Sunday, July 1st, 2012 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

An early screening of Kyurem and the Sacred Swordman - Keldeo took place in Japan today, as has been the case for Pokemon movies these past few years. And as usual, after the credits finished, a teaser for next year's movie rolled. According to one moviegoer, the teaser showed some kind of "flying saucer" hovering over a wasteland and changing into Genesect! Not that there was any doubt Genesect would be featured in the 16th movie as the last fifth generation Pokemon to be revealed, but still exciting nonetheless! Hopefully we'll see the teaser online within the next few weeks and Genesect's official revealing soon after.

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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Vileplume from BW6 Freeze Bolt has been revealed! It is card #003 in the set and is a holographic rare. Its translation is below courtesy of DorianBlack. Remember, BW6 Cold Flare / Freeze Bolt will be released in Japan on July 13th!

BW6 Vileplume

Vileplume - Grass - HP140
Stage 2 - Evolves from Gloom

Ability: Allergy Panic
As long as this Pokemon is in play, all Weaknesses are x4.

[G][C][C][C] Pollen Spray: 50 damage. The Defending Pokemon is now Poisoned and Asleep.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: Water (-20)
Retreat: 3

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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Thanks to Nicor123 from our forums, we now have the blister pack image for Dragons Exalted, which will come with three booster packs, a coin, and one of two promos. It appears that one of the two promos will be Chandelure from Next Destinies, as pictured below, though there's a possibility that the card image is merely a placeholder for the real promo.

Dragons Exalted Blister Featuring Chandelure
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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 @ 8 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Nintendo has sent out a press release revealing that Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 will be released in the United States on October 7th along with Pokemon Dream Radar! The same releases will occur in Europe on October 12th as well.

Additionally, several English names were revealed: Shizui, the 8th Gym Leader who uses Water-type Pokemon, will be named Marlon; the PokeWood feature will be called PokeStar Studios; your Rival, who is named Hugh in the Japanese games, will keep the same name; and Achroma, the mysterious character with the funky hair, will be called Corless (his name was not outright shown, but the filename of his artwork on the press website reveals it).

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Thursday, June 28th, 2012 @ 8 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

As we stated in an update to our Dragons Exalted news story last week, the card images used in the images of the DragonSpeed and DragonSnarl theme decks were incorrect. As you can see below, the decks use the other Garchomp and Hydreigon from Japan's BW5 Dragon Blade and Dragon Blast.

Corrected Dragons Exalted Theme Decks
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Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 @ 12 AM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Bangiras has translated Black 2 and White 2's Pokedex entries for all the Generation V Pokemon, many of which are completely new. Pokemon from previous generations that can be caught in the games also have new entries, but she'll translate them later.

  • Victini: When Victini shares its infinite energy, its entire body overflows with power.
  • Snivy: When bathed in sunlight, it can move even faster than usual. It can use its vines more skillfully than its hands.
  • Servine: Since its leaves can’t undergo photosynthesis when its body is dirty, it is constantly cleaning itself.
  • Serperior: Serperior will only go all-out against a strong opponent that is unfazed after being stared down by its sublime eyes.
  • Tepig: It loves to eat roasted berries, but sometimes it gets too excited and burns them black.
  • Pignite: As the amount of kindling it’s eaten increases, the flame in its stomach gets stronger and its power gradually overflows.
  • Emboar: The flame in its beard burns as proof of its fighting spirit. It can easily use numerous techniques.
  • Oshawott: It uses the scallop on its belly not only when fighting, but also to crack hard berries.
  • Dewott: As a result of their rigorous training, each Dewott acquires a different style of Scalchop technique.
  • Samurott: While the enemy is blinking, it slashes it with the reed swords attached to its forelegs and sheathes them again.
  • Patrat: Although they are very vigilant and one of them always acts as a sentry, they don’t notice enemies coming from behind.
  • Watchog: A luminescent substance inside its body makes its eyes and body light up, causing attacking enemies to flinch.
  • Lillipup: It is a brave Pokemon, but it also has the intelligence to judge an enemy’s strength and avoid battles.
  • Herdier: A very loyal Pokemon that will take care of other Pokemon while assisting its Trainer.
  • Stoutland: It is wrapped in long hair and can safely spend the night on even a wintry mountain, warm and very comfortable.
  • Purrloin: It makes people lower their guard with its cute mannerisms, then steals their important things, because it wants to see them in a worried state.
  • Liepard: Its beautiful style is due to the developed muscles all over its body. It races by during the night without so much as a sound.
  • Pansage: It is skilled at finding berries. It has a kind nature and will go all over gathering berries, then distribute them among its friends.
  • Simisage: It swings its thorn-covered tail around and smacks enemies as means of attack. The leaves on its head are very bitter.
  • Pansear: Its intelligence is high, and it has a tendency to roast berries before eating them. It likes to help people out.
  • Simisear: When it’s excited, sparks dance on its head and tail, and it becomes hot. For some reason, sweets are its favorite food.
  • Panpour: The water that’s stored in the hair on its head is packed with nutrients. It uses its tail to sprinkle this water over plants.
  • Simipour: It likes places with clean water. When the water stockpiled in its head diminishes, it sucks water from its tail to replenish the supply.
  • Munna: A Pokemon that will appear before humans and Pokemon who are in the throes of nightmares, and eat those dreams.
  • Musharna: The dream smoke that comes from its forehead changes color depending on the contents of the dreams it’s eaten.
  • Pidove: Since it is a very forgetful Pokemon, even if it’s been given a command by its Trainer, it will be waiting for a new command.
  • Tranquill: No matter where it goes in the world it will remember where its nest is, likewise it will never lose track of its Trainer.
  • Unfezant: The male can intimidate enemies by shaking the plumage on its head, but it’s a weaker flyer than the female.
  • Blitzle: When it discharges electricity, its mane lights up. It communicates with its friends via the rhythm and number of times that its mane sparkles.
  • Zebstrika: It has a violent disposition. When it’s angered, it discharges thunder from its mane in all directions.
  • Roggenrola: The hexagon-shaped hole is its ear. It has the tendency to walk towards sound.
  • Boldore: When it’s excited, its core shoots out. It can quickly move forward, backward, left, and right without changing the direction it’s facing.
  • Gigalith: Collected sunlight undergoes a reaction within its energy core, and is forged into a ball of light.
  • Woobat: It’s said that if Woobat attaches its nose to you and leaves a heart-shaped indent on your body, good things will happen.
  • Swoobat: When it emits ultrasonic waves that are strong enough to shatter concrete, its tail vibrates violently.
  • Drilbur: It spins its body and burrows straight through the ground, maintaining a speed of 50km/h.
  • Excadrill: It uses its steel claws and head to form a drill and break through even the thickest iron plate.
  • Audino: It uses the antennae on its ears to determine the physical condition of its opponents, and when a Pokemon will hatch from its egg.
  • Timburr: It always walks around with planks of wood, and assists in public works projects. As it’s raised, it trades up to larger planks of wood.
  • Gurdurr: It has well-toned muscles. It artfully handles its steel girder, and can demolish a house.
  • Conkeldurr: It doesn’t rely on brute strength, but skillfully harnesses centrifugal force to easily brandish its concrete for attacks.
  • Tympole: It vibrates the oscillating membrane in its cheeks, producing sounds that can’t be heard by humans to inform its friends of danger.
  • Palpitoad: It lives in the water and on land. It uses its long, sticky tongue to restrain the enemy’s movements.
  • Seismitoad: Vibrations are produced from the power stored in its lump, increasing the power of its punches.
  • Throh: When it meets an enemy bigger than itself, it is overwhelmed by an urge to throw it. When it becomes stronger, it changes its belt.
  • Sawk: In pursuit of the strongest karate chop, it sequesters itself in the mountains and trains without rest.
  • Sewaddle: Since it makes clothing from leaves, it’s become popular among fashion designers as a mascot.
  • Swadloon: It likes dark, damp places, and spends the whole day eating the fallen leaves around it.
  • Leavanny: If it sees a young Pokemon, it weaves it leaf clothing using the sticky string from its mouth.
  • Venipede: It feels vibrations in the air with the antennae on its head and tail in order to sense its prey’s condition and location.
  • Whirlipede: It motionlessly stores up energy for evolving, but it an enemy comes near, it will start moving in order to stick it with poison barbs.
  • Scolipede: It grips prey with the claws on its neck, and after restricting its movement, injects it with deadly poison to finish the job.
  • Cottonee: They settle down in groups. When they see their friends, they’ll group together and suddenly look like a cloud.
  • Whimsicott: It appears along with a whirlwind and plays pranks, like moving furniture inside houses and leaving cotton behind.
  • Petilil: The leaves on its head, which it sheds but quickly regrows, are extremely bitter but have healing properties when chewed.
  • Lilligant: If you smell the scent that is produced by the flower on its head you will become relaxed. However, it is difficult to obtain one.
  • Basculin: Red and blue Basculin are always fighting very wildly. Apparently, if you eat them they are surprisingly tasty.
  • Sandile: So that its body temperature doesn’t lower, it lives its life while hidden beneath the desert sands.
  • Krokorok: Both eyes are covered by a thin membrane and can see even in the dead of night. It lives in groups of several animals.
  • Krookodile: A very brutal Pokemon. It rushes anything that passes before its eyes and tries to chomp down on it.
  • Darumaka: When it sleeps it draws in its arms and legs, and the 600 degree flame inside its body also settles down.
  • Darmanitan: When injured in a fierce battle, it scrunches up like a stone and meditates to sharpen its mind.
  • Maractus: It sways its body rhythmically and makes a sound that resembles maracas, making surprised Pokemon run away.
  • Dwebble: If there’s a decent sized stone, it secretes a liquid from its mouth and melts a hole so it can crawl inside.
  • Crustle: If the rock on its back gets smashed during a battle over territory, it feels uneasy and becomes weak.
  • Scraggy: Its sturdy skull is its pride. But when it unleashes a sudden headbutt, the weight also makes it dizzy.
  • Scrafty: While hiking up its shed skin to reduce damage, it unleashes its kick! It is as proud as its crest is big.
  • Sigilyph: The guardian deity of an ancient city. It always patrols the same route, watching for intruders.
  • Yamask: The soul of a person who was buried in a tomb transformed into a Pokemon. It retains its memories from before it died.
  • Cofagrigus: It takes grave robbers who draw near, mistaking it for a real coffin, and locks them inside its body.
  • Tirtouga: A Pokemon that was revived from a fossil. It swam well and could dive to depths of up to 1000 meters.
  • Carracosta: It would smack opponents with its developed forearms to knock them out, then chomp everything, even the shell and bones.
  • Archen: It was revived from an ancient fossil. It lived at the tops of trees, but since it couldn’t fly it would jump from branch to branch.
  • Archeops: It is even better at running than it is at flying. It dashes by at speeds of 40km/h, then vigorously flaps into the sky.
  • Trubbish: It trails after litterbugs in hopes of collecting more garbage. It’s constantly belching up poison gas.
  • Garbodor: It creates new varieties of poison gas and toxins inside its body using the garbage it sucks up.
  • Zorua: It often tricks and frightens opponents by transforming into an exact likeness, then uses the chance to run away.
  • Zoroark: It’s said that Zoroark punished people who tried to capture it by trapping them in a world of illusions.
  • Minccino: As way of greeting, Minccino clean each other thoroughly with their tails.
  • Cinccino: Cincinno’s body is covered with a special grease that wards off punches and other enemy attacks.
  • Gothita: It stares at everything for a long time. Sometimes it gets lost in observation and fails to notice an attack.
  • Gothorita: There are many accounts of it controlling and playing with sleeping children on nights when the starlight shines.
  • Gothitelle: It reads the future from the movement of the stars. A Gothitelle that found out its Trainer’s lifespan will scream and mourn.
  • Solosis: Because its body is wrapped in a special liquid, it’s fine even under the most severe conditions.
  • Duosion: When the 2 separate brains think about the same thing, it exudes its highest level of psychic power.
  • Reuniclus: In a display of psychic power, it manipulates arms created from a special liquid and uses them to crush rocks.
  • Ducklett: It’s even better at swimming than it is at flying, and will dive underwater to happily eat its favorite peat moss.
  • Swanna: In contrast to its graceful appearance, it can flap its wings powerfully and fly continuously for thousands of kilometers.
  • Vanillite: A Pokemon that’s born from icicles bathed in the morning sun. It exhales breath that’s -50 degrees.
  • Vanillish: It chills the air around itself, causing ice crystals to form, and freezing its enemy’s body.
  • Vanilluxe: It drinks large amounts of water and converts it to snow clouds within its body. When it’s angry, it creates fierce blizzards.
  • Deerling: In addition to when the seasons change, the color of its body also changes slightly with temperature and humidity.
  • Sawsbuck: Since its appearance changes along with the changing of the seasons, there are people who say Sawsbuck is a harbinger of spring.
  • Emolga: It spreads its membrane and flies in the sky while shocking enemies with the electricity stored in the electric pouches in its cheeks.
  • Karrablast: If it’s bathed in electrical energy while attacking Shellmet, for some reason it evolves.
  • Escavalier: It stabs with 2 spears while protecting its body with the shell mantle stolen from Shellmet.
  • Foongus: It lures Pokemon in with a pattern than looks just like a Pokeball, then spews poisonous spores.
  • Amoonguss: It moves the mushrooms on both arms in a dance to lure prey. It likes damp places.
  • Frillish: It wraps prey in its bell-like arms, paralyzes it, and kills it by carrying it to the ocean floor, 8000 meters below.
  • Jellicent: Its body is almost entirely salt water. It’s said that at the bottom of the ocean there’s a castle made from the ships sunk by Jellicent.
  • Alomomola: While gently carrying injured, weak Pokemon in its fin, it also heals them with its special mucus membrane.
  • Joltik: Since it can’t create electricity itself, it clings to other large Pokemon and absorbs their static electricity.
  • Galvantula: Since the barrier it makes from its electrically charged thread paralyzes enemies, it is more than a form of defense, it is also a weapon.
  • Ferroseed: It tacks itself to the ceiling of a cave and sucks the iron out of rocks. When danger draws near, it lashes out with its thorns.
  • Ferrothorn: It strikes with its 3 tentacles, then fires its thorns, pulverizing the opponent until no traces are left.
  • Klink: It spins its 2 perfectly paired gears, generating energy.
  • Klang: It split into a mini gear and huge gear. If the mini gear is hurled as an attack but doesn’t return, it dies.
  • Klinklang: When it spins the mini gear at high speed, the energy stored in its red core transfers to the mini gear and is released in one shot.
  • Tynamo: Since it can only release weak electricity, many Tynamo gather together and fire powerful electricity.
  • Eelektrik: It wraps around its opponent and releases electricity from its round spots, then bites the paralyzed areas.
  • Eelektross: It latches on with its sucker-mouth, inserts its fangs, and releases powerful electricity.
  • Elgyem: It’s rumored that a UFO crashed 50 years ago. It’s said to have come from the desert.
  • Beheeyem: It makes its fingertips flash in what appears to be conversation, but the pattern still can’t be deciphered.
  • Litwick: Its flame frequently goes out, but when it sucks up the vital energy of people and Pokemon, the flame gleams.
  • Lampent: It sucks up souls to stoke its flame. It hangs around in hospitals waiting for people to die.
  • Chandelure: A soul burned by its eerie flame becomes directionless and will wander this world forever.
  • Axew: Its big fangs are still brittle and break often, but each time they grow back, they become harder and sturdier.
  • Fraxure: Since its fangs don’t grow back, when the battle ends it uses river stones and diligently polishes them.
  • Haxorus: The destructive power of its fangs is extraordinary. It can cut through a thick steel pillar with tremendous ease.
  • Cubchoo: Its snot is a barometer of its health. When it’s healthy the snot becomes sticky and the power of its Ice techniques also increases.
  • Beartic: It likes cold, northern oceans. It freezes the breath that in blows from its mouth and makes a road to walk over the ocean.
  • Cryogonal: It uses a chain made of ice crystals to ensnare its prey, then freezes it to -100 degrees.
  • Shelmet: When hit by electrical stimulus while in the company of Karrablast, both parties evolve.
  • Accelgor: Since it weakens if it dries out, it wraps itself in a mucus membrane for protection, and fights by spewing venom.
  • Stunfisk: When it fails to paralyze an opponent, it undulates its body with surprising speed and bounces away.
  • Mienfoo: The speed at which it launches techniques is its pride. Even if its power is low, the number of strikes makes up the difference.
  • Mienshao: It uses the hair on both of its arms like whips. Once it begins its continuous attack, no one can stop it.
  • Druddigon: It runs around in the narrow tunnels dug by Excadrill and Onix, catching prey with its sharp claws.
  • Golett: A Pokemon that was made from clay using ancient scientific power. It’s continued to function for thousands of years.
  • Golurk: It was created by ancient humans to protect humans and Pokemon. It moves using a strange energy.
  • Pawniard: Even if it gets injured, it doesn’t care. It attacks its prey in a group, using the blades all over its body.
  • Bisharp: A scary Pokemon that will take the injured, immobile prey that battled a group of Pawniard, and portion it out.
  • Bouffalant: They charge with reckless abandon, and will send even a train flying if it enters their territory.
  • Rufflet: It stands up to large opponents, not out of bravery, but out of recklessness. However, training like this makes it strong.
  • Braviary: A brave warrior of the sky that won’t stop fighting when its friends are at stake, no matter how long, or what injuries it’s sustained.
  • Vullaby: Its wings are small and it can’t fly yet. It protects its bottom with skeletons gathered by Mandibuzz.
  • Mandibuzz: It flies around in the sky making circles, and when it spots prey it swoops down, and leisurely carries it back to its nest.
  • Heatmor: It converts the air taken in through its tail into flames, then uses them like a tongue to melt Durant and eat them.
  • Durant: When faced with their natural enemy, Heatmor, they assign roles and counterattack, driving it from the nest.
  • Deino: Since it has no sense of its surroundings, it rams into things indiscriminately, and chows down on anything that moves.
  • Zweilous: The 2 heads don’t get along. Each tries to seize dominance by eating more than the other.
  • Hydreigon: A horrific Pokemon that will swoop down on anything that moves and devour it with its 3 heads.
  • Larvesta: It is said to have been born from the sun. When it evolves, it wraps its entire body in flames that spouted from its horn.
  • Volcarona: It is treated as an incarnation of the sun. It appeared during a harsh winter and rescued shivering Pokemon.
  • Cobalion: It has a heart and body of steel. When people injured Pokemon, together with its comrades, it punished those people.
  • Terrakion: A Pokemon spoken of in legends. In order to protect Pokemon, it crushed a castle with its boast-worthy power.
  • Virizion: According to legend, it protects Pokemon and taunts opponents with its quick, nimble movements.
  • Tornadus: It flies around in all directions. When it does, the wind blows so powerfully that is sends everything flying.
  • Thundurus: It flies around in the sky while dropping thunder everywhere. It is despised for starting brushfires.
  • Reshiram: A legendary Pokemon that can burn the world to ash with flame. It will help a person construct a world of truth.
  • Zekrom: A legendary Pokemon that can fry the world to ash with lightning. It will help a person create a world of ideals.
  • Landorus: It nourishes the soil with energy captured and converted from the wind and thunder, making the earth rich.
  • Kyurem: A legendary Ice-type Pokemon that waits for a hero to patch its incomplete body with truth and ideals.
  • Keldeo: Due to its resolve, its entire body brims with power and it bounds around with such speed that it leaves afterimages.
  • Meloetta: The melody that Meloetta plays delights the Pokemon around it and even has the power to make them sad.
  • Genesect: A Pokemon that lived 300,000,000 years ago. It was modified by Team Plasma; a cannon was attached to its back.
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Monday, June 25th, 2012 @ 7 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Update (10:00 AM, Tuesday) - Added info on new Battle Strength deck releases below thanks to Viper.Fox. | Update (9:30 AM, Tuesday) - Added the set's booster pack below thanks to HeatRotomFTW97. Looks like Lugia will be in the set!

Japan's seventh Black and White set will be named Plasma Gale and will be released on September 14th. It will feature over 70 cards, but no other details are known about it at this time. To accompany the set, a "Plasma Gang's Power Deck," a half-deck, will also be released for 700 yen.

Another new product called "Top Player Choice Master Deck Build" will also be released on September 14th. It will feature 140 predetermined cards, a card box with dividers, and a guide on how to build "Master Decks," all for 4,200 yen (about $53).

And on top of all of the above, on October 19th, new "Battle Strength Black Kyurem-EX" and "Battle Strength White Kyurem-EX" 60-card decks will be released. They will cost 1,680 yen and will obviously feature the aforementioned Pokemon-EX.

BW7 Plasma Gale
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Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 @ 2 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

You must click here to view this news story by itself or you won't be able to see my live coverage to the right of the video.

PokeBeach has decided to try something a little different this time for our coverage of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2... instead of simply just reporting our findings, why not also stream our play-through so that you can experience the games with us? As such, below, you will find a live stream of Puddizzle playing Pokemon Black 2. As he plays, I will be updating the scroll box below with any noteworthy information. Note that the bullet points will automatically appear a little bit after I write them - there is no need to refresh the page. You can just sit back and enjoy. :)

Note that sometimes the stream loses audio, in which case we usually let it go for a few minutes and then restart it. If that's the case, when we cut off the stream, you simply wait a few minutes and then refresh the page. We're not going to go anywhere until we note so in the notes box to the right of the video, so just wait a bit and then keep refreshing until it goes back up.

To discuss our coverage, come visit our chat room and post in this thread on our forums. If you don't have a PB forum account, it only takes a minute to sign up. Feel free to spread the word and this news story on Facebook!

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Friday, June 22nd, 2012 @ 8 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Update (4:30 AM) - We have ended our coverage for the night. We will resume again tomorrow at around 2 PM California time (by tomorrow I mean today, Saturday). You can find a very detailed walkthrough of the game up until Clay's Gym by clicking the link below this paragraph and scrolling through all of our notes to the right of the now-inactive video. We hope you join us tomorrow - tonight's coverage was an absolute blast!

PokeBeach has decided to try something a little different this time for our coverage of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2... instead of simply just reporting our findings, why not also stream our play-through so that you can experience the games with us? As such, below, you will find a live stream of Puddizzle playing Pokemon Black 2. As he plays, I will be updating the scroll box below with any noteworthy information. Note that the bullet points will automatically appear a little bit after I write them - there is no need to refresh the page. You can just sit back and enjoy. :)

Please note that our coverage will not go on for 48 hours straight or anything crazy like that - we're human and we're going to need to eat, sleep, and take certain kinds of breaks. :) Feel free to spread the word and this news story on Facebook!

To discuss our coverage, feel free to post in this thread on our forums or come visit our chat room. If you don't have a PB forum account, it only takes a minute to sign up.

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Thursday, June 21st, 2012 @ 11 PM PST -  By: Water Pokémon Master

Black 2 and White 2 will be released in Japan in less than a day, but many fans on Japanese's 2ch board have received their copies early. As such, we are continuing to collect and translate the information they reveal below. Because the information comes from multiple players, and they sometimes are not very clear, there is a possibility some of the information below is not completely accurate. But when our copies arrive, we'll begin our own coverage.

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