Question Obscure Playable Fighters Excluded from the Future Super Smash Bros. Game?

Thomas Wiencek

Aspiring Trainer
'Sup, guys? 86-to-89 playable characters, including, all starters, all unlockables, and all downloadables, have been included for the playable fighter roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, whether or not you think that Masahiro Sakurai is involved, there will be a next future Super Smash Bros. video game after Ultimate, whether it's in the original or reboot series. In that future game there, even including if the devs don't want too huge a playable fighter roster, which kinds of playable fighters do you think would be permanently excluded from the future Super Smash Bros. game? Why? Do you think that's because they had already faded into obscurity, or so that devs might want to avoid licensing problems, or why? Please let me know, thanks. :)