokemon (don't apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon).
[MCC] Extra Claw - 50+: If the Defending Pokemon is a Pokemon-ex, this attack does 50 damage plus 20 more damage.

Retreat Cost: (C)
Resistance: (G)
Weakness: (R)

Note: Legend's Lucario ex is an owner's Pokemon, and will probably never be released in America or any other country except Japan.


That's it for today - I will have at least one more update by the end of the week! Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving, for those of you that live in America, and be sure to not choke on the turkey, or to spill any water, or to microwave a holofoil Pokemon card, AND to watch the Pikachu balloon in the Macy's Day Parade on television or in person! :p

Oh, also, that poem-thingy I posted the other day does have to do with the site, and people who have emailed me have not gotten the interpretation even remotely correct to what it is trying to say. So, if you think you know what it is, e-mail me and I'll post your name as finding out first. It will be a long-needed surprise for this site. :)

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Friday, November 11th, 2005 @ 9 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

I almost fell off the face of the earth. I was holding on real tight to one of the tips of Antarctica, and was going to fall off, but some Eskimo peoples saved me and pulled me up. Then, I had to find my way back to America, and these little penguins floated me over. Then they "fainted" from the warm water we have here in California, which they are not used to. :p But I'm back!

Actually, as usual, school has been keeping me busy. Thank goodness that all of this Scarlet Letter madness will end next week, and I will not be spending two hours a night reading a chapter and taking notes on it, even though I must admit I like the book (the only book since 'To Kill a Mockingbird' I have liked that they have forced us to read in school). Oh, also, my brand new laptop was destroyed by me when I knocked a full cup of water on to it, so that kind of pulled me back these past few days. Luckily, it's under warranty, and Toshiba is going to send me my fixed laptop in three weeks (even though that's way too long for me). Unluckily, I lost all of my data, so I have to go back and re-type all of my school notes that I have taken everyday in class. :( So, more inactivity, which is just what this site needs in all of our daily updates! :p

On the waters of the empty ocean, a man looks out to the horizon and sees something coming, something that will arrive in the very near future. The mirage seems to be the holder of a promise that something will be completed soon, although this mirage is unclear to the viewer standing on the sand, as he does not even know how he is able to come to the above conclusion of a promise coming. In the sky above the mirage, eighteen orbs of light are displayed, some in groups of three, one in a group of four, and some orbs all by themselves. The viewer is left in utter confusion, as he does not know what he is seeing or what the message is. As he begins to walk away, one of the orbs of light begins to fade away, although it has not faded away completely. The viewer continues to watch, and we are left to wonder what this strange mirage's message is conveying. Next to him on the sand appear seven orbs, which begin to flash in response to the fading orb...

Oh, also, added the old commenting system back. The forum thing just wasn't working out.

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

The Next Japanese TCG Set
Today we have some exclusive news! Once again, for the fourth set in a row, we are revealing what the new set's name is! The next Japanese set will be named The Holon Phantom, and will be the predecessor expansion set to "The Researching Tower of Horon [Holon]." The set will be released on January 17th in Japan, and the theme for the set will be Pokemon in the inner part of Holon (and Holon is in the inner part of Eidolon Forest, so we're going really deep here). This set will also continue the new type of delta speces Pokemon, which could be showing that they are here to say. As I said for the Researching Tower of Horon background info, delta species Pokemon were referred to as the "fourth type," as in saying that it is the new type of Pokemon to come to the TCG that will stay. Well, this next set confirms that theory, and if another set is to have delta species Pokemon, we can be sure they will be around for a while. So, what could this set involve? On the same day in Japan, a Deoxys deck box holder will come out, which could be a clue that a/some Deoxys [Delta Species] will come out. But who or what is the Holon phantom? As I posted for the Researching Tower of Horon set, the researchers involved with the delta species Pokemon were also responsible for looking for Mew in Eidolon Forest, which is where the tower is. If you are a fan of the Japanese Pokemon anime, you may know that Mew is referred to as the "Phantom Pokemon." So, could the set somehow involve Mew, again? Mew is in Eidolon Forest afterall, and Holon is also in Eidolon Forest, so you never know. What else could it involve? Maybe ghosts? Maybe some secretive Pokemon? Deoxys? Legendary Pokemon? Only time will tell, but you can be sure that with this set, we will be your #1 source for it, as we have been with the past four Japanese TCG sets.

Also, all information on the set will be found on [this page], as I did with The Researching Tower of Horon and EX Delta Species (in the future, you can access the link in the left menu under 'Japanese TCG Sets').

EX Delta Species Theme Deck Lists
RainbowGym has kindly sent us the EX Delta Species theme deck lists! To see the lists, you can visit our [Theme Deck Lists] section and click on "EX Delta Species."

Two New Forums
I have added two new categories to the forum, and I hope that at least one of them becomes successful. The first forum I added was the Weekly Quiz Discussion, which is where everyone can discuss those two quiz polls in the right menu after they have finished (not opened yet). But that's not as important as the next one. I have set up an Apprentice forum where you can set up matches, post your contact info, and do basically whatever you want in finding and battling other people. To read the introduction thread, [click here]. If you haven't registered in the forums, click "Register to Post" under this news story. Then, post in the Apprentice forum to get started!

I will try to have another update by the end of the week, which should include all of the Delta scans, a new article by Flaming_Spinach, and some other goodies.

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 @ 10 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Dropping in real quick. This has literally been my ONLY free hour for the past week and a half. I am tired of getting emails and threats about updating my site, although I don't blame you guys, so I will be telling you more than you ever wanted to know about what school has been doing to me these past few weeks. Maybe you will be able to understand why it's so hard to put an update together now. ASB has been keeping me pretty busy after school, as Homecoming is coming up, and we have been getting a lot of homework thrown at us. In English III Honors we are reading the Scarlet Letter and have to read and take notes on multiple chapters each night (average hrs per night: 2-4) , in Int. Science III Honors we are working on a major lab that will be due this Friday (45 mins - 1 hr each night), in Alg. II there really hasn't been anything other than the daily lessons (20-30 mins), in AP US we have had to do a video project that takes forever when you have an old fashioned camera (all day Saturday and Monday, several hours after school), plus a HUGE six chapter test is coming up this Friday in which I am trying to study for. In Spanish III, we have had an art project where we have to draw a famous piece of artwork and memorize one full page of Spanish for a presentation (2 hrs per night to draw and practice), and in AP Psych we are starting our IB experiment tests (1.5 hrs per night). Also for Speech and Debate, I am trying to get an expository speech together on Anime, which is a 10 minute, MEMORIZED speech with 20+ posters, but that hasn't gone well so far as I am being swampered with homework. I have been up until almost 2 AM every night, and barely have anytime to do anything fun, although I do get around to visiting my favorite message boards every now and then. So yeah, you don't want to be me. So, before some of you start bashing me over AIM/E-mail/PM's, please consider that I am also a fellow human being and that I also have feelings and that I also DISLIKE SCHOOL VERY VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW. I have 10 fingers just like you, I watch television when I can just like you, I have two younger brats just like a lot of people, and I also occasionally have a period of time in school where I get uncontrollable amounts of homework. So next time you decide to send me a rude message, DON'T, even if I have not updated in a week. I know when I have not updated in a week, trust me, and I don't need to be reminded of it. So x5, yeah.

And sometime this week, I will have an actual update. No broken promise on that.

*goes back to reading Ch. 10 and 11 of the Scarlet Letter where Chillingworth is trying to mentally harm Dimmesdale since he now knows who Pearl's real father is*

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Monday, October 24th, 2005 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EX Delta Species Scan Situation
The scans are not done yet. I have finished 63 of them, and am going to recieve the entire rest of the set tomorrow, which will give us all of the scans for the set. I'd rather do them all at once so that it will be easier for me to edit and watermark them; otherwise, it will take me too much time. I also now have to create a new watermark logo and re-create all of the numbers I used for placing the watermark on the scans since I accidently deleted them off of my old laptop when I was trying to move them to my new one yesterday. Who knew that if you left a laptop sitting for one and a half months it would hard delete files instead of putting them into the Recycle Bin...

Apprentice Patch Updated
Thanks to Venusaur, we now have an updated Apprentice patch for EX Delta Species! To download the patch or the entire Apprentice program with the patch built in (if you are a first timer to Apprentice), you can visit our [Apprentice Program] section.

New/Old Header!
I have put up a Halloween header, but it's the same one as last year. I did not have any time this year to make a new one, so I just figured the old one was good enough. You will probably have to clear out your cache to see it, as I had to do, or you will be seeing Haunter and a moon in front of an ocean wave. It's supposed to be Haunter and a moon in front of dim stars. Now I wonder how many people will miss this update and come here in a few days wondering what is going on with the header. :p

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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005 @ 7 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Just got back from my pre-release, and boy do I have a headache. I ate some extremely disgusting chicken nuggets, and they gave me a headache for some reason. :p I really do not have the energy right now to do any work (someone give me a Boost), so I will just hold off on the scans until the morning, since it's already 10 and I'd be up until 2 or 3 doing the scans. I promise the scans will be up late in the morning tomorrow, as well as my own commentary on the set, so check back here.

*drops dead in bed*

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Friday, October 21st, 2005 @ 6 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

EX Delta SpeciesEDIT #3: Oh, forgot to mention. There is one ex per box, and one shining per three boxes. The scans will be sent to me in an hour, but I will already be gone for my pre-release, so I'll just get up all the scans tonight when I come back home.

EDIT #2: The set list is now up! There are a couple of intentional errors in it so that I will be able to know if someone copies the list, so steal and die! :p The EX Delta Species list can be found by [clicking here]. More scans will be up tomorrow (high quality ones, of course, and they will possibly be up in the morning, though the chances of this happening are about 40%), so be sure to check back tomorrow morning, Pacific time, and tomorrow night!

EDIT #1: Here are 21 scans. Since they are kind of small, they will not be included on the scans page, since I will most likely be able to get them scanned in high-quality tomorrow. The set list will be coming in about 45 minutes, and remember, tomorrow we will have a ton (yes, 2000 pounds) of scans (read the previous news story).

[Holon's Magneton]

[Ditto (as Pikachu)]
[Ditto (as Pikachu)]
[Ditto (as Charmander)]
[Ditto (as Charmander)]
[Ditto (as Bulbasaur)]
[Ditto (as Squirtle)]
[Ditto (as Mr. Mime)]
[Ditto (as Geodude)]

[Holon Farmer]
[Holon Lass]
[Holon Researcher]
[Holon Ruins]

[Flareon ex]
[Jolteon ex]
[Vaporeon ex]


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