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  1. LightningSpence836

    All 62 “Raging Surf” Cards Revealed!

    The tm blindside looks interesting at the least.
  2. LightningSpence836

    Contest June/July 2023 CaC: Special Energy Swap (All Results Up!)

    Thanks for the feedback! Wording is the bane of both my entries, sadly. 9/16 missed points were for wording. *facepalm* Congrats on the win, @doofisconfused!
  3. LightningSpence836

    Several Secret Rares from “151” English Set Revealed!

    Wait, that Gyarados isn't a secret rare, right? Erika looks sick though.
  4. LightningSpence836

    Paradise Resort Promo Revealed for Worlds!

    When was the last time Pysduck or Golduck was played in any sort of competitive deck?!
  5. LightningSpence836

    TPCi Announces Worlds Fantasy Team Contest to Win Prizes!

    Sick! Free stuff! US only is sad.
  6. LightningSpence836

    2024 Championship Season: Point Requirement Raised, Regionals Announced!

    "Players can also qualify for the World Championships by getting first or second place at an International Championship or by winning a Regional Championship."
  7. LightningSpence836

    Contest June/July 2023 CaC: Special Energy Swap (All Results Up!)

    If I were to make a card of a Pokemon that is from a region prior to it existing (like a Zacian-GX), would that count against me in the believability category?
  8. LightningSpence836

    Free Iono Full Art with Code “NAIC23Whosawhatsit”

    Do you know what happens if you already have 4? Does it just get converted into credits?
  9. LightningSpence836

    “Pokemon Card 151” Secret Rare Cards Revealed — God Packs Confirmed!

    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but low-key Daisy > Erika. I don't make the rules.
  10. LightningSpence836

    Porygon and Slowpoke from “Pokemon Card 151,” Callback to Original Porygon!

    Got to say, I'm surprised 5ban graphics did the art, it looks pretty good.
  11. LightningSpence836

    Contest March 2023 CaC: Synergy: Stage 2 (All Results Up!)

    Nice job @Buddy2707! I didn't expect not looking at Gutsy Pickaxe would mean the difference between 1st and 2nd but oh well. :) Thanks for the notes @PMJ!
  12. LightningSpence836

    Full Art Giacomo and Illustration Rare Rookidee Revealed!

    We'll at least get cards for them in Pokemon Card 151.
  13. LightningSpence836

    All “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Main Set Cards Revealed!

    I agree, but there are only 4 commons per pack now, this is possibly some sort of compensation.