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  1. DocRoggers

    Standard Overquil/Toxicroak

    I'm adjusting your deck list but also adding in Sableye V as a backup attacker if the poison is taking too long. Can easily knock out any pokemon after 6 damage counters have been applied. Also added in Galar Mine to help with the poison "trap"
  2. DocRoggers

    Discussion What type of card(s) makes Toolbox type decks a Toolbox

    Pokemon with abilities that allow them to "become" other pokemon, or decks that have a supporting pokemon that can charge up or find the needed counter pokemon (Arceus VSTAR + Birds). Some of the major pokemon cards that can 'become' other pokemon are Zoroark, Ditto, and Ditto V because of their...
  3. DocRoggers

    Help How to get started again (competitively)

    Woah, this is a great site!! My advice to you Ruddy Kitty would be to start watching top content creators, and specifically the videos usually posted every 2-3 weeks that are "Top X decks in Standard Format" . Great way to 1. Learn about what the Meta decks are and 2. See the trends in Meta so...
  4. DocRoggers

    Help Newbie trying to understand deck strategies

    These creators are great. I would also recommend when you find a 'deck' from a site like limitless or otherwise, its usually refers to what's called a "Deck Archetype" which is essentially a strategy revolving around certain pokemon and/or trainer cards. So if you find a 'deck' that you like...
  5. DocRoggers

    Help New player question

    Recently had a similar experience/question. Here are my Tips (assuming you know very little about the current state of PTCG): 1. TOP ADVICE: Make an account on Pokemon TCG Online. Its a great way to play the game with others remotely, build decks for cheaper, and play when you want where you...