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The full art print of Giacomo and the Illustration Rare print of Rookidee from SV2P Snow Hazard were revealed!
Keep an eye on PokeBeach as the rest of the secret rares from these sets will be revealed later this week!
We recently translated all of the cards from Snow Hazard and Clay Burst. Most of the cards from Triplet Beat and Snow Hazard and Clay Burst will combine to form our Paldea Evolved set on June 9th.



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GIA sounds like dʒiːɑː , so like something with "JA" as the first syllable, but with a little "ee" in between them. Jee-Ah.
JACK-o-mo, in a pinch, but Jock-a-mo? lol.
You're probably right, but the bastardization over the past 100 years has led the IAs in my community to just say it fast and forgo the annunciation. If you say your pronunciation quickly, it's the same sound.