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Iris and Dent’s English Names Revealed!

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The official Cartoon Network website has revealed that Iris will keep her Japanese name for the English release of Black and White while Dent will be renamed Cilan. “Cilan” is probably a corruption of “cilantro.” Both Cilan and Iris are Gym Leaders in the games (Iris is only in White) and will join Ash on his journey in the Unova region. With the exception of Erika from Generation I, Iris is the only other Gym Leader thus far to keep her Japanese name.

The Black and White animé will premiere on Cartoon Network Saturday, February 12th, at 9:00 AM. The logo for the show was also revealed on Cartoon Network’s website, as you can see below. Thanks goes to Playerking95 from our forums for the news tip!

Iris, the 8th Gym Leader in Pokemon White Cilan, the 1st Gym Leader in Pokemon Black and White
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