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  1. DarkMatterGaming

    TPCi Announces Sweepstakes To Win Every “Sword & Shield” Booster Box!

    But I'm pretty sure collectors would've already gotten what they wanted. If you're looking for a card, you buy singles now that the value's plummeted from them not being in Standard anymore; if you want a sealed box, collectors interested in that have probably already bought one. Collecting...
  2. DarkMatterGaming

    TPCi Announces Sweepstakes To Win Every “Sword & Shield” Booster Box!

    I'm mostly just confused because... who's asking for this? Some people said you can sell the cards - they're not Standard legal, so they've 100% lost value. It really does feel like they're just offloading bulk.
  3. DarkMatterGaming

    TPCi Announces Sweepstakes To Win Every “Sword & Shield” Booster Box!

    Ah, yes, product that everyone's been clamoring for! ...what?
  4. DarkMatterGaming

    Iron Treads ex, Gardevoir ex, and More “Scarlet ex & Violet ex” Cards Revealed!

    I'm looking at Great Tusk and Iron Treads. And I'm thinking to myself - wow, these are kind of underwhelming, aren't they? And then I think about it more and realize. Good. They should be if they want to push Stage 2 ex Pokemon.
  5. DarkMatterGaming

    “Infernape V Box” in September!

    Infernape's mid as heck. Maybe a promo VSTAR somewhere down the line?
  6. DarkMatterGaming

    Tyranitar Line from ‘Pokemon GO’

    The attack itself isn't that bad with Gapejaw Bog and spreading a bit with a Pupitar! The real killer here, more than anything, is that it's on a Stage 2 and that Larvitar has 60 HP. After Gapejaw and a Pupitar, that leaves it just in range for Quick Shooting, and that sucks. Edit: I do have...
  7. DarkMatterGaming

    Alolan Rattata, Alolan Raticate from ‘Pokemon GO’

    We did just get Energy Loto back. Inteleon Engine may give it the consistency boost you need.
  8. DarkMatterGaming

    Onix, Steelix from ‘Pokemon GO’

    Seriously, Onix is almost super interesting. You only need 7 damage counters on it for it to be taking OHKOs on everything in the format - even Mew VMAX! But without a consistent way to get damage on it and the fact that it requires bare minimum 3 attaches... kinda rough. Maybe a Donphan...
  9. DarkMatterGaming

    All 71 ‘Dark Phantasma’ Cards Revealed!

    I hope Magnezone's good. Been a hot minute since a Magnezone card's been really good in Standard to my memory.
  10. DarkMatterGaming

    Hisuian Basculin, Hisuian Basculegion from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    4 Quick Ball, 4 Ultra Ball, 4 Zoroark, 4 Liepard, Research, etc. seeing as Rotation isn't for a few months still. It's not the best, but it's also not the absolute worst either.
  11. DarkMatterGaming

    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Fully Revealed!

    I don't know what the deck would look like - probably Inteleon line stuff? Quick Shooting, Galarian Ziggy? - but I really, really, really like Hisuian Decidueye.
  12. DarkMatterGaming

    Hisuian Sneasler V, Rapidash Line from ‘Space Juggler!’

    Play Legends Arceus and find out.
  13. DarkMatterGaming

    Shaymin, Greedent Line from ‘Time Gazer!’

    Greedent interests me because it synergizes with Bibarel and Crobat pretty alright. Kind of gives me a vibe of a less resource intensive version of Indeedee.
  14. DarkMatterGaming

    Expanded Wormadam + Bees

    I haven't played Pokemon in a long time now, since the middle of Sun/Moon towards the beginning of the Tag Team era, and I am out of practice with deckbuilding. I've used the resources I've found to build a functioning Wormadam deck in Standard, and since I had the parts laying around for...
  15. DarkMatterGaming

    Cresselia, Switch Cart from ‘Time Gazer’!

    Switch Cart is interesting. It's a bit too niche for my liking but interesting. Cresselia seems like a theme deck card tbh
  16. DarkMatterGaming

    All Regis Featured in S10!

    I got really excited for Regigigas for about two seconds, read Rhyperior point out that it only swings VMAXes, and then got really disappointed.
  17. DarkMatterGaming

    Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, and Temple of Sinnoh from S10!

    Temple of Sinnoh is grooooss. You could argue that it's a little worse than Dusknoir since all you need to deal with it is another, different Stadium but it's fantastic nonetheless.
  18. DarkMatterGaming

    Heatran VMAX, Heatran V, and Wyrdeer V Revealed from S10!

    I didn't say it was a good niche, just a niche.
  19. DarkMatterGaming

    Heatran VMAX, Heatran V, and Wyrdeer V Revealed from S10!

    There's... some niche in using Heatran VMAX with that new Pyroar that increases Burn damage but what this niche is, I couldn't tell you.
  20. DarkMatterGaming

    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Sets Officially Revealed!

    Irida, also known as: KORRINA TWOOOOOOO