TCG Fakes Steffenka's Card Factory (Image Based) - Temporal Flash!


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Thanks, Steffenka! This was a very fun set to peruse through. Not just because of the effects, but because of the manifold eastereggs tucked away in the illustrations. I quickly realized there were too many of them to say what I loved about all of them, but the Wigglet, Sandy Shocks, Iron Hands, Iron Thorns, Great Tusk, Dudunsparce, and Tandemus were probably my favorites! (Also, I thought your Orthworm illustration was adorable, the Feluza was an intriguing reference to its flavor text, and your Pawniard illustration was hilarious, though something about it makes me feel like it's a reference to a movie I've never seen before.) You've also done an excellent job tracking down art (I thought the Toedscruel and Slither wing art and the Ursaluna GX Super Illustration Rare art was great!). @Nyan and @Diego_Brando both did an excellent job illustrating as well!
Also, thanks for giving Cradilyfan1512 a shoutout. I'm sure getting to illustrate part of the set was a very exiting opportunity.
Hope you and the rest of the people from the Discord are doing well,