Interesting news today on the Diamond and Pearl front. Hopefully our header will reflect the news by the end of the day.

Info on the Next TCG Set – The next TCG set will indeed be featuring Diamond and Pearl Pokemon, and will be released sometime between October and November. We will see the return of “flavor text” (the Pokemon PokeDex descriptions on the bottom of cards), as well as the levels Pokemon are at. Sets will also now not only have booster packs and theme decks, but “entry packs,” in which new players can learn how to play the game. Whether or not the “entry packs” make their way to America and other countries is unknown at this point. We will have more information on the next set as we get closer to Diamond and Pearl’s release date of September 28th, and you can be sure we will be your #1 (and possibly only) source on this information.

New Diamond and Pearl Names – Thanks to Vincent and this official product website, we now know the names of three new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon – Naetoru, Hikozaru, and Pochama. These three Pokemon will be included with the Japanese toy set, Pokemon Medal Collection, so there names are most likely genuine. Hikozaru’s name translates into English as being a “fire monkey,” Naetoru’s name translates as to being a “beetle,” and Pochama is similar to “child” and “young.” This is the only official information that is known at the moment on these new Pokemon, but we will keep you updated on this news as we receive more developments. The rumors going around that these are the starter Pokemon and that Pochama is a penguin do not have any official basis.

Bellossom Card Review – Our Strategists have reviewed [Bellossom from EX Unseen Forces] this week. To discuss the card and the reviews, you can post in this forum thread. To read previous card reviews, please visit our new [Card Reviews] section.