Jadethepokemontrainer joined Pokebeach in mid 2016, though she had been looking at the site for several years prior. Jade didn't start actually frequenting the forum section of the site until early 2017. She currently mods the Buy, Sell, Trade, and the Deck Garage portions of the forums. Jade has been on PB staff since 10-25-2017.

Jade is a 18 year old who lives on an urban farm with their family and 2 dogs in Indiana. Aside from working on the farm, Jade attends a local wilderness school, where she learns all about connecting to nature, and a Circus Arts school where she learns balance with partners, flexibility, acrobatics, trampoline flips and routines, and many other skills. They also own and operate a home-based bakery, with the goal of making quality products and advocating for equality.
Feb 24, 2003 (Age: 20)
The primordial bread dough
PTCGO Username
Art, painting, blacksmithing, biking, Circus Arts.
TCG/VG Accomplishments
-Top 4 at league challenge 2017 seniors
-Top 32 December 2017 Pokebeach Tourny
-81st at Ft Wayne Regionals 2017 seniors
-1st at league challenge 2018 seniors
-53rd Madison Regionals 2018 seniors
-1st League Cup 2018 seniors
-4th league challenge 2018 masters
Acrobat and baker
Pokemon Involvement
  1. TCG Player
  2. VG Player
  3. Episode Watcher
  4. Movie Watcher
  5. Manga Reader
  6. Collector
  7. Crazy Collector
  8. TCG Play! Pokémon Player
  9. League Player
Generation Started


~~~~~~~~I am a moderator of the Buy, Trade, Sell and Deck Garage Forums~~~~~~~~~

Play Big Brother 14: Grimm!
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My trading binder//Text-fakes//Art and hand carved spoons
Want an astounding nickname like Thiccshamus McDuffDuff (Brave Vesperia), Aliya-Dancey Farfignugen (myself), or Getupa Flitastares (Draskk)? Just send me a message and I'll see what I can do!


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