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  1. Frost

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” To Be Most Expensive Pokemon TCG Product Ever Sold in Stores

    $400 and the scalpers still sold out preorders within an hour of listing. Hope they eat dirt hard on this release. The only good thing about this announcement is that they said straight-up that the new unique cards in Classic will be released in a different product in February. k bye I don't...
  2. Frost

    All 30 “Raging Surf” Secret Rares!

    no name generic trainer woman getting an art rare over fan favorite, restaurant worker, Gym Leader, Elite Four member, overworked Larry is a joke.
  3. Frost

    Pokemon Announces Legal Action Against Counterfeit Cards on Auction Platforms

    Maybe they should examine why specific cards have fan-made replicas. I've purchased a few of those myself (advertised as custom cards openly) because the cost to buy a real one is absurd: cards that are very old that will not receive reprints probably ever, cards we simply never got outside of...
  4. Frost

    “Jirachi V Box” Product Release Confirmed!

    In terms of number of sets the WOTC days weren't that different than we have now, although the actual size of the sets then was much, much smaller. 1999 had 3 sets, 2000 had 5, 2001 had 2 but that's because they rushed Neo Genesis out for Christmas 2000 and ignored an entire Japanese expansion...
  5. Frost

    “Jirachi V Box” Product Release Confirmed!

    WOTC also left entire sets untranslated just because, so screw that era. Big English promo sets are fun and get us more artwork.
  6. Frost

    New Pokemon Poltchageist Revealed!

    Gen 3 is the worst. :)
  7. Frost

    After Some Doubt, Espeon and Umbreon Store Promos Now Available!

    Especially when this is a set card with a Gamestop logo slapped onto it with no effort to even make the logo look good.
  8. Frost

    “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Deck Lists, Holo Patterns, and Details!

    The Vending Mr. Mime is a neat inclusion. It really makes me wish we could get some sort of anniversary or commemoration set in English getting all that early stuff WOTC couldn't be bothered translating in favor of Base Set 2 and Legendary Collection.
  9. Frost

    Tera Mewtwo ex and Tera Skeledirge ex Revealed!

    I mean it's been non binary since Gen 2!
  10. Frost

    New Paradox Pokemon and Evolutions Revealed for Scarlet & Violet DLC!

    Paradox Pokemon aren't literally past/future forms of present day Pokemon in the game's lore. They're basically AI fever dreams come to life.
  11. Frost

    New Paradox Pokemon and Evolutions Revealed for Scarlet & Violet DLC!

    Protect Dipplin Strike the other three from existence
  12. Frost

    Paradise Resort Promo Revealed for Worlds!

    Stan Psyduck
  13. Frost

    “Charizard ex Premium Collection” in October!

    To put it simply: ew
  14. Frost

    “Obsidian Flames” English Set List, Products, and Info!

    The Greninja ex that went with the dangling Froakie and Frogadier was removed for a deck promo.
  15. Frost

    Ninetales Illustration Rare from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    So anyway Ninetales has nice art.
  16. Frost

    Discussion "Obsidian Flames" Partial Set List

    Paldean Wooper kirisAki was cut from Ruler of the Black Flames, we already know it will be SV Promo 41. There are still two Paldean Wooper in the set because of the ex Starter deck Wooper.
  17. Frost

    Discussion "Obsidian Flames" Partial Set List

    187 is most likely Brassius because he's the Gym Leader of Artazon (the gold stadium). Brassius is also an older promo than Atticus. Weird that we got a new Arven print that hasn't even been revealed in Japan but we still don't have the Violet Nemona.
  18. Frost

    All 108 “Ruler of the Black Flame” Cards Revealed!

    (Bonsly intensifies)
  19. Frost

    Full List of Worlds 2023 Pokemon Center Merchandise, Two Items Cancelled

    ? The annual Worlds promo has been released in many different languages for years. And they have been included in English promo sets since Gen 3.