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Standard Brand new into Standard


Aspiring Trainer
I've been having tons of fun with the Theme deck competitive scene and thinking of dipping my toe into the standard scene. Two questions.1)What is the easiest way to group trade for the commons/Uncommons I need? 2) For an example if I have an older "Rare Candy" card will it always work as long as it's in standard? (Will I always need the newest edition of a card). Thanks.


Aspiring Trainer
You won't always need to newest edition of the card. Older versions of a card can still be used in standard as long as the text of the card has not changed.

It's interesting that you ask about Rare Candy as that card is special case from the above rule. This is one card that received an errata on BW era. So, you can use the older versions of this card, but must follow the text of the new versions of the card. Some older versions of the card say you can use Rare Candy to play stage 1 evolutions, or use the card during your first turn/turn the Pokémon that was put into play. None of those are allowed at present. So just check up on the wording of your old Rare Candy cards 👍

As for your other question- are you talking about PTCGO or in person? A lot of in person shops have bulk bins you can pick up staples in or they will keep a binder with current staples for you to look through.