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2020 Holiday Set Confirmed, Includes Missing Sun & Moon Cards!


We can exclusively reveal that America will be getting another holiday set this year!

According to the preliminary information we received, we will see pin boxes and an Elite Trainer Box release on September 18th. On October 2nd, we will get some sort of box collections. On November 1st, we will get a “Premium GX Box.” This information is subject to change.

Although it was expected, the fact one of the products mentions “GX” means we will get the unreleased cards from Japan’s TAG All Stars set (seen below). This is not the first time a holiday set has featured “outdated” cards. In last year’s Hidden Fates set, we received the shiny Pokemon from Japan’s GX Ultra Shiny set, which was released a year earlier in 2018. The same situation would occur here.

It’s likely our holiday set will also be comprised of cards from Japan’s upcoming Legendary Heartbeat set, as our sets are typically made of cards from Japan’s “special” sets. Legendary Heartbeat will feature Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, it’s a movie set, and it’ll feature a new type of rarity called “Amazing Rare.” Japan’s Shining Legends set featured shiny Pokemon and was released to commemorate the 20th movie; it was spun into our Shining Legends holiday set, so I think the same will happen with Legendary Heartbeat.

These are only the initial English products we’ve learned about. Last year’s Hidden Fates saw the release of pin collections, tins, an Elite Trainer Box, Great and Ultra Ball Collections, GX Collections, an Ultra-Premium Collection, and a Premium Powers Collection.

We should have more information about the set in July, including its name and logo. Stay tuned!

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