Wi-Fi Trades Trade Partner Needed for Moon Pokédex Completion


Rayquaza is pog
Hello Guys ! DragonRage here ! I need help to complete my Moon Pokédex, to finally get that Shiny Charm ! I'm especially in need of Sun exclusives, like Turtonator, and I also need an extra Ice Stone. I also need a trade partner to return the trade-evolutions, like Magmortar, Electivire and Slowking. Can someone help me ? I posted my 2ds/3ds friend code in my bio, here it is again :
1522 - 0162 - 6505 (2DS system, for gen 7 only)
To thank you for your help, I can offer legit Ultra Beasts, and a lot of hacked perfect legendaries, shiny and 6IV, the OTs often being deadcns or MitsukiTV, known for their trading bots. If anyone is interested to help me, please reply to this thread or PM me.
Thank you for your time ! Have a wonderful day !