Pluto Appearing, Ash to Have Riolu?

Upon further inspection, we are not sure if the blog linked to below is in fact Usho Ishizuka’s real blog, especially since there are only three news stories posted on it. The nature of Pokemon news, especially in relation to this website, is to present all possible stories every day regarding the Pokemon world to keep fans entertained. As this is a fast-paced “business,” sometimes we make mistakes with regards to sources. That might not be the case here, but it happens sometimes! However, the other blog posts about Byron and Riley are 100% real for sure, so we don’t have to question their legitimacy!

Unsho Ishizuka is the Japanese voice actor of Professor Oak, and on his official blog, he has posted a semi-cryptic message regarding future Pokemon episodes in 2009. He is learning English and purposefully wrote the following blog post in broken Japanese and English to confuse readers, so Heeroesferret translated it to the best of her ability.

“I’m going to be in Pokemon as Pluto. It will be a 1 hour special! Team Galaxy is up to no good again. I believe the episodes are DP109 and DP110, and the ash (literally ash like from a volcano, but maybe this is coded to indicate Satoshi’s dub name of Ash) will use Riolu I think. After reading the script I think it’s a 2009 1/2 airing. I can’t be positive about the day it airs. I haven’t been too useful lately (??). What a gift to be be able to come out this way.”

Basically, Mr. Ishizuka says he is going to voice Pluto in an upcoming one-hour special that will air in 2009 as DP109 and DP110. For those of you who have forgotten or do not know, Pluto is the main scientist of Team Galactic in Pokemon Platinum. He befriended a Rotom when he was a child, and gave the Pokemon its name. Mr. Ishizuka also states that he thinks Ash will use a Riolu in a future episode, so once again, Riolu joining Ash and crew’s team is hinted at. (Though Ash already has six Pokemon, unless Riolu gets Larvitar treatment by the writers.)

Interesting news, nonetheless. Thanks go to Heeroesferret for once again discovering a new blog post!