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Several more cards have just been revealed from Triplet Beat!
The set will release in Japan on March 10th. Its cards should become part of our unnamed June set.
Thanks goes to Bangiras and JustInBasil for the translations!
Misdreavus – Psychic – HP70
Basic Pokemon
[P][C] Hypnoblast: 10 damage. Your opponent’s Active Pokemon is now Asleep.
Weakness: Darkness (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-30)
Retreat: 1

Mismagius – Psychic – HP90
Stage 1 – Evolves from Misdreavus
Ability: Magical Flick
When you play this card from your hand...

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Yep, that works like you think it does. Gardevoir's probably about to play 15 Energy!
It actually goes pretty nicely with Shadow Rider because you've now set up for a Max Geist follow-up as well. I like it.
As if your deck will be consistent enough with a playset group of Stage 2s will occupy half of the deck. Trainers must be 30 cards minimum per deck.

Dedenne ex - Gardevoir still needs a strong basic. This ain't one of them. 3-4
Boss' Orders (Ghetsis) - Boss will stay for longer, even tho Serena co-exists.
Paldean Wooper/Clodsire - alright. Then? 3,3/3-4
Lesson Stadium - 10 ain't enough and also Gatekeeping other cards. I'll be satisfied if it was 20. The key number you're about to hit at least is 230. For example, Clodsire hits 200 base, this stadium bumps to 210, this ain't enough to OHKO majority of Vs and basic exs atm, and SV2 might have a replacement for Lumineon, but bulkier. It forces you to use extra dmg mod. I need just minimum effort to do standard stuff. 3-4
Misdreavus/Mismagius - then? What could impact it? 3/3


As if your deck will be consistent enough with a playset group of Stage 2s will occupy half of the deck. Trainers must be 30 cards minimum per deck.
Gardevoir gets there because you have Kirlia AND Shadow Rider draw to help out. Plus, not every Gardevoir build is going to have a full suite of 4-4-4+ Gardevoir line pieces. And in any case, by no means is this going to be the only way to play Gardevoir, or the best.

3 Shadow Rider Calyrex V (Astral Barrage)
3 Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX
3 Ralts ASR
3 Kirlia SIT
2 Gardevoir ex
2 Dedenne ex

2 Judge
2 Professor's Research
2 Serena
1 Arven
1 Boss's Orders
1 Cheryl
1 Miriam

4 Battle VIP Pass
4 Level Ball
3 Fog Crystal
3 Ultra Ball
1 Pal Pad

2 Forest Seal Stone

2 Mesagoza

15 Psychic Energy


child kidnapping balloon
Is it now safe to assume we're getting boss reprints for all of the antagonistic leaders, can I look forward to a lusamine or Guzma boss's orders in the future???
i would be hyped if they release one of archer despite already having giovanni as the team rocket leader.

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Lesson stadium - should be +20 HP and Damage. What we have here is to low distribution with to weak of an effect 2.5/5

Clogsire ex - while not astonishing, it isn’t bad. When played corectly can play around raihan. That is good. Weakness against gardy and mew is decent. Dark patch is good tempo. Darkrai can be good support /late game attacker. Other route would be drapion vstar for checkmate plays. Overall it is 4/5 expect it to be an underated tier 2/3 deck.

Misdreavous - great art. Alright attack for an evolving basic 3.5/5

Mismagious - neat effect but isn’t a wincondition unless you can reuse it with something like AZ/scoop up net/compasion/porygon Z or Pidgeot. Non of which we have right now. 2/5 due to the possibility of some new print coming.

Boss reprint - 5/5 for power and 0,000001/69 in terms of fun for the game

Dedenne ex - first attack is great in gardevoir. Competing with evs single strike wobbufett. Both are have the same damage output. Dedenne heals. Wobbufett is 1 prizer. Dedenne is immune on the bench. Wobbufett isn’t vountered by something like a bronzong ability. Overall 3.5/5 love dedenne getting fun but not oppresive cards

Paldean Wooper/Paldean Wooper - first one (10 damage attacker) is outclassed by the other one. 1/5
The other one, search out path or a stadium setting up the ex's Ability. Decent attack to get pieces out of the deck and deck thinning. 3/5


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Clodsire ex art is so beautiful

also his damage is too low. even with Radiant Hisuian Sneasler + choice belt and that new stadium that makes it just 270

210 atleast would make it enough for chance to ohko vstars