Rest of the Mythical Pokemon Collections + American Charizard-EX Box!

Arceus Mythical Pokemon CollectionVictini Mythical Pokemon CollectionKeldeo Mythical Pokemon CollectionGenesect Mythical Pokemon CollectionMeloetta Mythical Pokemon Collection

Pokemon has finally revealed the last five Mythical Pokemon Collections as well as the American version of the Charizard-EX Box!

As posted before, the release dates for the collections are as follows: August 17th for Arceus, September 14th for Victini, October 12th for Keldeo, November 16th for Genesect, and December 7th for Meloetta. Each box will come with a full art promo card, a pin, a PTCGO code card, and two Generations booster packs and will cost $12.99. Check out my previous stories to see the others.

The American version of the “Red and Blue Collection: Charizard-EX Box” comes with a Charizard-EX promo, four Generations booster packs, a card holder for your favorite Pokemon cards, and a PTCGO code card. The European version will swap out the figurine in favor of a jumbo card. The box will hit store shelves March 16th and will cost $24.99.

Charizard EX Red Blue Collection American