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Standard Primal Guardian (Lugia Vstar / Archeops Box)

Dark Espeon

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Pokémon (16):
1 Radiant Charizard 12a (beatdown)
3 Lugia Vstar S12 (beatdown)
3 Lugia V S12 (beatdown)
2 Snorlax S10 (beatdown)
1 Raikou S3a (beatdown)
1 Yveltal S4a (beatdown)
1 Ditto S12a (beatdown)
1 Oranguru S8a (draw)

Trainer (30):
2 Boss' Orders (control)
3 Prof. Research (draw)
2 Worker (draw)
3 Marnie (draw)
4 Evolution Incense (search)
2 Choice Belt (beatdown)
2 Tool Jammer (disable)
4 Quick Ball (search)
4 Ultra Ball (search)
2 Switch (retreat)
2 Collapsed Stadium (enable)

Energy (14):
3 Powerful Energy
4 Aurora Energy
2 Speed Energy
2 Heat Energy
3 Twin Energy


The deck functions similar to a tool box. Start with Lugia V and make sure to obtain two Archeops on the first turn. On the second turn use Ultra Ball to discard both Archeops to search for Lugia Vstar and evolve into it. Accelerate to Lugia Vstar and start to attack with it. Once Lugia Vstar has been defeated use the alternate one-prize attackers to draw the remaining prize cards. With two Archeops on the bench all of them can be fueled in one turn.



3-3 Lugia Vstar and Lugia V: This card is used to bench two Archeops from the discard pile and fuel all attackers throughout the entire match. The deck does not intend to use more than one Lugia Vstar on usual but it can resort to it as an alternate attacker in selected matches.

3 Archeops: This is the actual star of this deck that allows the efficient and effective use of all the various one-prize attackers that can be fueld in one turn with one to two Primal Turbo.

2 Snorlax: Snorlax is a solid attacker and combos well with Raikou and Ditto to uptrade in several matches. He is also immune to effects of attacks which is an additional bonus of this card.

1 Oranguru: Used to return special energy cards from the hand into the deck to accelerate them on the battle field with Primal Turbo and to draw and additional card each turn.

1 Ditto: This card is used as a tech to allow the deck to reuse its defeated attackers from the discard pile. In addition Ditto can also make use of Powerful Energy since he is a Basic Colorless Pokémon.

1 Radiant Charizard: In this deck Radiant Charizard can be used throughout the entire match since two Primal Turbo suffice to fuel his attack costs even in cases in which the opponent has not drawn a single prize card.

1 Raikou: The sniper of this deck hits the active Pokémon and a benched Pokémon for a solid 120 damage. This Pokémon is especially relevamt on one-prize matches to help the deck to uptrade by having one or two multi-prize turns on its own. It also combos well with Snorlax in Pokémon Vmax matches.

1 Yveltal: One of the best attackers in multi-prize matches since it can knock out any Pokémon Vstar and Pokémon Vmax in one hit and can be fueled in one turn with two benched Archeops. In one-prize matches


2 Boss' Orders:
Provides unconditional Gust effect that is needed in almost all decks.

3-3-2 Prof. Research, Marnie, and Worker: These eight cards constitute the main draw engine of this deck. Prof. Research is one of the best draw supporters in this game and Marnie allows the deck to shuffle special energies and unwanted Pokémon that the deck intends to use later on back into the deck to draw a new hand of five card. Worker, on the other hand, provides direct draw and stadium removal to deal with Temple of Sinnoh without the need to attack with Lugia Vstar.

Items and Stadiums:

4-4-4 Quick Ball, Ultra Ball, and Evolution Incense:
The deck relies a lot on Archeops as the main method to fuel the various attackers of this deck. The maxed out Pokémon search engine ensures that the deck can achieve its aim to have a turn two Lugia Vstar with two benched Archeops on the bench to fuel all attackers throughout the entire match.

2-2 Choice Belt and Tool Jammer: Choice Belt is used to enable Radiant Charizard and Raikou to hit numbers in several matches while Tool Jammer blocks opposing tools that could hinder this deck.

2 Switch: Some attackers have higher retreat costs and like all decks this deck also benefits from some additional mobility.

2 Collapsed Stadium: Decks such as Palkia and Intellion, Lost Zone decks and Electric Box tend to benefit from a full bench on either their own side, or on both sides. Callapsed stadium can therefore be used to reduce their effectiveness a little and to discard ones own two-prize attackers if they barely survived a hit after they have drawn the deck the first one or two prize cards.


4-3-3-2-2: Aurora Energy, Powerful Energy, Twin Energy, Heat Energy, and Speed Energy:
Since the deck focuses less on Lugia Vstar itself but on the various one-prize attackers that can be fueled within one turn with two Primal Turbo. Thus the focus is on Aurora Energy and two colored special energies that are needed to fuel the one-prize attackers once or twice in a match.


There is one tech card that could be nice in this deck but thas not been included in the list thus far due to space restrictions:

Fan of Waves: This card can be used to return special energy cards back to the opponents deck. The main target for this card could be Wash Energy which provents effects of attacks. I would expect to see two to three copies of Wash Energy in current Palkia Intellion decks and in Kyurem Vmax decks to deal with Star Requiem and Yveltal alike in addition to its protection against Lost Mine. In order for this card to be useful in this deck two copies would be needed.

Path to the Peak: This card could be used as an alternate stadium card instead of Collapsed Stadium to shut down abilities on rule box Pokémon. This card could help the deck to deal with Duraludon Vmax and shut down commonly used Radiant Pokémon such as Radiant Greninja, Radiant Alakazam, Rediant Blastoise, and Radiant Charizard.

Hisuian Heavy Ball: This could be included as a 1-off search card to obtain some of the one-prize attackers from the prize cards.

Air Balloon: Air Balloon could be used instead of Switch as a means to be more mobile on the battlefield. The downside of this card is that it does not allow attackers such as Radiant Charizard and Snorlax to retreat for free.


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