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Furthest Ends Translations


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New Furthest Ends of Offense and Defense Info – Vincent has translated the following information for us, which Toys R Us Kid notified us about. Gardevoir ex and Holon Wonder / Golduck (d) are now officially broken.

Dragonite ex – Grass – 150 HP
Attack #1: Unknown
Attack #2: Two energy for 30 damage.
Attack #3: Unknown
Weakness: None, Resistance: None, Retreat: 2


Salamence ex – Water – 150 HP

Poke-Power: Type Change
Salamence ex may change its type to R for the rest of the turn.

Unknown attacks, possibly no weakness.


Gardevoir ex (this is the Seal Power one)

RCC – 80 damage – You may move 1 Fire Energy attached to Gardevior to one of your Bench Pokemon.



Lonely Ninja: Exchange two of your prize cards with the top two cards of your deck.

Holon Wonder (Stadium): All Delta Species Pokemon in play have no weakness.

Strength Charm is reprinted.

Super Rod (Neo G) is reprinted.

New Strategist Articles – We have three new articles this week, covering Holon’s Castform, Mew ex, and Gyarados (d). Check them out!

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