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  1. Slash

    “Temporal Forces” Releasing in March, Another Near-Simultaneous Release with Japan?

    Do you guys think we’ll get Ace Specs in this set or will they save it until after they’ve done all of the Paradox Pokémon?
  2. Slash

    “Miraidon ex League Battle Deck” Revealed!

    RIP Gardevoir ex League Battle Deck
  3. Slash

    “Roaring Moon ex Box” and “Iron Valiant ex Box” Revealed for November!

    Ancient Booster Energy Capsule text: The Ancient Pokémon this card is attached to gets +60 HP, it recovers from all Special Conditions, and it can't be affected by any Special Conditions. Future Booster Energy Capsule text: The Future Pokémon this card is attached to... ??? Retreat Cost... and...
  4. Slash

    Charizard ex Special Illustration Rare and More “Obsidian Flames” Cards Revealed!

    Which ones are you talking about? Do you have a link to the Reddit post?
  5. Slash

    Therapy Energy from ‘Clay Burst’!

    We need Therapy from Lost Box. Wish this was "Prevent all effects of your opponent’s Pokémon’s attacks and Abilities done to the Pokémon this card is attached to."
  6. Slash

    Standard Format Rotating in April, Pokemon Tool Errata Announced!

    Interestingly, they have not mentioned Pokémon TCG Online in this article. Will it be shut down when Scarlet & Violet releases?