3rd Custom PTCG Tournament - An Online Custom Pokémon TCG Format (with PRIZES!)


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3rd Custom PTCG Tournament

Standard getting you down? Want to try a new SM-like format with over 800 custom cards? We’ve got the tournament for you!

What is this?
The Custom PTCG Format is a way for people to play Pokémon with custom cards, played using a plug-in in LackeyCCG. With over a thousand cards split across two formats, created over several years by the community on this very site, it has something for everyone.

This is the third-ever tournament for the Expanded Modern format — analogous to the real PTCG’s Sun & Moon block.

What do I need?
First and foremost, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to download LackeyCCG and the Custom PTCG plug-in:

LackeyCCG download: https://lackeyccg.com/
Custom PTCG plug-in download: http://ptcgcustomplugin.droppages.com/
AutoUpdate URL: https://ptcgcustomplugin.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/updatelist.txt

To get set up:
1. Download LackeyCCG
2. Open Lackey and copy-paste the AutoUpdate URL into Lackey's “Plugin” tab
3. Click the “Install Update from URL!” button to load the plug-in

Feel free to reach out to us here or on the Faking Community Discord server for further assistance.

Once you’ve got the plug-in up and running, you’ll need to build a deck! If you want to see all the cards in one place, check them out here. All cards marked for the Expanded Modern format — which is to say, cards from the sets FBA, FAL, HST, SMP, RXS, SPR, and LWO — are legal for this tournament.

For further help with deckbuilding, make sure to check out the Discord server. :)

What can I expect from the tournament?
Rounds will be best of three, and the bracket will be double elimination. (Read more about that here.) Rounds will be untimed and last about a week. You are responsible for getting the games done by the deadline.

How about prizes?
We’re offering PTCGO booster packs as prizes. Everyone gets one pack for participating, plus one more if you bring a friend!

3rd place will receive four additional packs, 2nd place will receive eight, and 1st will receive sixteen.

How do I sign up?
Registration is free, and is being conducted through Discord. In the Faking Community server, check the channel marked “announcements” for a registration post.

The tournament will begin about a week from the timestamp of this post. This announcement thread will remain up here on PokeBeach as a point of reference and a place to field questions, but most of the tournament itself will be conducted through the Faking Community Discord server. Don’t forget to stop by!


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You know what, I've been meaning to try Lackey for some time now, and this is a perfect way for that.
also yes, that means I will be learning the entire format in one (1) week. sue me.
It's remarkably easy to learn! There's a channel in the Discord with a bunch of sample decklists, which is a great place to start — and of course, feel free to reach out if you're feeling stuck, and we'll be happy to help! :D