Help Galar Mine + 0 Retreat Cost Pokemon


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If the Galar Mine stadium is in play, the retreat cost for Pokemon with a 0 retreat cost (e.g. Mew V, Jolteon V, etc.) would increase to 2, correct?

I know this stadium has no effect on Pokemon with no retreat cost (e.g. with a Float Stone attached), but I assume Pokemon with no printed retreat cost are treated as having 0 retreat cost as opposed to no retreat cost and would therefore be affected by Galar Mine.


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Hello handsomep,

Because Galar Mine adds two colorless energy to the retreat cost, Pokemon like Mew or Jolteon with a retreat cost of zero will have their retreat cost increased by two colorless energy. Pokemon with no energy symbols in their retreat cost still have a retreat cost--it's just a retreat cost with a value of zero. Cards like Float Stone specifies that the Pokemon it's attached to has no retreat cost, which is why it gets around cards like Galar Mine.

I hope this clarifies things! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

- Alpha