Contest November 2022 CaC: Scarlet & Violet (All Results Up!)


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Thanks for the notes! I spent so much thought on my Tsareena piece that I didn't give much love to the text fake. Alas, Hisuian Electrode, you deserved better. I will absolutely be satisfied with second place for image, as PMJ's Ledian was especially good this month. One of these days I will take home a gold. My favorite part about Tsareena's design was that it immediately encouraged me to start thinking about all the different kind of plays I could use if for, and how those could swing a match. I will admit to changing the multiplier to 20x from 10x, and not thinking that through enough. And I only recently saw that I had the wrong font for the evolution box, but oh well.

You identified 3 of the 6 different Pokémon in the background correctly. There are Goomy and a Sliggoo in the river, not a Wimpod; there are three Morelull around the Shiinotic; and there is a Larvesta hiding out in a cave by the waterfall. It was super fun to include those (and a running theme in alt-arts).


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This isn't the first time I've won with a simple Pokemon. If you've ever wanted to get into image-based by didn't because you thought you could never win, just look at this post and have some faith in yourself. A great idea and an interesting take can get you the gold also fix your wording please, everyone's scores start circling the drain once it's time to check wording.

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It's tough not to be a little disappointed at being a single point off of a perfect. I'm sure I knew that Jumpluff existed at some point, but even when reading the review I had to go look at the card to get an idea of what you were talking about. Such is life. I do thank you for the high praise, however. I'm glad you liked the card as much as I did.