Yay! News at the beginning of the week for once!

ManaphyNew Manaphy has updated with a plethora of new Manaphy information, concerning both the Pokemon Ranger game and the ninth Pokemon movie. To find out more about the below bullet points (which are a summary of the new info), be sure to visit the website and read the different sections, especially the section on Pokemon Ranger!

  • The Manaphy code for Pokemon Ranger will be revealed January 20th.
  • Unlike what some websites reported, the Manaphy mission is still in Pokemon Ranger, thus allowing people to complete the mission to receive the Manaphy egg. When the Manaphy mission is complete, you will be able to transfer the egg to Diamond and Pearl (released April 22nd) to hatch Manaphy (it will be at Level 1 – like all hatched Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl). To reach the Manaphy mission, you must beat Pokemon Ranger, enter the code reveals on January 20th, and complete the special Deoxys, Celebi, and Mew missions (in that order).
  • In Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea (released April 3rd), Hiromi (the people of the Water descendant) will be named Lizabeth for the English version.
  • The Pokemon Ranger, Jackie, keeps his name from the Japanese version, as does the evil pirate, Phantom (what a surprise).
  • Manaphy is still referred to as the “Prince of the Sea,” despite the movie’s title being changed from that of the Japanese version’s.