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Smash the Standard Format with a New Psychic Box Deck that uses of Lunatone's free energy & Thorton's superior command to give us access into any Basic Pokemons's Special Moveset we desire! 🌙👨‍🏭

Feel the surge of Pure Lunar Power with this Mind-Bending New Combo! 🌛🔮

The New Gliscor from Lost Origin bashes the standard format with its powerful Hurricane Shock attack, keeping your opponent's active pokemon stunned, while Lucario hits for a last minute OHKO! 🦂🥊

Give your opponent the Nastiest Sting with this Toxic New Combo! 💉😯

Blow the roof off PTCG Standard with our Shamrock Shaman & the Jewel Eater! 🍀💎

Navigate your way through the Lost Zone & wield its Hidden Power with this Tempestuous New Combo! 🍃🌪️

Harmonize with the Harbinger of Death & cast calamitous Aqua Blight upon your enemies with our Royal Salientia & the Shadow Keeper! 🎵👥

Clean out your opponent's battlefield with this Tidal New Combo! 🧽🌊

I told myself that I will retire from pokemon tcg after the Scarlet & Violet base set but my interest in pokemon finally diminished to the point where I no longer feel curious about the set. Silver Tempest will be the last set. I wished I could travel back in time and refrained my younger self from materials. I want to be prepared for this "event" that will revolutionize the human civilization.
I encourage you guys to keep very very little amount of cards and sell the rest. Currently, I am thoroughly looking through my collection and keep only that I truly love. If you are in need of massive amount of materials then something is lacking. Never be your own worse enemy, I wished I taught myself that years ago. With unconditional self love AND trust, you wouldn't need materials to enjoy life.
I don't think Pokémon cards are purely materialistic. Some people play competitively whereas others see it as investments. It gives people something good to do and keeps them out of trouble. Also, Pokémon cards allow young kids to practice reading, math, and strategy thinking in a fun way. It's also fun reading cards in different languages!
But if you don't like the cards, there are other aspects of Pokémon like video games and TV show, etc.
Burn your opponent's entire team to the ground with our Furry Enchantress & Satan's Pet Dragon! 🧙‍♀️🐲

Have a taste of True Fire Power with this Roasting New Combo! 🔥😈

I've never seen an artist sing their own song in THREE languages....until now. Yuuri sings "Dried Flowers" in Chinese, English, and Japanese versions!! Holla for multilingualism!!
Slaughter the Tankiest VSTAR or VMAX in one hit with the Crystalline Vault Breaker & Battle Factory's Frontline Manager! 💎👨‍🏭

Slice through your opponent's flesh & bones with this Titanium New Combo! 🤺🥩

Swallow your opponent in Tidal Distress with our Expert Diver & the Butterfly Guppy! 🤿🐟

Drown them in the midst of the Caribbean Sea with this Aquatic New Combo! ⛲💧

Boil your opponent's blood to a million degrees with the Mighty Red Dragon & our Elusive Furry Bandit! 🀄🦊

Loot an extra turn just before the game ends with this Slick New Combo! 💰😏

I'm 10 years old in a Pokémon world
Life as a trainer, it's fantastic
You can catch me here, or battle me everywhere
Imagination, open-world region
Come on Gary, let's go party
Cut right through the Toughest Shell with the Heavy-duty Hex Nut & our Ancient Timekeeper! 🔧⏱️

Give your opponent a real taste of Pure Cast Iron with this Gilded New Combo! 🔨🦾

Ensnare your opponent in Knots of Vines with our Forest Fiend & Newton's Delicious Newt! 🪀🍎

Get yourself some Healthy Wins with this Organic New Combo! 🥗🍇

Slice your opponent's pokemons in half with our Death Cutter & the Flightless Sprinter! 🗡️🏃‍♂️

Sever your opponent's lifeline with this Dicey New Combo! 🧵✂️