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Hello, I have a quick question. How long does it typically take for a mod to make a trade thread visable?


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Hey o/

I get an error when I upload my avatar photo:
> The image could not be processed by the server. Please try another or contact the site owner

What do I do? :)


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@nolife_snorlax It sounds like either the image file is too large or the file type is not supported by the forum software. Make sure your file is no bigger than 500kb and is either jpg or png.

The Last Shaymin

It's not working for me either. It says the exact same thing he wrote above, so maybe this is a serverwide issue. I tried it in multiple web browsers, including google chrome and *cringe* Microsoft edge.


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Hello, I'm in the labor-intensive process of posting my fake card set in a dedicated thread. I'm working in stages due to time constraints on my end, which is part of the reason why this experience has been so frustrating. So to start, I had my cards posted to Google Drive, but links from there to my PB thread wouldn't display the pictures; I've since learned that the forums don't seem to like linking with Drive, and sta.sh or imgur were suggested as alternatives that should be more reliable. I just spent a while re-uploading several of my micro-sets in sta.sh and amending the existing post with the new links. However, the page refused to update the post, advising that the post was "spam-like", even though nothing has changed from how it was except the site hosting the pictures.

So, my questions are as follows:
1. Though an image is linked within each spoiler, the image code vanishes when subsequently opened in editing. This results in the "dead link" image placeholder being present in the thread with no evident way to remove it. I'd just like some more insight on this, if possible, so I know how to set up my thread going forward.
2. Regarding the "spam-like" message, I'd like to know what I was doing that was triggering this alert, and thereby how I could avoid it in the future as I continue to build on the thread.
3. Are there any other general tips/tricks of things to do/not do as I go forward, again for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary backtracking or wasting of time?

I do apologize if this is the wrong place to post this sort of thing, so please feel free to advise if that is the case. Any help I can get in this case will be of benefit.