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  1. Gibleguy

    Jynx ex, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Hypno, and More from “Pokemon Card 151!”

    People would sooner play a switch/escape rope than a tool limited to stage 2
  2. Gibleguy

    More Classic Cards Revealed from “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Box Set!

    Why is the card selection so all over the place?
  3. Gibleguy

    She’s Back — Yet Another Gardevoir in Standard

    Man I couldnt agree more on the mirage stepper t2 - I find myself doing it more often than not! But also sometimes you prize a kirlia or the stepper or draw a kirlia, so I enjoy vip pass allowing me to set up a bunch of extra ralts p often with mew.
  4. Gibleguy

    Full Art Ting-Lu ex & Illustration Rare Heracross from ‘Clay Burst’!

    I don't mind the full arts honestly... then again I did enjoy the rainbows
  5. Gibleguy

    All “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    “Evolves from poopootar” bruh what on earth… Water got some serious cards this set (for glc atleast)! Also excited to see dragons return asap :)
  6. Gibleguy

    Therapy Energy from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Yeah ik but playing what is effectively a synergistic switch is good enough... feel like the deck needs some weaknesses, and I love luxray in my miraidon list.
  7. Gibleguy

    Therapy Energy from ‘Clay Burst’!

    Currently I play SS lugia - that deck is already getting jet energy and didnt need this extra help
  8. Gibleguy

    “Pokemon Card 151” Set Officially Revealed, Kadabra Returns to the TCG!

    Yeah I mean you probably only get to use the draw when you get roxanne'd - but a way to return ko tina vstar is the main use I'm thinking of - as reaching 280 is kinda tough sometimes imo
  9. Gibleguy

    Wo-Chien ex, Flamigo Illustrator Rare, and More from “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst!”

    So does the flamigo and murkrow have nothing to do with the wattrel from the prev set? Or is it the same attack?
  10. Gibleguy

    Galaxy Holofoil and Galaxy Borders Returning to “Scarlet & Violet” Promos!

    Wait the holo cuts at the bottom? If you look at a number of the new ex cards the pokemon in the art goes under the card, then abruptly cuts at that bottom part. So mimikyu looks randomly much lighter as under the card the art of the mimikyus shadow just abruptly stops. I don't think the holo...
  11. Gibleguy

    “Ruler of the Black Flame” to Feature Dark-Type Charizard, Plus Upcoming Release Dates!

  12. Gibleguy

    All 73 “Triplet Beat” Cards Fully Revealed!

    Yoooo fellow shinx fan :) & why wont the bad ones be rares? Crzenith zeraora & wailord were no-text rares right? Also rotating quick ball and evo is fine 1 i know atm it just makes lugia weaker and mew a teeeny bit worse, but those cards are kinda nuts and dont need to be in format 100% of the...
  13. Gibleguy

    All 73 “Triplet Beat” Cards Fully Revealed!

    I think it is worse than dracozolt - as it is much less tanky. & I'd have to agree with Ignoramus here, the set is bad. Something like buy singles of the trainers and maybe a magikarp art. We'll have to see how the other half of the set turns out though first :) Something like just under half...
  14. Gibleguy

    Magikarp Illustration Rare from ‘Triplet Beat’!

    So pretty! Check out that gary in the background!!
  15. Gibleguy

    ‘Crown Zenith’ is the Final Set for PTCGO

    I can already hear Mahone on this one...