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  • bbninjas, I... have no idea! Maybe if I think of anything we could discuss then I'll let you know :p
    Thanks! It means a lot to me that you guys are so welcoming! :D
    My sketches? You mean on my DeviantART account? Thanks so much!!
    Hi, I noticed your comment on MtC's page and wanted to give you a quick reply.

    You will eventually be able to host 3 games on this forum, but it will probably take about 10 months to over a year. Generally hosts are prioritized depending on when they last hosted, so if you apply for your second game straight after your first, you will probably be bumped down the queue to make it fairer for all hosts.
    bbninjas, Oh, nice! That's awesome to know :D we should talk more often, you learn something new all the time!
    bbninjas, I didn't. Oops. Sorry about that. We came to the consensus that no, even if you had a co-host that has played in 2 WW games before, you still would not be able to host a game. But you're on your way to playing in your second WW game, so you shouldn't have to worry about that for much longer.
    Call me derpy, but I don't get that Roserade info... Dx

    And there's a chance Games is one of the Forums I'll move towards to, but I'll have to wait and see. And Art, I'm not really that much of an art person. I mean, I do have some drawings of mine here and there, and have been in the CaC for almost a year, but not really to the point of being an Art know-it-all.
    Right now I'm Modding TCG General News and Discussion, but there's still a chance I'll move on to some other Forums as well after some more time. :D Why?
    3 WW games? Why exactly are you making so many?

    Also, thanks for wishing me 2,000 posts! :D I've been close to getting to 2,000 for a while now.
    Hey there! Nice CaC entry - it really was quite creative! I especially liked the 'flip 2 coins with an outstretched arm' bit :D
    Also, I noticed that you were in the same time zone as me, reading the WW 23 thread. Going by that, I assume you're in Australia? (and if so, then yey! I'm from there too.) Just read the thread a bit more; so I found that you are :D Nice to meet another Australian!
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