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  1. Mimikeon

    Full Art Larry from “Raging Surf!”

    That is the most average looking full-art I have ever seen. Perfect!
  2. Mimikeon

    Pokemon Center TCG Merchandise for September!

    So this is why there are so few item recovery cards. It would be bad to teach kids to search the trash for items.
  3. Mimikeon

    Official Card Dex App To Be Discontinued

    Because that was made by a real dev team instead of whatever interns TPCi could find. I predict that we'll hear about Live's shutdown sometime next year. I don't think they want to have any digital TCG apps and are just making Live intentionally bad so that it appears there's no interest in it.
  4. Mimikeon

    Snorunt and Groudon Illustration Rares from “Raging Surf!”

    Actually, that's lava. On a related note, I hope we eventually get Tera Groudon ex (Fire) and Tera Lugia ex (water).
  5. Mimikeon

    Deoxys, Heat Rotom, Volcanion, and More from Tera Mewtwo and Skeledirge Decks!

    That Xatu will definitely be a GLC staple, and be used in some kind of rogue deck in Standard.
  6. Mimikeon

    “Jirachi V Box” Product Release Confirmed!

    Are other Live bundles different from the IRL ones?
  7. Mimikeon

    “Paradox Rift” Set and Product Lineup Officially Revealed!

    This is easily one of the best set logos ever
  8. Mimikeon

    Paradox Pokemon Cards and Return of ACE SPEC Mechanic Revealed at Worlds!

    Max Elixir and Dark Patch both exist. I don't know why everyone seems to forget this, but Koraidon and Miraidon are both also Paradox Pokémon. There was no way to delay introducing them, and at the same time you don't want to introduce too many mechanics in one set.
  9. Mimikeon

    “Charizard ex Premium Collection” in October!

    Pokémon. Nintendo hasn't been involved in the TCG in a long time. (Really, they're barely involved in the IP at all.)
  10. Mimikeon

    McDonald’s 2023 Pokemon TCG Promotion Starts in August: First Cards Revealed!

    Water GLC players are definitely looking for Cetitan. Nvm it's the bad one I forgot existed.
  11. Mimikeon

    Ninetales Illustration Rare from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    You're starting to get really annoying with this...
  12. Mimikeon

    Scovillain ex, Moonlight Hill, and Other Gym Promos Revealed for July!

    What makes you think it's coming a month before rotation?
  13. Mimikeon

    Full Art Ortega from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    The nicest looking do nothing card ever
  14. Mimikeon

    “Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

    The real thing to note here is the fact that the English and Japanese set releases are again very close. I wonder if they'll keep this up.
  15. Mimikeon

    PokeBeach Turns 20 Years Old!

    You're old
  16. Mimikeon

    Charizard ex Hyper Rare Revealed from “Obsidian Flames,” Get in PTCG Live During Worlds!

    This probably means that Charizard ex will be a Battle Pass deck
  17. Mimikeon

    Kingambit, Revenge Punch from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    Mew ex MEW 151 is going to be a sought after card
  18. Mimikeon

    Kingambit, Revenge Punch from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    Maybe the old girl will finally have a purpose
  19. Mimikeon

    Kingambit, Revenge Punch from “Ruler of the Black Flame!”

    This is gonna be a fun one. Would have been great to play on PTCGO, but alas...