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Standard Example Deck Garage Thread (Ho-Oh-GX/Salazzle-GX)

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Brave Vesperia

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Here is an example thread for a properly formatted deck list. Notice that the title contains the correct Prefix, and the Pokemon that are in the deck list are present, along with an optional, super-catchy name!

When listing Pokemon in the deck list, be sure to provide the set abbreviation if there is more than one of that Pokemon available in the given format. The collection numbers are also helpful if there’s more than one Pokemon of the same name in the given set. You don’t need to provide set abbreviations at all for Trainers or Energy. And remember to always use proper capitalization and accurate spelling of the Pokemon's and Trainers’ names!

Your deck list should be neat and easy to read so that other users are more easily able to provide you with feedback. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use the format below for laying out your deck list.

Pokémon (13)
3 Ho-Oh-GX BUS 21/147
3 Tapu Lele-GX GUR 60/145
2 Wobbuffet GEN 36/119
1 Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX ULP 63/138
1 Salazzle-GX BUS 25/147
1 Salandit BUS 25/138
1 Turtonator-GX GUR 18/145
1 Volcanion-EX STS 26/114

Trainer Cards (30)
4 Guzma
4 Professor Sycamore
3 Cynthia
3 Kiawe
2 N
3 Scorched Earth
4 Ultra Ball
3 Choice Band
3 Float Stone
1 Nest Ball

Energy Cards (17)
17 Fire Energy

The strategy of this deck is to use Kiawe to get Ho-Oh and sometimes other attackers powered up quickly. During these turns where you are ending your turn with Kiawe, Wobbuffet can be used to slow down our opponents. Bide Barricate shuts off many consistency Abilities such as Zoroark-GX's Trade and Octillery's Abyssal Hand, as well as utility Abilities such as Lycanroc-GX's Bloodthirsty Eyes. The only Ability Wobbuffet blocks in our deck is Volcanion-EX's Steam Up, but this is not a big deal--any time you need to use Steam Up, just move Wobbuffet out of the active spot.

Once you have powered up a big attacker, go in and hit for enough damage to Knock Out pretty much anything in the game (Phoenix Burn's 180 + 30 with Choice Band + 30 with Volcanion-EX's Steam Up = 240). Due to the quick nature of Kiawe and the high power of Ho Oh-GX's Phoenix Burn, this deck aims to win quickly with a couple big attacks. Many opposing decks won't be able to respond to a 190 HP Basic KO'ing a Pokemon every turn.

Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX is used for its Ability, Invasion. With a Float Stone attached to it, you can easily switch between different Ho-Oh's, Wobbuffets, and other attackers. This is the easiest way to use Ho-Oh's Phoenix Burn in consecutive turns.

You play a high amount of Energy to ensure that you can get multiple Kiawe's in a game while still being able to manually attach, as well as take advantage of Scorched Earth to draw extra cards.

Turtonator-GXs Nitro Tank GX is can be used to power up multiple attackers in a pinch. Salazzle-GX is great to close out games. Its Diabolical Claws hits for massive damage once you have already taken four Prizes cards, while only costing two Energy as opposed to Ho Oh's four.

Credit goes to Stephane Ivanoff for the list!
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