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More classic reprints have been revealed from the “Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic” Box Set!
As posted before, the product will release in late 2023 in English and in October 2023 in Japan.
The product will contain three 60-card decks headlined by Base Set Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. Each of the decks will contain new and reprinted cards. The cards will feature a unique holofoil pattern different from the one in Celebrations. All of the cards feature new numbering for this box set.
You can read more about the box set in this news story.


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I think box sets meant to be standalone game experiences are a great idea, so something like this works as a cool nostalgia version of something like Battle Academy. Featuring the starters is an obvious choice, but it does raise some questions about the gameplay feel. Charizard hits Venusaur for weakness while being hit by Blastoise, so both matchups could end up imbalanced. Luckily, Blastoise is weak to Lightning rather than Grass, so I suspect that will be the "default" play experience.


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We literally just had reprints of the classic cards and a gen 1 set in PoGo and celebrations??? Would it kill them to do a nostalgia set for Aquapolis or a set we haven't seen a trillion times? So sick of these shitty ass boomer cards being printed
Aquapolis is just as boomer as Base set lol.

There's a card from Expedition up there and as recent as Lost Thunder.


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Computer search will not be Ace Spec? Can anyone confirm that these cards are actually legal for play in standard?

Edit: Probably not. My bad..
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I still really wish these cards would put the set symbols in their traditional locations instead of trying to standardize them in spots the old card layouts can't actually accommodate.

Also, I'm taking that logoless Pokemon Nurse as confirmation that licensing issues are what kept the e-series cards out of Celebrations.


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The price of this product makes it geared towards collectors and not people who want to casually play with them, which is ironic because the product seems centered around playing with friends in a controlled meta.