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    Molten Reflection — Looking Back on Knoxville and Updating Charizard ex

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    Gholdengo — Making It Rain

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    Back To You — Understanding Kyogre

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    Giratina VSTAR — Breaking Down Its Success

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    The Best Rogue Deck That Nobody Plays — Zoroark Box

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    Metagaming, Practice, and the Quest for the Perfect Sixty!

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    The Age of Calamity — A New Era for Roaring Moon ex

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    Refining Refinement — Where Does Gardevoir ex Stand?

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    Roaring Moon ex Finally Enters the Tier 1 Club

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    The Peony Experience — Learning the New Way to Play Miraidon ex

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    Sapphire, probably. Love me some gen 3.

    Sapphire, probably. Love me some gen 3.
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    Fusion Mew VMAX — The Terminator of the Pokemon TCG

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    Portland Report — The Giratina Takeover

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    Ruling Gardevoir Delta species (Fire type) question ?

    Q. What ways can a Pokémon get rid of an attached "Imprison" marker or "Shock-wave" marker? A. Evolving, devolving, leveling up (i.e. LV.X), leaving play, and Tropius' "Tropical Heal" Poké-POWER are currently the only ways to get rid of an Imprison or Shock-wave Marker. Retreating or benching...
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    Have a General Forum Question? Includes FAQs! - Updated 22/02/18

    I have no idea. I have never heard of this happening, and the font appears normal to me. Clear your cache/cookies? Restart your computer?
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    Discussion Temporal Forces Prospective Setlist (SV5)

    Hey, nice job on these threads, they look real clean.